How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Top 4 Remarkable methods?

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It is never an easy battle when it comes to combating stress and anxiety but instead of popping in a series of sedatives and drugs, read onto find out the most wonderful ways of how to relieve stress and anxiety. If however, the stress and anxiety persist, then do not shy away from consulting a psychiatrist.

Mental illness is deliberately neglected by the society and by the family as well who consider it to be something trivial that can quickly get snapped out. These home remedies can undoubtedly address the symptoms of stress such as headaches, nausea, insomnia, and breathlessness. But, if in case the symptoms get worse then seek expert advice immediately.

What is stress?

Stress is a mental state of mind that is characterized by emotional tension or strain which is induced by circumstances. It is a response mechanism of the body to conditions that threaten to disrupt the normal state of the body and mind.

The two major systems of the body that respond to anxiety and stress include the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and the autonomic nervous system. Read onto find out how to relieve stress and anxiety with the help of multiple helpful methods.

What causes stress?

The following factors and external stimuli contribute to stress and tension.

  • Excessive pressure at work
  • Relationship and social life problems
  • Competition in the fields of academy and work
  • Lack of healthy discipline in life
  • Financial issues
  • Past trauma and events

What are the different stress symptoms?

Some of the visible signs of stress include

  • Low level of physical energy
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Muscle ache, cramps, and pain
  • Palpitations
  • Chest pain
  • Insomnia
  • Impairment of sexual drive and desire
  • Nausea
  • Frequent nervous breakdowns and panic attacks
  • Complications at pregnancy
  • Hives and allergies

Can stress cause hives?

Stress and anxiety can induce the appearance of stress rash and stress hives.

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Can stress cause a miscarriage?

Excessive stress can cause miscarriage and other complications with pregnancy.

How to stop stress eating?

Stress eating can be stopped or controlled by drinking green tea that helps to cut down on the appetite besides dealing with stress.

Top 10 Fabulous Ways for How to Relieve Stress

1. How to relieve stress with the help of foods and diet?

· How to cure low levels of sexual drive and desire induced by stress by using almonds?

Consumption of almonds works effectively in the cure of stress-induced loss of libido and sexual urge.

How to use?

  • Soak a handful of raw almonds in water before going to bed at night
  • Eat the soaked almonds after waking up in the next morning, preferably on an empty stomach
  • Alternatively, crush a handful of raw almonds into a powder
  • Add five tablespoons of almond powder to a glass of lukewarm milk and churn the mixture until the liquid turns creamy
  • Drink the creamy milk and almonds mix before going to bed at night
  • Do this on a daily basis for the treatment of stress-induced sexual issues

Benefits of using almonds and milk

The excellent aphrodisiac properties of almonds make the dry fruit highly beneficial for the cure of sexual stress. Eating almonds loaded with minerals like copper, manganese, and zinc helps to bring down the levels of stress and anxiety and thereby enhance sexual urge in both men and women.


Make sure that the almonds are fresh and organic.

Foods to eat

Eat the following foods and drink plenty of water to fight against acute stress disorder.

  • Yogurt
  • Oysters
  • Ginger infusion
  • Chamomile tea
  • Honey
  • Rooibos tea
  • Basil tea
  • Full-fat kefir
  • Meat liver
  • Bell peppers
  • Chicken stew
  • Avocado
  • Dark chocolate
  • Warm turmeric milk
  • Asparagus
  • Fruit juice
  • Adaptogenic herbs
  • Green tea
  • Fatty meat
  • Fresh green vegetables and fruits

Foods to avoid

Avoid the following foods to preserve your mental health and strengthen your mental fortitude

  • Sugary foods and drinks
  • Junk food
  • Oily food
  • Fast foods
  • Caffeinated drinks
  • Carbonated beverages like soda etc
  • Alcohol

2. How to relieve stress with super effective herbal treatments?

· How to get rid of oxidative stress, and stress eating by using ginger green tea?

Drinking ginger tea thrice a day is profoundly effective as a natural cure for how to relieve stress,headache and other effects induced by it.

How to use?

  • Grind a tablespoon of fresh and juicy ginger into bits
  • Boil a cup of water and add the pieces of ginger into it
  • Add the green tea leaves to the boiling water
  • You can also use green tea teabags for the preparation of green tea
  • Take the tea off the flame after boiling for a few minutes
  • Add a teaspoon of honey to the tea
  • Drink the tea twice or thrice a day or when you feel too stressed out to cure anxiety, headaches,and nausea

Benefits of using ginger green tea

Ginger is vested with a host of health benefits. It is not only good for the cure of fever and common cold but can even address the signs of stress and tension. Green tea gets loaded with antioxidants which can destroy free radicals and fight against oxidative damage. Drinking ginger green tea before going to bed at night helps in the cure of insomnia. The fragrance and pungent juice of ginger can fight against nausea as well. Stress often induces binge eating/stress eating on junk food. Ginger green tea helps to curb the appetite and prevent stress eating.

