Home Remedies to Cure Appendicitis Without Surgery

Home Remedies For Appendicitis

Inflammation of the appendix is generally referred to as appendicitis. The appendix is a tube-like structure that extends your large intestine. Appendicitis generally requires surgery to remove the appendix at the earliest.

If the appendix is left untreated it eventually gets inflamed and could burst open. The bursting of appendicitis can release the infectious pathogens and parasites in your abdominal cavity and increase the risk of complications. Apart from surgery appendicitis cure is possible with natural remedies.

The release of infectious material in your abdominal cavity strain can lead to peritonitis.

Peritonitis is an inflammation of your abdominal cavity’s lining. Peritonitis must be treated with antibiotics. People between 10 to 30 years of age usually suffer from appendicitis.

Appendicitis is more common in men when compared to women. Appendicitis is fatal in severe cases when left untreated. The appendix can leads to death in infants and older people.

Home Remedies for Appendicitis

Home remedies are generally used as a natural cure for appendicitis. The natural cures for appendicitis include the following:

1. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is a herb that is used for the treatment of different diseases along with appendicitis. The seeds of fenugreek herbs are used to relieve appendicitis pain. It also helps in preventing the pus formation inside the appendix.

The excess of mucus accumulation can also be prevented with the help of fenugreek seeds. Tea can be prepared with fenugreek seeds and consumed on a regular basis to relieve pain and cure appendicitis.

2. Milk

Milk diet is good in appendicitis(1). You can go on a diet for a short period of time and can preferably start a milk diet for about 14-15 days.

Milk diet helps in reducing pain in the chronic type of appendicitis. Drink one glass of milk after every 2 hours daily as it is the simplest cure for appendicitis.

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil is extracted from castor beans, this vegetable oils consists of several medicinal benefits, not only does it help with the reduction of your inflammation and it also helps in relieving the blockage in appendicitis. Castor oil can also reduce inflammation and can also cure constipation and improve Irritable bowel movements as a result aids in appendicitis cure. You could use it directly into your food, 5-10 ml could bring about a monumental change.

4. Garlic

Garlic is the most common home remedy used for treating different ailments. It has an anti-inflammatory property and can reduce inflammation and appendicitis pain. You can use garlic till appendicitis cures completely by chewing on raw garlic cloves up to 3 in a day or you could even add it in your cooking in crushed or paste form for a strong taste.

5. Ginger


Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties(2). It is also used to cure appendicitis. It helps in reducing the pain and inflammation caused due to appendicitis. Drinking ginger tea 2-3 times a day is one of the beneficial cures for appendicitis. Turmeric can also be used along with ginger for reducing pain and inflammation in appendicitis.

6. Lemon

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and is known to boost your immune system. Lemon is beneficial for curing appendix pain. The citrus fruit juices are mainly used to relieve pain and can be used for preventing indigestion and constipation. Extract 1 lemon juice and mix with honey and take this mixture a few times a day as an effective cure for appendicitis.

7. Basil

Basil can be used as a natural cure for appendicitis to reduce low grade fever. Basil is also used for indigestion and intestinal gas. Take a handful of basil leaves and add 1 teaspoon of ginger to 1 cup of boiling water. Boil this solution until the solution is reduced to half and strain it and add honey to the solution. Drink this solution twice a day for a couple of days to cure appendicitis pain.

8. Vegetable Juices

Vegetables like beetroot, cucumber, and carrot juice are beneficial for appendicitis. Drinking this juice twice a day can relieve the pain caused due to appendicitis infection.

9. Buttermilk


Buttermilk is essential for appendicitis cure. Butter milk is helpful for relieving chronic appendix pain. Add a pinch of salt to the butter milk and drink it 3-4 times a day. Buttermilk is one of the effectual cures available for appendicitis.

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10. Green Gram

Green gram is one of the common and popular natural treatments for appendicitis pain. Green gram is also used for treating infections caused by appendicitis. Take a few green grams and soak it overnight in water. Eating one teaspoon from this mixture is an effectual natural cure for appendicitis.

11. Water

Warm water can be used regularly for flushing out toxins from your body. Drinking plenty of water 3-4 times a day is known to be beneficial for appendicitis cure. Water is mainly used to cleanse your bowels. Hot water compress can be used for a number of times in a day to relieve pain.

12. Ginseng herb

Ginseng is a kind of herb used for the treatment of many different ailments. Ginseng herb is mainly used for the treatment of appendicitis pain. Ginseng herb is used in the preparation of tea and is beneficial to relieve pain caused due to appendicitis.

13. Almond Oil

almond oil benefits

Almond oil is generally used for curing appendicitis pain. Almond oil(3)can be used for massaging purpose on the abdomen. Hot compress is used over the abdomen for faster relief. Almond oil is used as pain relief and can reduce inflammation caused due to appendicitis. Almond oil is one of the natural cures for appendicitis.

14. Mint

Mint is considered as a natural cure for appendicitis. Mint helps in reducing your pain caused due to appendicitis. Take a glass of water and put 2-3 drops of mint essence in it and drink this solution every 3-4 hours to cure appendicitis.

15. High fiber diet

High fiber diet consisting of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables helps in reducing the symptoms.  Low fiber diet can lead to constipation which eventually results in inflammation of the appendix. Thus you need to have a high fiber diet to cure appendicitis.

16. Whole wheat

Whole wheat helps including wheat bran and wheat germ is considered as a natural cure for appendicitis. Whole wheat products are beneficial for proper functioning of your digestive system.

Appendicitis can be cured naturally without surgery through simple home remedies. The natural remedies listed above are beneficial for curing appendicitis naturally in a short period of time.

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