Amazing List of Essential Oils for Cramps

Updated on February 7th, 2020
essential oils for cramps

Cramps are the involuntary contraction of muscles which cause a lot of inevitable pain. Cramps can be caused by a variety of reasons, and all of us are vulnerable to it. Many of us undergo through this frustrating experience at some or other point of our lives. Sometimes its astonishing severity can put us under the weather and many a time’s people depend upon medications to mitigate its effects.

Consumption of such medicines makes them prone to several side effects; this is where essential oils for cramps come to our rescue as its naturally occurring components help us to alleviate the pain without any side effects.

Types and Causes of Cramps

Following are the various types of cramps.

  • Muscle Cramps: The sudden involuntary contraction of muscle caused due to strenuous physical efforts or due to maintaining a position for far too long. These are mostly felt in the calf region of the legs. Tightening of foot muscles causes foot cramps which are usually harmless but may ache a lot.
  • Period Cramps: Normally occurring during the time interval between ovulation and period, these affect the abdomen and back region. Period cramps (or pms cramps) are routine for many women and at times can be intensely painful. During your periods you can also face some back cramps.
  • Stomach Cramps: It refers to abdominal pain caused due to numerous reasons. Some of these reasons may be infections, intestinal cramps, food poisoning, indigestion etc. Stomach cramps can be there for normal reasons or because of your menstrual cycle.

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  • Strenuous exercise
  • Dehydration
  • Medication induced
  • Nutritional deficiency

Why one should use essential oils for cramps?

Though cramps can result due to specific activities or habits, it is not possible to avoid them altogether. Yes, healthy routine life and physical exercise keep you in the safe zone, but it is not entirely unavoidable. For women, menstrual cramps are part and parcel of their life regardless of their age.

Be it young girls or even senior women, all of them go through it. Then no wonder this naturally occurring pain should be dealt with by taking the natural course of action. Therefore, essential oils for cramps are beneficial for they remove the lethargy by reinvigorating you and get you up and running with ease.

1. Peppermint oil for Cramps

peppermint oil for cramps

This aromatic oil is a high energy booster and comes with varying health benefits. It is too good for your gut and is one of the best oils to fight flu, cough, nausea, bronchitis and even asthma. It is an excellent remedy for irritable bowel syndrome.

Why one should use peppermint essential oils for cramps?

Peppermint oil is an excellent painkiller and can mitigate the assaulting pain caused by cramps. Its antispasmodic properties come in handy to counter muscle spasms and bring relief in muscle cramps.

How to use peppermint oil?

  • Peppermint oil can be inhaled directly to feel a fresh flow of energy inside you.
  • For menstrual cramps, it can be applied in the abdominal region to lessen the pain.
  • Also, it can be applied in the neck and upper body regions in a diluted form since it is too strong and can react with the skin.

2. Lavender oil for cramps

Lavender oil has a soothing effect on prostaglandins which helps relieve pain and contractions(1).

Why one should use Lavender oil for Cramps?

Lavender oil has a way to calm the mind and soul and relieve you from all the stress and anxieties of day to day life; this is why it is an excellent help for insomniacs, and also it soothes you down during cramps and helps in relieving the pain.

How to use Lavender oil?

  • A few drops of oil must be used in a long relaxing bath to calm the pain.
  • Massaging the area of pain can also ease off the discomfort. Healthcare experts recommend using it in aromatherapy to relieve the menstrual pain caused due to it.

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3. Roman Chamomile oil for cramps

roman chamomile oil for cramps

One of nature’s best gifts, magnesium oil, is used by many to lead a healthy and robust life owing to its strengthening qualities.

Why one should use Roman Chamomile oil for cramps?

This natural painkiller has strong pain management properties which are suitable for muscles. Thus, using it helps alleviate pain caused during muscle cramps. Its calming and strengthening properties help achieve better sleep during painful cramps.

How to use Roman Chamomile oil?

  • Take a bucket full of warm water.
  • Add a few drops of Roman chamomile oil to it.
  • Soak your feet in it for 30 min.

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4. Frankincense oil for cramps

The reputation of this oil precedes its introduction. Used by a multitude of people all over the world for its health benefits. 

Why one should use Frankincense oil for cramps?

Frankincense oil is highly beneficial to alleviate the pain caused by menstrual cramps and stomach cramps. It is hot and soothing, and its anti-inflammatory properties make it one of the best oils to tackle muscle contractions.

How to use Frankincense oil for cramps?

  • To bring in the previous desired results, few drops of frankincense oil must be mixed with a carrier oil like olive oil.
  • Apply topically on the abdominal area.
  • Massaged thoroughly using hands to relieve stomach and menstrual cramps.

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5. CBD oil for cramps

cbd oil for cramps

These are the rich oils that contain cannabinoids and come from the cannabis plant. Use of this oil is controversial since it originates from the marijuana plant. But it is used by people to fight depression and even cancer.

Why one should use CBD oil for cramps?

It is a proven and trusted source for relieving pain and can mitigate the intense pain caused by cramps. Women who face disastrous cramps during their period resort to CBD oil to help them recuperate from the devastating clutches of cramps.

How to use CBD oil?

