4 Unique Barley Water Benefits for Health

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Ever wondered how a simple drink can be so beneficial for your health that it can even aid your most considered problems. Everyone has heard about Barley benefits, but only a few know about its water benefits. If you are also suffering from digestion issues or maybe UTI problems, then not to worry anymore as here is a list of a few of the best barley water benefits which you need to include in your diet right now to get the best benefits out of it. Before proceeding you must know what is barley water? Here is the answer to your question.

Barley water is a healthy beverage, considered as a cure for various ailments. The drink has made its mark in different countries of Europe, Asia, and North America. You can make barley water from barley, and it is known to be one of the oldest grains of the world.

People believe that barley is consumed since the dawn of human civilization and thus make it quite famous and unique. The importance of barley and barley based food is on the rise and is gaining popularity around the world.

Barley water Nutrition facts

Every 100g of barley water contains:

  • Calories: 45
  • Carbohydrates: 10g
  • Fiber: 17g
  • Glucose: 9g

Health benefits of Barley Water

There are a bunch of healthy barley water benefits that are available with barley water, and this is perhaps the reason that Barley water gets consumed on a large scale around the world. The most consuming nation includes Greek, Great Britain along with east as well as South East Asia.

It is drunk in a different manner in different regions like in Britain people consume it as a hot beverage just like tea flavored with lemon and sugar. While in Asia, barley water is consumed both hot and cold, it is drunk here with flavors of lemon and added sugar in it. Some of the benefits of barley water are as follows:

1. Barley water benefits help in detoxification of the body

Regular consumption of barley water helps in flushing out all the toxins from the body as well as from intestines through the urinary tract. The beta-glucans present in the barley water benefits in triggering this process. Thus, it acts as a natural cleanser of the whole body and is beneficial for the proper functioning of the system.

2. Barley water benefits help in UTI problems

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Barley water for UTI problems is helpful. Since barley water goes about as a diuretic, in numerous family around the world, it gets viewed as a unique solution for urinary tract diseases, and kids and grown-ups are prescribed a couple of glass of barley water every day till the contamination dies down.

It is likewise said to be a decent solution for kidney stones or cysts. UTI is a severe problem, and regular consumption of this beverage reduces the risk of UTI among individuals. Thus, it can be a part of your daily or weekly diet.

3. Barley water aids in proper digestion

Barley water benefits get considered as a stomach related tonic which helps in encouraging the procedure of absorption. Different body types, for example, Vata, Pita, and Kapha can likewise blend in a couple of flavors individually to additionally help all the process effectively.

Barley water gets prescribed to those experiencing constipation or looseness of the bowels.  It additionally re-establishes the electrolyte balance during diseases. It helps in improving the overall process of digestion by enhancing the bowel movement. Bowel movement is quite essential for proper digestion of food within the body.

4. Barley water benefits are helpful in weight loss program

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Since barley is afantasticsource of fiber, barley water benefits hold this trademark in some measure. It consequently ends up being an extraordinary choice for those trying to get more fit as it will, in general, make you feel full for a more extended time, in this way eliminating your food intake.

Besides, as it is useful for absorption, it likewise stimulates the digestion of fats. However, this certainly doesn’t imply that you can enjoy junk foods on a regular basis and anticipate that barley water will work its enchantment. Barley water for weight loss gets consumed in various regions around the world. The fiber content is essential in barley water.

How to make Barley Water

You can make barley water easily at home. The method that can be used to make barley water is as follows:

  • Barley water shall be appropriately washed and should be soaked, at least for a time span of 8 hours
  • Now drain the water entirely from barley
  • Now add water as well as barley in a pressure cooker until it looks mushy
  • Let it cool to the room temperature after a while
  • Strain it completely and add sugar, salt, or lemon and you can serve it with ice. For taste, you can add honey to it. Fresh and healthy barley water is ready
  • It can also be kept in the refrigerator and lateryou can serve it with honey and ice. It will remain refreshed for around 7 to 10 days

Recipe of barley water

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Barley water benefits help in making various kinds of recipe that is healthy and at the same time tasty to eat. Though the recipes are plenty, one of the recipes is as follows:

  • Prepare Barley water as discussed above
  • The extracted and cooked barley water can be used to serve with lemon and honey
  • You can also store it in bottles to serve later. Athletes use barley water for getting necessary energy during the breaks

Barley water side effects

As there are various barley water benefits, it also comes up with different side effects that you should keep in mind before consuming the same on a regular basis. Some of the side effects of barley water are listed as follows:

  • Barley water may cause intestinal gas

Barley water is a soluble dietary fiber, and thus it may cause intestinal gas or flatus. The reason for the same is activities performed by the beneficial bacteria, which is present there in our colon. Hence, barley water intake shall be limited to prevent gas formation in the stomach.

  • Barley water may cause rectal bleeding

Barley water causes constipation. Because of constipation on a regular basis, there are chances that you might face rectal bleeding along with acute pain. Thus, it is advisable for an individual to consult with doctors before consuming barley water on a regular basis. Due to constipation, the stool becomes very hard, and it becomes uneasy for it to pass through the rectum. If you apply higher pressure for the same during the process of excretion of waste, it can cause bleeding and acute pain. It can be addressed by limiting consumption of barley water or consulting a doctor before regularly consuming the same.

  • Barley water may cause allergy

There are quite common cases of allergic reaction from barley water. If you are hypersensitive andface specificallergic reactions, then it is better to limit down your daily consumption of barley water. Some of the symptoms of allergy include rashes, inflammation, swelling of eyes, etc.


Thus, from the above discussion, it is quite clear that barley water is a healthy beverage to consume and can be an essential part of your daily diet. Barley water benefits include proper digestion, reducing the problems related to UTI and it also aids in detoxifying the body. It acts as a cleanser. But at the same time, it is also necessary to consider the side effects of the same while regular consumption.

Some of the side effects include allergic reaction, bloating and constipation. But if taken with precaution, barley water is quite beneficial for your body. Barley water is among the healthiest beverage that is available within the market as well.

It can be purchased easily from any nearby supermarket. It should be included in your diet immediately for better results on your health in the longer run.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is barley water good during pregnancy?

Yes. Barley water during pregnancy can be very beneficial as it contains minerals like calcium, iron magnesium as well as potassium in adequate quantity. Its diuretic properties aid in triggering urination within the body and thus, barley water for kidneys can be very crucial, and it can act as a cleanser of kidneys. In this way, excess fluid can be flush out from the body. Also, the fiber content within it helps in efficient bowel movement.

2. Is barley water beneficial for babies?

Barley water for babies is a very healthy beverage and can be consumed by them regularly. You can give it to them by adding lemon water and honey. It will increase their hunger for food because it cleans up the excess liquid from the body.  You can add barley water in the food for babies as well like cereals or mashed oats etc.

3. Is barley water beneficial for Kidneys?

Barley water for kidneys and its impact on the same can be very promising. It helps in cleaning the toxic liquid waste from the body and thus can help in proper as well as the effective functioning of kidneys.


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