20 Amazing Health Benefits And Uses Of Frankincense Essential Oil

Updated on January 14th, 2020
Frankincense oil Health Benefits

Frankincense oil is one of the most popular essential oils in the world. Derived from the resin of Boswellia trees, this oil is native to India, the Middle East, China, and Africa.

Frankincense essential oil benefits health in innumerable ways that includes curing respiratory issues, boosting body immunity, maintaining oral health, preventing flatulence and maintaining the health of the gastrointestinal tract, decreasing blood pressure, curing cramps and so on.

This essential oil has been in use for thousands of years as a powerful antidote for infections, inflammations and even cancer,

Categories of Frankincense Oil Benefits:

1. Diffusion or Inhalation

  • You may diffuse the essential oil throughout your room using an oil distiller to induce an environment of soothing aromatherapy.
  • You may also add 1/3rd a teaspoon of Frankincense oil to a vessel of steaming water and then inhale the fragrant vapor.
  • This inhalation will cure you of a cough, cold, bronchitis and breathing problems.

2. Direct Application

  • Add ½ a teaspoon of Frankincense oil to a tablespoon of jojoba, coconut or almond oil.
  • Mix the oils and then apply it directly to your skin.
  • Frankincense oil fights the signs of aging and rejuvenates your skin.
  • You may also apply it directly to cuts and wounds or rub the oil on your chest and throat if you are suffering from respiratory disorders.

3. Cold Compression

  • Being richly therapeutic and anti-inflammatory in nature, a few drops of Frankincense oil can be added to a cold compress.
  • Press the oiled compress against the swollen and inflamed area of your skin for relief.

20 Frankincense Health Benefits

Frankincense oil is replete with health benefits and is employed in numerous ways to cure, heal and protect the skin, hair and general body health. Elucidated below is a handful of remarkable Frankincense.

1. Immunity Booster

Frankincense oil is known for its anti-fungal, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory(1) properties. It fortifies the immunity system and protects the body from antigens and infections. It is a potent antiseptic. The fumes of Frankincense oil have disinfectant properties that eradicate germs from the body through inhalation.

2. Heals Wounds

frankincense essential oil to heal wounds

Frankincense oil protects the wounds from spreading infection by inhibiting microbial growth. Apply a small amount of Frankincense oil directly to the wound for quicker healing. The essential oil enhances healthy blood circulation and acts as a coagulant to check the loss of blood from the wound. Ingestion of Frankincense oil can heal internal wounds and ulcers.

3. Frankincense Benefits for improvement of Oral Health

The mouth is almost always a breeding ground of germs and microbes that erode the teeth, affect gums, cause mouth ulcer(2), gum boil, pyorrhea, gingivitis and other such oral diseases. Frankincense oil is rich in antiseptic, germicidal and antimicrobial properties that help to protect the mouth, teeth, and gums from infection.

  • Add a few drops of the essential oil to the toothpaste.
  • Brush your teeth with it thoroughly to maintain proper oral health.

4. Frankincense Benefits for Coughing Fits

Frankincense Benefit for Coughing Fits

Frankincense oil is highly effectual in the natural treatment of a cough and cold. It fights against flu and viral infection. The oil, when ingested or rubbed on the throat and chest, can instantly relieve you of the symptoms of respiratory disorders, constant dry coughing, and running nose.

Frankincense oil is antitussive in nature which helps to suppress coughing while its expectorant property assists in the expulsion of unhealthy phlegm. Frankincense also aids in relieving the patient from congestion in the chest and gives instant relief from coughing.

5. Regulation of Menstruation

Frankincense oil regulates the menstrual cycle and does away with irregularities, delays, and obstructions. It delays the onset of menopause and keeps the cycle going at full pace. The essential oil is known to cure the symptoms of menses and premenstrual syndrome like abdominal aches, headache, nausea, mood swings, fatigue and premenstrual bloating.

6. Frankincense Benefits for Improvement in Digestion

Frankincense oil is immensely beneficial for healthy digestion and proper absorption of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. Regular administration of the essential oil improves digestion, prevents flatulence, protects the body from acid reflux and nausea and helps in the smooth functioning of the liver.

7. Frankincense Benefits for Cardiac Health

Frankincense oil aids in the prevention of cardiac diseases by ensuring healthy circulation of blood throughout the body. The essential oil boosts the process of body metabolism and fortifies body immunity. It enhances the flow of blood to the body parts and helps the individual to stay healthy and fit.

Frankincense essential oil can also regulate blood pressure because of its diuretic properties that help to eliminate toxins like sodium thus lowering the spike in blood pressure.

