Clove Oil for Teething: Is it safer than Teething Creams and Gels?

Updated on April 17th, 2020
Clove Oil for Teething

Several products are available in the market for teething children. However, with the rise of several chemicals like parabens being added to these products, young parents are concerned about the use of clove oil for teething.

Wish to know the benefits of clove oil for teething children and its safety over products like teething creams and gels; this article will help you.

Benefits of Using Clove Oil for Teething Children

clove essential oil

1. Clove oil as An Analgesic

Clove oil has analgesic properties. This, in simple terms, means that clove oil helps to relieve pain among teething children. Teething is one such development that begins since the age of six months when the central incisors of the child begin to appear. This often causes the inflammation of gums, causing pain among children. As parents, the use of ingredients is often the concern since any unexpected side effects could prove to be detrimental for a child’s health.

Clove oil has Eugenol, a natural chemical that is known to have painkilling properties. These properties of the oil in clove buds make it the best remedy for teething.

2. Clove Oil is Germicidal

Clove oil(1) is a natural germicide due to which it is used as a medicine for teething children. If you are concerned about attacks by germs and microbes once the tooth has appeared, clove oil is the best solution for you.

Its antimicrobial properties provide long term relief to toothaches among teething children. What’s more, clove oil is known to fight against bacteria responsible for toothache in children.

Clove oil helps to lessen the pain among teething children to be used by several parents in the market. Thus, you can use clove oil for teething.

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3. Promotes Healing


We have often been advised to use clove oil for children. The healing properties of clove buds make it a good alternative. Its healing properties help it to heal tooth fissures and canals among children who experience teething. So next time your child starts complaining of a toothache, use clove oil for toothache and get rid of that tooth pain among your teething children.

4. Works as an Antiseptic

Clove oil is known all over the world for its antiseptic properties. Being antiseptic in nature, it sees to the fact that the developing teeth of the child are not affected by any pathogens and microbes, which can cause pain due to the rotting of the tooth. Studies have shown that Eugenol present in the clove oil is the one that contributes to this property of the clove oil. This was done by the use of 0.2% and 0.4% of the oil, which was administered to find bacterial efficiency(2) post the application of the oil on the teeth.

It was proved that clove oil could kill bacteria helping to reduce the chances of the tooth and oral pain among children. So next time opt for clove oil for teething.

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5. Acts as an Anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil extracted from clove buds lead Indomethacin in the oil to react with the oral cavity and prevent the inflammation of gums. This reduction in swelling of gums relieves children of pain.

Why use Clove oil for teething over teething creams?

We often opt for medicines like teething creams and gels to prevent the pain experienced by their little ones. However, it is best to use clove oil for teething children than teething creams and gels. Teething creams and gels contain Benzocaine that numb the mucous membrane required for the gag reflex. What’s more, it can lead to Methemoglobinemia. On the other hand, clove oil causes no such side effect and helps to relieve pain in teething children effectively.

It is very simple to use clove oil for toothaches. Take some clove oil on your finger and rub it gently on the gums of your babies. Leave it for a while.

There is no particular recommendation. However, care should be taken not to use more than 0.06%. This would prevent toxicity, which may prove to be harmful to the baby.

Bottom Line

So if you are worried about any detrimental effects of medicines on children, stop worrying and apply some clove oil for teething children. The chemicals like Eugenol present in the clove oil make it antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic in nature, helping to numb the tooth and gum pain experienced by children.

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1. Is it safe to use clove oil for teething babies?

This depends on the age of your child. If your baby is above 2 years age, you can apply some clove oil for toothache. However, if your child is below two years, it is best to search for some other alternative in your kitchen.

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