5 Fantastic Barley Tea benefits that you must know

barley tea benefits

What is Barley Tea?

The scintillating aroma of a freshly brewed barley tea is refreshing. The beverage made using roasted barley has a calm and soothing effect that relaxes your mind and body while pampering your senses. It is something that you must try in your lifetime, and once you try it, you may not be able to resist it later.

It is a favorite drink of Korea and Japan where it is known as Boricha and Mugicha respectively. Whether you wish to enjoy it warm on a chilly evening or as a cold refreshing drink, what you get is an excellent taste and numerous health benefits. Yes, barley tea is a potent beverage that can aid you in leading a healthy life. Here are summed all barley tea benefits that tell you why barley tea is beneficial for you(1).

Barley Tea Nutrition Facts

Barley tea is a wondrous beverage great for your health. Barley tea benefits your health positively owing to its rich nutrient content that replenishes your body with all the essential nutrients. The cup of barley tea in your hand is rich in antioxidants and has a high content of Vitamin A and C. Further, it also contains selenium, tryptophan, and melatonin.

Moreover, the presence of amino acids makes it great for your health. Also please note that barley tea caffeine content is quite low hence it is much better than any other tea. If you are looking for a great beverage that provides you with minimum calories and simultaneously boosts your health, then barley tea is the right option for you.

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How Barley Tea Benefits your Health?

The favorite drink of Korea has become an obsession around the globe. It is because of its nutritional profile that makes the tea a great choice for health-conscious people. Here is a list elucidating barley tea benefits:

1. Barley tea detoxifies your body

barley tea for detoxifies your body

The accumulation of toxins in the body is known to affect the functioning of organs like liver and kidneys, and cause diseases. Barley tea is rich in antioxidants which makes it an excellent beverage for removing toxins from your body. Consuming barley tea makes you feel light and active by detoxifying your body.

The drink contains pyrazine, a substance known to improve blood circulation and prevent coagulation of blood. Further, it also aids the liver in excreting harmful toxins from the body. Consumption of barley tea promotes breaking down of the excess of fats stored in the body boosting the health and functioning of the liver.

2. Barley tea benefits your digestive system

barley tea for digestive system

Barley tea has lots of fiber which regulates your bowel movement thus improving digestion. The presence of fiber eases the movement of food in the alimentary canal and ensures proper absorption. If you suffer from various digestive troubles like constipation or bloating, then barley tea is an elixir for you.

The high fiber content in barley tea prevents constipation and bloating. It keeps your gut clean. The tea is also known for its soothing effect. Barley tea helps in relieving heartburn and indigestion(2).

3. Barley tea boosts your immune system

barley tea for boosts immune system

Barley tea has a high content of Vitamin C which makes it an excellent beverage for improving the immune system(3). Vitamin C present in the drink is known to accelerate the production of white blood cells that are your body’s defense army.

The increased production of white blood cells means that you have a strong guard against various infections. Further, it is also known to fight the adverse effects of free radicals. Including barley tea to the diet is a great way to improve your immunity against infections and remain healthy.

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4. Barley tea combats urinary infections

barley tea for combats urinary infections

Yes, you read it right, barley tea benefits your Urinary System too. If you are suffering from Urinary Tract infection, then include Barley tea in your routine diet. Consuming roasted barley tea will help in flushing out bacteria treating the disease. You can add it in your menu and sip it through the day without any worry as barley tea is free of caffeine.

Another advantage of barley tea is that it is diuretic which means that helps in increased urination that aids in flushing out toxins from the body. Build up of bacteria in the urinary tract might obstruct the flow of urine. Barley tea clears the passage and eases urination.

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5. Barley tea helps in curing cold

barley tea for curing cold

The pleasant aroma of barley tea is much more potent. Don’t believe it? Try sipping barley tea when suffering from cold. The refreshing cup of barley tea will effectively alleviate the symptoms of the cold. It helps in breaking the phlegm opens up the congestion in the nasal cavity. Have a sore throat? Drink two cups of barley tea and get instant relief from it.

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The antibacterial properties of the tea also help keep the infection at bay. Further, it also boosts our immunity and strengthens your body to fight against the virus. Besides, barley tea can also be helpful in treating bronchitis and asthma troubles.

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How to make Barley Tea?

You can prepare barley tea at home with ease. As the drink has become a lot more popular, you can easily find its ingredients in the market that are not many. You need to purchase only a barley tea bag to make a cup of exquisite barley tea. Alternatively, you can also buy roasted barley and brew it to enjoy a delicious cup of the drink. If no such product is available, then you need not be disappointed as you can easily make the tea from scratch.

Barley Tea Recipe from scratch

Following are the step that you can follow to make barley tea from plain barley

  • Toss two cups of barley in a pan or a preheated oven
  • Let it roast
  • There is no need to add oil
  • Turn off the stove when the barley has turned light brown
  • Now, put a pot on the stove
  • Add to it around eight cups of water and two tablespoons of roasted barley
  • Let it boil
  • Turn the stove knob to simmer and leave for around fifteen to twenty minutes
  • After that remove the tea from heat and keep it aside to cool
  • You can reheat the barley tea to enjoy it warm, or you can keep it in your refrigerator and serve it cold. (You can enjoy barley tea in both hot and cold forms)
  • You can add a dash of lemon or some sweetener to the tea to enhance its flavor, or you can also add cardamom to it

Barley Tea Side Effects

Organic barley tea is safe to be consumed and poses no ill-effects on health if taken appropriately. Enjoy the numerous barley tea benefits by adding it your diet. However, people with an allergy to cereal grains must avoid it).

  • Barley Tea and gluten: People with sensitivity to gluten should not consume barley tea as barley is a gluten-containing grain.
  • Barley Tea and diabetes: People who have diabetes must consult their doctor before starting barley tea as it is known to interact with blood sugar controlling drugs.
  • Barley tea and pregnancy: Expecting mothers can consume barley tea but in moderation. However, nursing mothers must avoid it.

Barley tea is a potent beverage and a healthy drink. The tea made just of roasted barley and water, does no harm to you. Instead, the barley tea benefits are abundant that make it a good pick for a healthy lifestyle. By now you will be convinced as to why the tea is gaining immense popularity.

You can include it in your routine and sip it throughout the day without any worry as it does not contain caffeine and is a powerful antioxidant that keeps you active.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is barley Tea good for weight loss?

Yes, barley tea is good for weight loss. It is low in calorie thus, is much better than other sugar-loaded drinks. Further, its high fiber content keeps you full for longer reducing your food craving and reducing unnecessary calorie intake. Also, the presence of antioxidants in the tea increase body metabolism that promotes weight loss.

2. Is Barley Tea good for Diabetics?

People with diabetes should avoid taking barley tea as barley is known to lower blood sugar levels in the body. Increased fluctuation may put you at risk. Further, it may also interfere with your medications. One must consult a doctor before including barley tea in the diet.

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3. Does Barley tea aid in sleep?

Yes, barley tea helps in inducing sleep. The presence of melatonin and tryptophan make it an excellent aid for sleep as the compounds trigger the release of neurotransmitters in your brain that help you in falling asleep. Those who are suffering from insomnia or other sleep troubles should drink barley tea to enjoy a sound sleep.

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