Cleanse and Purify Your Blood With These Herbs

Updated on October 30th, 2020
Herbs for Detoxification

What’s in your cupboard? While nobody was prepared for the current pandemic effects, you may have some natural spices and healing herbs that can help you detoxify your body at the comfort of your home. They may not cure coronavirus, but they can cleanse your system to help you stay healthy.

Herbs have been used for centuries across cultures to treat various health conditions and ailments. With their popularity, long history, and reported effectiveness, it’s no wonder most people turn to herbs to help their body’s inherent ability to detoxify.

Our body needs continuous nutritional support for ongoing detox, so eating a balanced, healthy diet full of unprocessed, whole foods is a vital step in lightening our toxic load. As a complement to a regular exercise and wholesome diet, we might consider including some of these herbs, reputed for their detoxifying properties.

Because herbs can interact with other herbs, medications, and supplements and trigger side effects, you should always consult a physician before beginning a herbal routine. Also, the FDA doesn’t regulate nutritional supplements, so the source, strength, and purity of products can vary widely.

Best Herbs for Detoxification

1. Turmeric

Protects our liver from incoming toxins through its potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a specific affinity for the liver and is therefore used in many detoxification programs. Like milk thistle, it may soften stools.

Turmeric has been known to increase bile production by over a hundred percent, making it a potent aid to toxin excretion (phase 2) [1]. 

Note: If there’s any indication of bile duct obstruction, this herb shouldn’t be taken.

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2. Milk thistle

Milk thistle helps safeguard the liver’s healthy cells from inflammation caused by toxins or free radical damage. It also aids the body in mopping up toxins and stimulates the regeneration of new healthy cells.

It helps to improve glutathione production, the body’s major antioxidant substrate [2]. This herb has no side effects, though it can loosen stools slightly as it increases bile flow.

3. Dandelion

Dandelion is beneficial for both the liver and the kidneys. Although its mechanism is not clearly understood, dandelion has diuretic properties (to throw out toxins) with potassium-sparing effects and helps safeguard against kidney stones. Contact dermatitis has been seen when this herb is used in fresh form rather than dried.

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4. Cilantro

This common herb contains antibacterial, detoxifying, and immune-enhancing essential oils and can help eliminate heavy metals from our body. Cilantro also fights nausea, stomach cramps, aids digestion, balances blood sugar levels, and is slightly laxative. Sprinkle it over your food, or incorporate it into your juices for a detox beverage.

5. Neem

Neem leaves can be extremely bitter in taste, but they also boost digestion and are excellent for your liver. Consuming neem leaves every day is known to cleanse the colon and destroy harmful microorganisms and bacteria in the intestinal tract, further facilitating smoother digestion.

It is replete with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant, and anti-viral properties.

6. Mint 

Mint helps in digestion and has high levels of antioxidants. Drinking mint tea helps with irritated bowel syndrome and cleanses the stomach. It helps deal with skin irritation and acts as a cooling ingredient for the skin. It fights bad breath and helps with teeth whitening, and is an excellent blood cleanser, detoxifying the body from within.

7. Red Clover

Red clover has widely been harvested for use in various preparations, including tinctures, capsules, teas, and topical products. The blossoms act as an effective diuretic and support liver function by stimulating bile production, helping rid the body of excess fluids, and cleaning the blood.

They’re rich in isoflavones — water-soluble compounds with estrogen-like effects and improve heart health, circulation, and menopause symptoms.

Red clover is also a precious source of many nutrients, including chromium, calcium,   niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, thiamin, and vitamin C.

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8. Burdock

This root has often been hailed for its alterative action, which supports elimination channels in our body and supports healthy nutrient assimilation. Rich with prebiotic starches and inulin, burdock root helps support beautiful, glowing skin and healthy kidneys.

9. Nettle

Stinging nettle is another herb that may seem problematic in the wild but contains potent health benefits. Natural polyphenols in nettle leaves function as antioxidants to help prevent accelerated aging and oxidative stress.

They have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties to help fight infections and lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. 

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10. Cleavers

Cleavers is known mainly as a lymph tonic. Our lymphatic system is like a drainage system for the body – moving endocrine waste and toxins away from the tissues and into our bloodstream to be filtered by the spleen. Cleavers help reduce water weight gain and also support the kidneys.

11. Ginger

Ginger is a warming spice that is great for helping digestion. It stimulates bile production to help our body break down and efficiently remove waste. Gingerol, the significant bioactive compound in ginger, is also a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to help fight oxidative stress in our body.

12. Hibiscus

Hibiscus does more than give our tea a lovely pink hue; it directly helps with weight loss by inhibiting amylase productions – an enzyme that helps our body break down carbohydrates into sugar. This means a lower absorption of glucose and starch. It may also help calm our nervous system and reduce depression and anxiety.

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13. Lemon Peel

Lemon peel contains even more minerals and vitamins than lemon juice. It’s exceptionally rich in d-limonine, which helps detoxify the liver and vitamin C. It also has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help with various metabolic functions and even aids with weight management.

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Bottom Line

These herbs are conveniently available in the market and can be used regularly to cleanse our body of toxins. Make detox drinks or add them to your food for maximum benefits. In our hectic day-to-day activities, it is challenging to keep a rigid watch on our diet, and so, undergoing detoxification often can prove extremely advantageous.

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