8 Reasons to Eat Tiger Nuts, the Fiber-Filled Nutritious Superfood

Updated on March 11th, 2020
tiger nuts

Tiger nuts are popularly known as earth almonds and are as tiny as chickpeas. They make for a perfect snack while filling up on your fiber intake and offering other benefits. A study conducted in 2009 stated that tiger nuts are a must part of a healthy diet. It also provides the necessary proteins which help in muscle building. It also improves kidney health and treats menstrual problems.

It has some other remarkable benefits too. Read on to know of the usage and health benefits of tiger nuts.

Nutrition Facts

Tiger nuts nutrition for 28 gms is as follows:-

Calories 103
Fiber 2-7 gms
Carbs 9 grams
Protein 1 gram
Fat 7-9 gms
Vitamin E 278 % of the DV
Iron 13-40 % of the DV
Phosphorus 9-11 % of the DV
Vitamin C 2-8 % of the DV
Magnesium 7 % of the DV
Zinc 5-7 % of the DV
Potassium 3-5 % of the DV
Calcium 1 % of the DV

Usage And Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts

1. Rich in Nutrients

They are a powerful storehouse of antioxidants that contain several compounds that prevent many diseases as they fight off the free radicals that cause damage to the body.

Studies show that consuming germinated tiger nuts increases their antioxidant capacity.

2. Rich in Potassium

Potassium deficiency can cause health troubles like muscle weakness, poor cognitive function, fatigue, weakness, low blood pressure, and constipation. It is necessary to follow a diet that gives your body the required daily dose of potassium.

The main function of potassium is to control blood pressure, which is possible with an adequate amount of potassium.

Approximately 25 tiger nuts provide about 139 mg of potassium. It also helps to process the carbohydrates in the body.

3. Rich in Magnesium

magnesium for bones

Magnesium has a vital role in over 300 biochemical interactions of the body. It is said that about 100 gms of these nuts can contribute to 13-17 % of the daily dosage of magnesium needed by an adult.

Magnesium and Calcium in the body have to go hand in hand. This helps to fight osteoporosis and tooth decay. Tiger nuts help provide the required magnesium.

4. May Boost The Immunity Of The Body

A test-tube study was conducted where the extracts from tiger nuts were tested against various bacteria that affect humans. The extract fought against E.coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus bacterias(1).

The extracts from these nuts also fought antibiotic-resistant bacterias that cause infections.

5. May Act As An Aphrodisiac

The traditional use of these nuts has been to use it as an aphrodisiac to boost libido. This remedy is very popular amongst African men who take this to improve their sexual functioning; sperm count and treat erectile dysfunction.

Studies conducted on rats indicated an increase in testosterone levels on the consumption of tiger nuts.

6. Improves Cardiac Health

womens cardic health

Monosaturated fatty acids play a vital role in maintaining cardiac health. The nuts are rich in MSF and also have the ability to reduce LDL or the bad cholesterol levels in the body while improving the good cholesterol or HDL levels in the body.

The healthy functioning of the heart reduces the chances of stroke as well.

7. Works for Lactose Intolerance (Tiger Nut Milk)

This is a great substitute for people suffering from lactose intolerance and seeking a substitute for cow’s milk. Other than the regular cow or buffalo’s milk, this is a great option for vegans.

The preparation of the milk from these nuts goes through the same process as soy milk. It has become very popular as it is rich in fats.

They are rich in Vitamin E and C that balance cholesterol levels and fight hypertension by regulating the blood pressure levels.

8. Very Rich in Fiber

A high fiber diet is a solution to all of your gut problems. These nuts contain a humongous amount of fiber that is essential for the functioning of the digestive system(2). A high fiber diet works as a stimulant to regularize bowel movements and treat constipation.

The nuts have more fiber compared to whole grains or chia seeds that are known to have high fiber. This invariably helps lose weight. Adding these nuts to your diet can be a natural solution to your gut and troubles related to constipation.

How Can You Add Them to Your Diet

They can be eaten raw or roasted. Alternatively, you can even soak them or boil them in water.

  • You can add them as toppings for a variety of dishes, smoothies, salads, and yogurts.
  • Ground tiger nuts are a great gluten-free replacement and can be used for flour or as a binder for your baked foods.
  • You can also make some nut butter!

As there’s no prescribed dosage of tiger nuts, it is highly advised that you avoid using them excessively or when you notice side effects or allergic reactions.

Precautionary Measures to be Undertaken

Although there are no defined side effects of tiger nuts, you must keep these in mind.

  • Tiger nuts contain oxalates, phytates, saponins, and tannins; it can affect nutrient absorption in the gut if over consumed.
  • It may trigger IBS for people with digestive issues.
  • Overconsumption of the nuts might cause gas, cramping, bloating, and diarrhea.


If you want to improve your health, add a handful of these nuts to your everyday meal. You can eat them directly, and if it’s too hard for you, soak in water and sprinkle salt on it. Add it to your porridge, cereals or smoothies. You can also dry and grind it into flour or replace the cow milk with tiger nuts milk. However, if you do notice allergic reactions or side effects, do consult a physician for further assistance.

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1. Is It Safe to Eat Tiger Nuts During Pregnancy?

Yes. It is considered safe, and pregnant women are encouraged to add more nuts to their diet as they are a rich source of protein and folic acid and prevent neural tube defects and the sensitivity to nuts.

2. Are Tiger Nuts Fattening?

Tiger nuts help lose weight by reducing blood sugar spikes. They keep you fuller longer in comparison to other foods that offer the same number of calories.

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