The Best Strategies for Strong and Healthy Hair in Winter

Updated on June 19th, 2021
how to take care of hair in winter naturally

It is that period of the year again when we need to have a list of fine hair care tips! While we enjoy a piping cup of coffee with our steaming plate of breakfast on a pleasant winter morning, the cool air is going to have its effect on our hair, and we know it’s up to no good.

The cold season will wreak havoc upon our hair game that we have perfected over time. Worry not; we’re here with the relevant hair care tips for the cool winter months. Whether it’s frizzy or dry hair, or breakage of strands to a flaky scalp, we have just the proper remedies to control and prevent it all.

Whatever the type and texture of hair, these winter tips will work well for a healthy, shiny mane all winter long! Here’s how to take care of hair in winter naturally.

Moisturize The Scalp With Hair Oil

During winter, our scalp gets itchy and dry due to the lack of moisture in the air. This may lead to scalp irritation, dandruff, and flakiness, causing hair fall. A hot oil massage with enriching hair oils like olive and coconut oils works wonders.

These oils penetrate our hair shaft and keep our hair moisturized. Massage enhances blood circulation to the scalp and nourishes our hair follicles, stimulating hair growth [1].

1. Dry hair properly

Drying the hair properly is essential. Always dry the hair at room temperature whenever possible. Due to a hectic schedule, it may not always be achievable to dry the hair at room temperature.

At such times, you can use good quality hair dryers to dry the hair. Don’t use the dryer directly at the root of the hair. Also, try to reduce the dryer’s use because it can make the hair cuticles brittle and dry [2].

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2. Avoid curling irons and heat straighteners 

Curling irons and heat straighteners are the most common styling instruments people use in their everyday life. But little do they know, these things adversely impact the hair. Excess use of straighteners and curling irons can make the hair frizzy, weak, and dry. Use them occasionally along with protectant spray to lessen the damaging effects [3].

3. Protect the Hair From the Elements

Wet, cold winter weather can take its toll on the hair. The best way to protect the hair from the elements is to cover the head with a scarf or hat, but make sure that it’s not so tight that it will restrict the scalp’s circulation. While it protects the hair, wearing a winter cap can also lead to a build-up of sweat that could irritate your scalp. 

4. Keep the Scalp and Hair Hydrated

If we’re dehydrated on the inside, it will appear on the outside, too, so make sure you drink enough water to help keep the scalp and hair hydrated. Using a herbal shampoo moisturizes a dry scalp caused by winter weather and temperature fluctuations between outdoors and indoors.

5. Avoid Hot Showers

A hot water shower in the chilling weather is always enticing. But hot water can remove the moisture and natural oils from the hair, making it dry. It may also cause flakiness and make the scalp dry. Make sure to wash your hair with lukewarm water and blast with cold water at the ends to help seal your hair cuticles.

6. Avoid heat styling

Allowing the hair to air dry is best. Blow drying draws out moisture from the hair, increasing the chance of breakage. Heat-free drying helps keep your hair healthy and shiny. Short on time? Try taking a shower in the evening so the tresses can dry overnight naturally.

Air-dry and embrace the natural hair and whenever possible. When the hair is already delicate in the colder months, heat styling amplifies the issue and sucks the moisture directly out of the strands. Refrain from straightening or curling the hair during the winter. Utilize this time to explore new styles like braids, twists, and buns.

7. Commit to a weekly hair mask

Just as weekly face masks are essential for healthy skin, weekly hair masks can considerably differ when it comes to damaged, dry hair. They may reverse the effects of dryness while ensuring the hair is secured at an optimal level all year round [4].

Hair masks are quick and comfortable to use. They are packed with loads of hair health benefits and are effective in under 15-minutes. Hair masks offer benefits like hydrating, softening, and adding shine.

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8. Don’t Step Out With Wet Hair

Cold air opens the hair shafts, making them susceptible to breakage, and can cause color fading.  Always dry the hair before stepping out into the sun. Give the hair extra time to air dry, or better yet, modify the winter hair care regimen and wash the hair at night.

9. Eat Healthy To Keep The Hair Healthy

Foods loaded with protein are good for hair health. Increase your intake of all essential vitamin-dense foods like eggs, carrots, berries, and pumpkins. Follow a balanced diet that combines veggies, dairy products, leafy greens, meat, and omega-3 fatty acids, to keep your hair and body healthy.

10. Switch To Microfiber Towels

Avoid using cotton bath towels to dry the hair. Instead, use microfiber towels. They are gentle on the hair, have high water absorbing capacity, and help minimize hair drying time and friction. On the other end, cotton or any other material can make the hair rough and create frizz, tangles, and flyaways.

11. Get A Humidifier

The abrupt transition in temperatures can zap moisture from our tresses during winter. A room heater can offer warmth when the temperature dips, but it also dries the air inside our room, damaging the hair. Humidifiers help balance the moisture levels inside our room to prevent dryness.

Bottom Line

Winter can be harsh on our hair, and a little extra care can go a long way to ensure optimum hair strength. These tips are straightforward to follow and can prevent the hair troubles you face during the winter. Try out these tips to keep the hair shiny, soft, and healthy.

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