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side effects of drinking green tea

20 Unbelievable Side Effects of Green Tea That You Probably Never Knew

Green tea has gained wide popularity in recent years. The world has indeed found a magic drink that is good for overall health. But the fact that...
fruits for weight loss

Top 10 Fat Burning Fruits to Supercharge Your Weight Loss

With chaotic schedules, grabbing at random junk food between meals, skipping gym hours and sitting for long hours before the computer screen, our body weight has gone...
weight loss diet plans

12 Best Diet plans for Weight Loss that surely Work

The last-minute pool party invitation has suddenly arisen your consciousness? Looking in the mirror, you realized that there is something intrinsically wrong? Are you done with the...
benefits of alkaline water

6 Astonishing Reasons Why Drinking Alkaline Water is better than Plain Water

What is alkaline water? Ever thought that water can treat various ailments and slow your aging? Yes, it can. But not the regular plain water. Though plain water...
weight loss shakes for women

Fat to Fab with the Best Weight Loss Shakes for Women

Ladies, wish to burn some calories and get back in shape? You have been undergoing a strict weight loss regime but still could not lose an iota...
butter substitutes

10 Healthiest and Best Butter Substitute That You Must Try

Love Butter? Well everyone loves it. Butter is an essential spread and a baking ingredient used in a variety of recipes. The yummy taste of it is...
Canker Sore vs Cold Sores and Their Root Causes

Canker Sores vs. Cold Sores: Their Root Causes and 5 Amazing Natural Treatments

The little painful bumps on your mouth can be canker sores or cold sores, but these are often treated to be similar owing to their symptoms and...
Foods for Diabetics

15 Wondrous Foods for Diabetics That Keep Type 2 Diabetes Under Check

Diabetes can be severe and be keeping pace with its control even more so. Anything junk and delicious becomes a mortal enemy and sticking to a bland...
Diabetic Foods to Avoid

Diabetic Foods to Avoid: List of 15 Toxic Foods for Diabetics

Living a healthy life is a choice. Many of the people reading this article do wish to have a healthy body but are too lazy to adopt...
How to Stop Eating Sugar

How to Stop Eating Sugar with the 10 Scientifically Proven Tricks and Tips?

Sugar, sugar everywhere! So where should one go to control their sugar cravings? When you are trying to achieve your healthy diet goals, it presents you with...


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