· How to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by using Indian ginseng herb?

With aniasomnifera, also known as Indian ginseng orAshwagandha, is a herb that is incredibly beneficial for the natural alleviation of stress and post-traumatic stress disorder. It can also help in the regulation of stress hormones.

How to use?

  • Put 1 cup of plain milk to boil
  • Stir in 1-2 grams of the herb in powdered or dried or crushed form into the hot milk
  • Let the milk simmer down
  • Drink the milk infused with the Indian ginseng herb
  • Do this twice or thrice a day to cure PTSD and hormonal imbalance
  • Alternatively, you can also take the herb available in supplement tablets and capsules

Benefits of using Indian ginseng herb

The administration of the Indian ginseng herb is an ancient home remedy of stress and stress-related disorders. It can effectively reduce the levels of anxiety and stress by bringing down the level of cortisol which is a stress hormone.

The ingestion of Indian ginseng herb helps in the enhancement of the mind and body in combating against stress which contributes to improving the quality of health and lifestyle.

The consumption of Indian ginseng helps in boosting the functioning of the nervous system, fighting fatigue, boosting physical energy, and curing insomnia. Taking the herb can also help to heal stress ulcer.


Do not exceed the dosage of the herb and consult a physician or an expert before taking the herbal supplement.

· How to deal with stress and panic attacks by using passionflower herb?

Are you wondering how to relieve stress with passionflower herb? It can control and reduce the frequency of panic attacks and nervous breakdowns by lowering the levels of stress and anxiety.

How to use?

  • Put 1 cup of plain water to boil
  • Stir in a tablespoon of the fresh and dried passionflower herb into the hot water
  • Let the infusion simmer down
  • Add a teaspoon of organic honey to the infusion
  • The passionflower tea is ready to be taken
  • Drink the tea twice in a day
  • Do this on a regular basis to cure panic attacks, anxiety, and stress
  • Alternatively, you can also take the herb available in supplement tablets and capsules

Benefits of using passionflower herb

Passionflower herb works by increasing the level of GABA neurotransmitter in the brain. It helps with the enhancement of mental strength and stability which is highly essential for the prevention and cure of panic attack and nervous breakd ownepisodes. 


Avoid over dosage of the passionflower herb.

·How to cure stress and anxiety by using valerianroot herb?

Valerian root is one of the most potent remedies of stress and anxiety.

How to use?

  • Grind half a teaspoon of dried valerian root herb into a fine powder
  • Add the powder mixture to a cup of hot water
  • Let the infusion simmer down
  • Strain it out and then drink it before retiringfor the day
  • Do this on a daily basis for the treatment ofstress

Benefits of using valerian root herb

Valerian root herb is a powerful sedative that acts as a tranquilizing agent and helps in the improvement of mental strength and peacefulness by relaxing the strain in muscles and nerves.


Avoid over dosage of the valerian root herb.

· How to reduce stress by using basil?

Basil leaves make for an effective treatment of stress and emotional strain.

How to use?

  • Prepare an infusion of basil by adding a tablespoon of crushed basil leaves into a cup of water. Drink this solution twice in a day
  • Alternatively, you can chew on freshly plucked and rinsed basil leaves for the effective natural treatment of stress

Benefits of using basil

Basil has loads of phytochemical compounds like germacrene, elemene,linalool, carvacrol, eugenol, rosmarinic acid, ursolic acid, and oleanolic acid.These compounds work in unison to enhance the response mechanism of the body to physical and emotional stress and strain.


Do not take basil infusion or chew on basil leaves if you are allergic to it.

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3. How to relieve stress fast with essential oil remedies?

· How to handle a stress headache by using chamomile essential oil?

Chamomile essential oil is one of the most effective essential oils for stress. Inhalation of the chamomile essential oil or drinking chamomile tea is incredibly useful for the cure for anxiety and oxidative stress.

How to use?

