10 Potent Essential Oil for Constipation that will offer you instant relief

Updated on February 7th, 2020
essential oil for constipation

Constipation is a situation in which the food moves very slowly through the digestive paths of the body. Due to this, higher amounts of water from the food gets absorbed by the colon making the feces very hard and dry. This condition causes much trouble. Inadequate amount of water and low-fiber diet are the most common causes of constipation. Essential oils for constipation offer significant relief in such a situation.

Types, Symptoms, and Causes


1. Chronic Constipation: It occurs over time and can carry on for up to months and years too. It keeps developing in the body slowly either due to less water intake or consumption of low-fiber food in the diet. Consuming excess fatty foods and holding the urge to go to the bathroom may also lead to chronic constipation. Lifestyle changes can ease off this problem.

2. Acute Constipation: It occurs suddenly, generally lasting up to a few days. Blockage, several medicines, dehydration, skipping bowel motions, listlessness, swallowing indigestible substances and lead poisoning are causes behind this condition. This is a comparatively severe condition wherein you are required to meet a health expert immediately.


Following are the symptoms of constipation.

  • Extreme difficulty and straining during stool passing.
  • Expelling fewer stools.
  • Stomach pains.
  • Extremely painful cramps.
  • Feeling bloated and nauseous most of the time.
  • Appetite loss.

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Constipation usually takes place when the colon entirely absorbs the water from the food passing through the digestive paths. Due to slow contraction of colon muscles, the stool takes excessive time to move and loses water mostly.

The most common causes of occurrence of constipation are:

  • Lack of fiber in the diet:- Less fibrous content diets and excess consumption of fatty foods such as meat, cheese, and eggs can cause constipation.
  • Physical inactivity:- Listlessness is one of the reasons behind constipation. Since the body is still, the processes of digestion also take more than longer.
  • Medications:- Certain medications cause constipation.
  • Milk:- Milk and its products are also the reason behind constipation.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome:- People suffering from IBS are much more prone to frequent constipation.
  • Pregnancy:- Pregnancy causes hormonal changes leading to constipation. Also, the intestine might get compressed by the uterus while a woman is pregnant, and this leads to slow passing of food.
  • Aging:- Ageing reduces metabolism thereby causing constipation.
  • Not going to the toilet when needed:- Ignoring the urge to visit the washroom results in the delay of bowel movement. Thus, the stool becomes harder and drier.
  • Not drinking enough water:- Drinking inadequate water causes constipation.

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Why one should use essential oils for constipation?

Essential oils contain natural ingredients which are useful for curing the condition of constipation. These oils are helpful in curing the stomach pain and cramps which occur during this situation. Essential oils for constipation help the body in relaxing and prevents the agony of pain which conditions of constipation lead to.

Various essential oils for constipation have varied and different effects. However, using essential oil for curing constipation is very helpful.

Essential oils for constipation

Essential oils are obtained from natural sources, and thus due to the presence of natural properties, it helps in preventing and solving the problems related to constipation easily and quickly. Below listed are the essential oils for constipation which are helpful in curing constipation0

1. Peppermint essential oil

peppermint oil for constipation

Why one should use peppermint oil for constipation?

Peppermint essential oil(1) contains antispasmodic properties which are best known to treat the tension caused in the muscles contained in the stomach. This essential oil is however considered to be the best for constipation condition since it is beneficial in relaxing the stomach muscles and tissues. It also acts as an analgesic and helps in relieving pain.

How to use peppermint oil for constipation?

  • Get a cup of water
  • Add 2-8 drops of this oil in it
  • Let is mix for a minute
  • Drink it

2. Lemon essential oil

Why one should use lemon oil for constipation?

Lemon is an extremely beneficial ingredient for the body. It helps in improving the digestive functioning immensely. It accelerates digestion by reducing the toxicity of the body. It helps in preventing constipation which has been troubling you for quite some time. The juice of this citrus substance is exceedingly helpful in causing mild and relieving stomach pains.

How to use lemon oil for constipation?

  • Get a glass of boiled water
  • Add a few drops of this essential oil
  • Mix it well
  • Drink it

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3. Rosemary essential oil

benefits of rosemary oil
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Why one should use rosemary oil for constipation?

Rosemary essential oil is significantly used for improving digestion. Using this essential oil promotes greater circulation and eliminates waste and toxicity from the body. Good circulation in the body prevents contractions in the intestines and helps in preventing constipation. This essential oil is highly beneficial and thus prevents constipation.

How to use rosemary oil for constipation?

  • Add around two to three drops of rosemary essential oil to a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Drink this fantastic mixture every day in the morning. This mixture should be consumed sipping slowly to help improve digestion
  • This oil can also be mixed with carrier oils such as olive oil or coconut oil and then massage directly using this oil mixture on the lower abdomen

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4. Black Pepper essential oil

Why one should use black pepper oil for constipation?