  • Healthcare experts suggest taking a hot and long relaxing shower for it may increase the blood flow and thereby alleviate the pain caused by cramps.

6. Clary Sage oil for cramps

This elixir has several mental as well as physical benefits. Its antidepressant properties make it a great stress buster. It is suitable for hair and skin, and it helps to fight germs.

Why one should use Clary sage oil for cramps?

It tends to stabilize the hormonal imbalances caused because of menstruation and thus brings relief from cramps all over the body. It reduces PMS symptoms such as cramps and mood swings and is ideal for women with irregular periods.

How to use Clary Sage?

  • This oil can be used in aromatherapy to alleviate the pain caused due to cramps.
  • Besides, it can be diffused in the air around to create a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere which is instrumental in bringing pain relief from muscular cramps.

7. Cinnamon oil for cramps

cinnamon oil for cramps

Obtained from cinnamon bark, this oil has a wide-ranging array of uses. This oil is famed for its ability to make the immune system stronger and effective(2).

Why one should use cinnamon oil for cramps?

This oil is suitable for women who must face regular cramps during their period. It diminishes the pain caused due to severe cramps also brings about regularity in the menstrual cycle.

How to use cinnamon oil?

  • Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, massaging this oil in pain-sensitive areas can help to lessen the graveness of cramps.
  • It is usable in combination with other oils such as lavender and clove.

8. Rose oil for cramps

A rich source of minerals and vitamins, this beauty enhancing oil comes from various kinds of rose petals. It improves blood circulation and has a way to relax your mind and soul.

Why one should use Rose oil for cramps?

Rose oil helps in regulating the hormonal level which tends to sink low in women due to periods. It acts as an excellent stimulant in increasing blood flow and alleviates the severity of cramps. It also helps in controlling PMS symptoms.

How to use Rose oil for cramps?

  • Rose oil can be used in oil blends as well as in aromatherapy to take the edge of the period as well as other muscle cramps.

9. Eucalyptus oil

This oil is obtained from the leaves of eucalyptus trees and has a reputation for treating respiratory problems such as flu, cold and asthma. Citronellal present in it is used to provide relief against allergies.

Why one should use Eucalyptus oil for cramps?

This oil has proved its worth as it is efficient to assuage the intense pain caused due to cramps. Also, it counters the mood swings and irritability caused due to PMS.

How to use Eucalyptus oil?

  • To reap its benefits, this oil must be applied to the lower abdomen region to take the edge off stomach and period cramps.

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10. Neroli oil

neroli oil for cramps

Derived from citrus Aurantium this pale-yellow oil helps cure depression and fight acne scars and counterattack several skin problems. It reinvigorates the body and mind and brings positivity(3).

Why one should use Neroli oil for cramps?

This oil has relaxing qualities and is used to bring relief from stress. The stress and anxiety in PMS are often tackled using this oil.

How to use Neroli oil?

  • Healthcare experts propose using this oil in aromatherapy as well as massaging the areas which are cause for misery.

Other Oils

  • Ylang Ylang oil
  • Marjoram oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Orange oil

Risks and Precaution

Before using essential oils for cramps, one should do thorough research about different kinds of oil. One should ensure to have a proper talk with healthcare experts about different oil and oil blends. Some common risks associated with the use of essential oils for cramps are as follows.

  • Oils may have certain reactions with the body which may cause harm.
  • Such oils have high concentration levels which can be a potential source of danger.
  • Oils may react with medications if the user is taking any.
  • Such oils affect hormones. So, its use during pregnancy is not ideal.

Other Home Remedies

  • Exercise: Physical activities tend to lessen the severity of muscular and menstrual cramps. Basic yogic exercises and meditation can have soothing effects on the mind which keeps a check on severe pain. Lazy and lethargic women often face intense pain during cramps, leg cramps, and more.
  • Heat: Taking a hot shower or a hot massage can help ease off the pain. To mitigate the effects of menstrual cramps women put heat pads and hot water bottles on abdominal regions.
  • Yogurt: Eating yogurt many times a day during periods helps to assuage the pain caused by menstrual cramps. Calcium and vitamin D present in yogurt prove useful in tackling irritability and bad mood.
  • Lemon juice: Its anti-inflammatory properties provide relief against menstrual cramps. It is typically taken on an empty stomach usually in the morning time.

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Essential oils for cramps are a gift of nature. It depends on us to use them as a boon or a curse. You should leave no stones unturned when researching these oils. They should be handled with care and use strictly as directed.

Proper consultation should be done with healthcare experts. Blatant disregard to you use it wisely may bring disastrous results to your health so it should always be used with circumspection.


Which essential oil is best for cramps?

There is no such thing as the best oil. People are built differently, and thus essential oils also suit them differently. People have different skin types; their sense of smell also differs from one another. So, find the one that is best suited for you and hold onto that.

Are essential oils safe?

The essential oils are safe when proper consultation has been done with the concerned healthcare expert. Also, proper medical checkup of oneself is mandatory to find out any cause which can potentially harm you if you start using essential oils. Also, the source from which these oils are obtained should be a trusted source for any adulteration can have derogatory effects. Thus, the long and short of the matter is essential oils must be handled with caution.

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