8. Frankincense Benefits for Prevention of Infection

Frankincense oil is rich in antiseptic properties. If there is a wound or cut on your skin then smear the wound with a few drops of Frankincense oil to prevent the spread of septicemia and tetanus infection. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevent the inflammation of skin tissues around the wound and inhibit the spread of infection.

9. Frankincense for Cancer

Frankincense oil has a significant effect on cancerous cells and is highly anti-inflammatory in nature which prevents the multiplication of cancer cells in the body. The oil helps in maintaining hormonal balance as well and provides powerful therapeutic support. It is especially effective in fighting against skin cancer(3).

Smear the affected spot on the skin with a few drops of Frankincense essential oil and the skin cancer will heal quickly.

10. Frankincense for Arthritis

Frankincense for Arthritis

Frankincense essential oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. The analgesic properties of Frankincense oil helps to lower the pain and stiffness of joints felt in rheumatoid arthritis. It reduces the swelling and alleviates the pain quite effectively.

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11. Frankincense Skin Benefits

Frankincense essential oil is a natural astringent. It protects the skin and makes it soft and supple. When applied to the skin, the astringency property can make the skin more firm and naturally elastic. It reduces wrinkles, premature aging and prevents sagging of skin. The essential oil boosts the development of new cells and makes the skin healthy and glowing.

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12. Stimulation of Urination

Frankincense essential oil aids in urination and helps in the elimination of toxins like unhealthy fats, sodium and uric acid from the body along with excessive water.

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13. Protection against Internal Inflammation

Frankincense essential oil is known for suppressing inflammation of skin tissues in case of viral infection because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Frankincense cures indigestion and acidity by protecting the stomach tissues from getting inflamed by the hypersecretion of gastric acids. It also protects the cardiac system by elimination of toxins.

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14. Frankincense for Hair

frankincense oil for hair

Frankincense essential oil soothes and nourishes the scalp, keeps lice and dandruff at bay and strengthens the roots of hair and hair follicles. This prevents hair fall and aids in the growth of new and stronger hair from the rejuvenated scalp.

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15. Reduction of Stress Level

Frankincense essential oil is perhaps the ultimate cure for emotional inflammations. Scientists have proven that the aroma of Frankincense essential oil when inhaled can cause a significant reduction in stress levels through aromatherapy. Frankincense oil is also known for its ability to cure insomnia or sleeplessness which is often the root cause of a stress-related disorder.

  • Drip a few drops of Frankincense essential oil into a vaporizer and diffuser.
  • Inhale its essence with deep breaths to get well rid of anxiety disorders.

16. Stimulation of the Central Nervous System

Frankincense essential oil is a highly effective natural remedy for nervous disorders like epilepsy, seizing fits, convulsions etc. It helps to soothe the central nervous system and improves the coordination of motor sensory nerves.

Frankincense oil helps in the maintenance of body coordination and movement. It stimulates circulation of blood, digestion, excretion and nervous activities. Frankincense oil stimulates the heart and maintains regular cardiac functioning, secretion of digestive juice and bile within the stomach.

The stimulating properties of Frankincense oil keep the individual vigilant with stimulation of the Central Nervous System and brain.

17. Preservation of General Body Health

Frankincense essential oil makes for a highly effective health tonic that tones up the physiological functioning strengthens the body organs and protects the body from aging, ailments, and infections.

18. Relief from Muscle Cramps

Muscle Cramps

Frankincense essential oil relieves the body from muscle cramps, contractions, and spasms. It is a natural muscle relaxant that cures the body of muscle aches and muscular pain.

19. Frankincense for Healthy Uterus

Frankincense essential oil regulates the secretion of estrogen. It minimizes the formation of cysts and post-menopausal tumors. It heals uterine cancer and regulates gynecological stress in women.

20. Reduction of Scars


Reduction of Scars 1

Topical application of Frankincense essential oil helps in doing away of scars, surgery scars, skin cracks, stretch marks and more.

What are the side effects of Frankincense oil?

A few general Frankincense side effects include-

  • It is not safe for pregnant women and often leads to irregular menstruation and miscarriage even when taken in small quantities.
  • A dosage of more than 2-4 grams of Frankincense oil can cause serious cardiac and renal problems.


1. Is frankincense edible?

Response: Yes. Frankincense oil comes under the category of edible oils.

2. Is it safe to inhale essential oils?

Response:  Yes, frankincense essential oil is safe for inhalation. It instigates multiple health benefits on inhalation.

3. What is the color of frankincense?

Response:  Frankincense appears gold in color.

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