Fight Lyme Disease by Using the Most Effective Herbs

Updated on May 20th, 2020
herbs for Lyme disease

There are different kinds of diseases in the world. Some are genetic, hereditary, and some spread through different types of bacteria and viruses present in our surroundings. One of such conditions widely disseminated by bacteria is Lyme disease. We can elaborate on it as follows:

The infection caused by bacteria (borrelia bacterium) which is spread through ticks is known as Lyme disease. The common symptoms which appear are redness or rashes on the infected area; other symptoms include fever, headache, and severe joint pain in legs and arms, which when not treated immediately, the condition could get worse, and the results could be dreadful.

Therefore, you can use immediate treatments with the help of natural herbs. Herbs for Lyme Disease include garlic oil, berries, cinnamon bark, and other similar spices that can provide a timely cure against the disease.


Approximately 300,000 cases of Lyme disease in the United States are reported every year by the State Health Departments. These cases are mostly found in the northeast and upper Midwest regions.

However, not all cases are reported, and this does not cover each case diagnosed. It includes many states under it, and 96% of cases are not reported at all. It is estimated that 20 percent(1) of patients continue to experience the symptoms after treatment.

Herbs for Lyme disease

1. Cat’s Claw

Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw and is a very effective and useful herb that boosts the immune system and helps in fighting with the Lyme disease. It also helps in knocking out the bacteria, which causes Lyme disease(2).

You can use Banderol from the bark of the tree found in South America, usually known as Otaba Parvifolia as a treatment of Lyme disease.

It can be used as an antibiotic for an infection and also to resolve gastric issues caused due to the use of medicines. Therefore this natural herb works as an alternative to medication for curing the disease. Take approximately 100 grams of Cat’s claw extract, twice a day.

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2. Garlic

Garlic is a natural herb which is very beneficial for gastric issues, fighting the common cold, reducing blood pressure, and improving cholesterol levels. The oil extracted from garlic is vigorously active in killing the bacteria, which causes Lyme disease.

You can use it in the form of oil for treating the disease. Including it, garlic cloves in meals too strengthen the immune system.

An adequate quantity of oil, if applied on the rashes or existing infection for approximately seven days, can give relieve you of the disease. Inhalation of garlic oil also helps in healing the condition.

3. Turmeric


It is one of the best natural herbs available at our home which has anti-inflammatory properties and also has a high healing effect. Turmeric(3) salve made by combining it with water has been used since times immemorial to heal wounds. It is also beneficial for fighting cold and flu, including Lyme disease.

It can be included as a spice in our daily meal and also taken in the form of a pill or oral spray to cure the infected area.

Little quantity as a spice can be used in vegetables and pulses, as an oral spray twice a day. If you choose to opt for supplements, you could consult a physician for the right dosage.

4. Myrrh

It is one of the beneficial herbs found. Essential oils extracted from the myrrh tree are vigorously active in killing the active and persister bacteria, causing Lyme disease. It also prevents the regrowth of bacteria.

One can dilute the myrrh oil by mixing it with other oils. Extract the essential oil from the bark of the tree and dilute it with a carrier oil. Apply this directly to the infected body part. How much to use?

You can mix 3-6 drops of this essential oil in one teaspoon of coconut oil. Experts recommend this proportion for adults, and for kids, you can mix one drop of myrrh with one spoon of carrier oil. Direct application to the skin may sometimes result in skin irritation; hence, it is recommended to use it in the diluted form.

5. Thyme


The essential oil extracted from thyme is anti-inflammatory and is highly active in killing the bacteria responsible for causing Lyme disease. You can use these oils in diluted form and apply it to the affected area.

A diluted form of the oil is used in aromatherapy or for applying. In aromatherapy, you inhale the smell of oil, and this therapy is very useful in healing the disease. The amount needed to cure Lyme disease cannot be applied directly to the skin as it sometimes causes skin irritation. Hence it is diluted with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil and is utilized for healing purposes.

You can mix a few drops of essential oil with one teaspoon of carrier oil (coconut oil) and either inhale or apply it on the affected area. It heals the disease within seven days if used regularly and also avoids the regrowth of bacteria within 21 days.

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All around, almost everyone is suffering from a myriad of health issues, making it essential to have clean surroundings. This invariably eliminates the chances of infections as several diseases are spread through unhygienic growth of bacteria and viruses. Lyme disease is spread through tick bites, and these carry bacteria named Borrelia bacterium, the root cause of the disease. Swelling, redness of the skin, and persisting infection are the primary symptoms.

Before taking medical treatment, you could try natural herbs to get instant relief and also avoid regrowth of the bacteria within 21 days. Essential oils from these natural herbs can be extracted and used in the treatment of this disease to get instant relief from the dreadful Lyme Disease.

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1. What Other Home Remedies Can You Use for Lyme Disease?

Using other remedies that boost the immune system can be used to cure Lyme disease

  • Foods/Products containing vitamin B1 and vitamin C, fish oil, garlic.
  • Exercise – Lyme bacteria cannot tolerate heat; since while exercising, we produce heat that helps to eradicate the bacteria.
  • Stevia – it is a natural sweetener, and is also known to kill bacteria responsible for Lyme disease.
  • Herbs and acupuncture also help in eradication of Lyme disease.

2. Which Essential Oils Can Be Used for Lyme Disease?

You can use essential oils extracted from spices like garlic, blueberries, cinnamon bark, Mrryh tree, thyme leaves, cumin seeds, and eucalyptus for the treatment of Lyme disease. These help cure Lyme and also act powerfully on the persister of Lyme disease.

However, these oils cannot be applied directly on the infected area; instead, it is mixed with a carrier oil and diluted and then used for the purpose.

3. What Is the Relationship Between the Treatment of Lyme and Chinese Herbs?

The medical treatment of Lyme disease is based on antibiotics which usually takes ten days. This treatment also weakens the immune system of the body; therefore, now the Chinese medicinal herbs are in practice.

These herbs are beneficial in the treatment of Lyme disease without having any side effects on the immune system of the body. The dose of these herbs can be taken just once a day that to 12 to 15 grams of fresh herbs. If treating Lyme disease with Chinese herbs, you should take the dose as recommended by the experts.

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