  • Boil 2-3 cups of plain water
  • Pour the hot water into a bowl
  • Add 10-12 drops of chamomile essential oil to the hot water in the bowl
  • Inhale the aromatic water vapor before going to bed at night
  • Use a towel to cover your head and the bowl so that the steam does not escape into the surroundings
  • Do not eat or drink anything at least for an hour after the inhalation
  • Alternatively, you can also drink chamomile tea for the cure of a headache, nausea, and sleeplessness induced by stress
  • Do this on a daily basis for the natural healing of stress

Benefits of using chamomile essential oil

Inhaling chamomile essential oil or drinking tea infused with chamomile essential oil has a sedative and soothing effect on the Central Nervous System. It relaxes taut muscles and nerves, cures headaches, and promotes sound and healthy sleep. If you are seeking to relax and calm your distraught and stressed out mind, then try a cup of chamomile tea or aninhalation session of chamomile essential oil.


Inhale the vapor slightly at first to ensure that you do not feel any burning sensation in your nostrils upon inhalation. Do not over-dilute the chamomile essential oil otherwise its essence and properties will get lost.

· How to handle insomnia by using lavender essential oil?

The lavender essential oil is one of the best essential oils for stress. Inhalation of the lavender essential oil is highly effective for the cure of a stress headache and insomnia.

How to use?

  • Diffuse a few drops of lavender essential oil inyour bedroom
  • Pour a few drops of lavender essential oil onyour pillow
  • Inhale the lavender essential oil before going to bed at night to soothe your stress and cure a headache and insomnia
  • Do this on a regular basis for the natural cure of a stress headache and sleeplessness

Benefits of using lavender essential oil

Inhalation of lavender essential oil induces a soothing effect on the Central Nervous System. It relaxes the strained nerves, cures stress-induced headaches, and promotes a deep and peaceful slumber. The gentle fragrance of lavender essential oil soothes the anxious mind, reduces fatigue, and heals nausea and dizziness besides making you feel peacefully drowsy and sleepy.


Do not over-dilute the lavender essential oil otherwise its essence and properties will get lost. Do not spray an excessive amount of it in your bedroom or else the smell will become unbearable.

4. How to relieve stress through natural treatments?

· How to manage stress fracture in shin and foot by using Epsom salt?

A stress fracture in foot and shin can effectively get cured by soaking the affected area in hot Epsom salt water.

How to use?

  • Fill a tub with hot water
  • Pour a cup of Epsom salt into the boiling water with gentle stirring
  • Soak your feet and shin in the hot Epsom salt water for about 10 minutes or until the water turns cold
  • Do this twice a day on a daily basis for the cure for stress

Benefits of using Epsom salt

A stress fracture is a health condition which is marked by the presence of tiny hair-line cracks and fractures in the bones of feet, legs, and shins caused by overexertion of muscles and excessive physical stress. The Epsom salt bath helps in healing the cracks and fractures. The heat treatment relaxes muscles and cures muscle aches induced by stress.


Test the temperature of the Epsom salt water before dipping your feet in it otherwise, your skin might get scalded.

· How to manage stress during pregnancy by meditation?

Meditation is the simplest and the most ancient method of getting relief from stress and anxiety.

How to use?

  • Sit on the yoga mat with your legs crossed and your back straight
  • Keep your eyes firmly closed
  • Take in a deep breath through your nose and then exhale slowly
  • Maintain a straight sitting posture throughout the meditation session
  • Do this twice a day on a daily basis to combat against stress and anxiety

Benefits of meditation

Meditation helps the mind to relax. It enhances mental stability, concentration power, focusing ability, and mental strength. Meditating on a daily basis helps to drive out stress and worries. It is especially beneficial for the cure of insomnia induced by anxiety.


Test the temperature of the Epsom salt water before dipping your feet in it otherwise, your skin might get scalded.

How to prevent stress and anxiety with other conventional methods?

If how to relieve stress is still lingering in your mind, then keep the following tips and tricks in mind to prevent worries and stress.

  • Maintain strict discipline in your life and lifestyle
  • Do not spend too much time on your phone and computer. It especially gets recommended to not to carry your phone and computer to the bedroom to improve the quality of sleep at night
  • Listen to soothing music or something you like regularly
  • Quit smoking and alcoholism
  • Adhere to a healthy and balanced diet
  • Get a pet if you can or if you already have one,make it a habit of spending time with your pet
  • Do not forget to get your daily dose of vigorous exercise
  • Take up a hobby that helps to calm down like painting, reading books, sewing,etc
  • Put a check on the consumption of caffeine
  • Put your health at the top of your priority list
  • Do not bring your work back home


Loving oneself is the most important gift that you can give to yourself. Rather than focusing on the world, giving yourself a set amount of time everyday helps your body to get strong and fight against many hidden and not so common ailments that take ages to get diagnosed.

But it is entirely achievable through the incredible array of natural remedies. Follow through with the senatural methods onhow to relieve stressand learn to nurture and love yourself to prevent and cure stress.

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