Black pepper essential oil(2) is used for improving the digestive functions of the body. This oil is also used to strengthen the nervous system related issues as well as intestinal problems. The oil extracted out of the peppercorns contains monoterpene benefits and is useful in curing constipation.

How to use black pepper oil for constipation?

  • Just add two drops of this oil while cooking anything

5. Ginger essential oil

ginger oil for constipation

Why one should use ginger oil for constipation?

Ginger essential oil) is a great way to cure inflammation and problems related to the digestive system. This essential oil has been in use from over thousands of years and is beneficial in treating conditions of constipation.

The ginger essential oil contains antispasmodic properties which are most helpful in causing relaxation to the intestinal muscles and tissues. It relaxes the intestines and improves bowel movements.

How to use ginger oil for constipation?

  • Take a few drops of this oil
  • Add a few drops of coconut oil
  • Mix it thoroughly
  • Massage the mixture on the abdomen area gently

6. Fennel essential oil

Why one should use fennel oil for constipation?

Fennel oil is considered to be a natural healing agent. This oil is in use for centuries and is used to cure both kinds of constipation. The oil obtained by processing fennel seeds is beneficial for curing both acute as well as chronic constipation. This oil can be used freely since it has no side effects.

How to use fennel oil for constipation?

  • Take one to two drops of the essential fennel oil
  • Add a carrier oil such as coconut oil
  • Mix gently
  • Then apply this oil mixture on the abdomen region directly and massage gently in circular motions

7. Clove essential oil

clove oil for constipation

 Why one should use clove oil for constipation?

Clove essential oil is beneficial for relaxing the intestinal muscles. It contains antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties which are helpful in curing conditions of constipation. This oil majorly is useful to prevent nausea and reduces bloating in the stomach. It also prevents gas formation in the stomach which in turn lessens pain and cramps as well.

How to use clove oil for constipation?

  • Just add 5-10 drops of this oil while cooking any vegetable.
  • Repeat this process until the problem is resolved.

8. Cardamom essential oil

Why one should use cardamom oil for curing constipation?

Cardamom essential oil helps in improving the functioning of the colon and digestive path. The amended motion of the digestive system also helps promote better bowel motion and also balances the acids contained in the digestive organ of the body.

How to use cardamom oil for constipation?

  • Boil a glass of water
  • Add two drops of this oil
  • Mix
  • Drink
  • Repeat a day thrice

9. Tarragon essential oil

tarragon oil for curing constipation

Why one should use tarragon oil for curing constipation?

Tarragon essential oil(3) is in use for many centuries as the best natural cure for problems and issues related to the digestive system. Also combining tarragon oil along with other essential oil can help improve movement in the digestive path and thus, helps in preventing constipation. This oil is beneficial for curing constipation problem quickly and easily.

How to use tarragon oil for curing constipation?

  • Take one to two drops of this oil
  • Add a carrier oil such as coconut oil
  • Mix gently
  • Then apply this oil mixture on the abdomen region directly and massage gently in circular motions

10. Lavender essential oil

lavender oil for constipation

Why one should use lavender oil for constipation?

Lavender essential oil is very beneficial for improving the quality of sleep. It helps in relaxing the body and mind. This oil is beneficial for providing relaxation to the intestinal muscles. It accelerates the movements along the digestive path and prevents constipation. It is used widely due to the calming and soothing aroma which this oil spreads all over. Also, this essential oil is beneficial in reducing stress and tension.

How to use lavender oil for constipation

  • Boil a ½ glass of water
  • Add 2-10 drops of oil in it
  • Mix
  • Drink
  • Repeat twice a day

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Risks and Precautions

Constipation is an uncomfortable situation or condition which can be painful with stomach aches and stomach cramps. However, it not a life-threatening situation but can lead to severe problems if not taken care of. Some of the risks involved in the problem of constipation are:

  • Bleeding in the rectal area due to excessive straining while passing of stool
  • An anal fissure is also issues involved in this condition
  • Hemorrhoids along with swollen blood vessels in the rectum is a severe issue caused due to constipation.
  • Difficulty in the passing and expelling of feces causes fecal impaction which is harmful to the body due to the collection of dry stools.

Natural remedies

Below listed are some of how constipation can be cured using natural or home remedies. These remedies are in addition to the essential oils for constipation.

  • Increasing the amount of fiber consumption in your diet can help prevent issues of constipation. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is very helpful since they are rich in fiber
  • Consuming plenty of water is very helpful in this condition. Keeping the body hydrated is very important to cure constipation.
  • Adding bulking agents such as wheat bran to your daily diet helps in softening the stools and prevents the stool from becoming hard and dry. This prevents constipation and helps the stool to pass quickly.
  • Exercising regularly can help improve metabolism and also accelerates the digestive motions. The bowel movements are improved, and this is helpful in preventing constipation.

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Constipation is a painful condition which can reduce your functionality significantly. With essential oils for constipation, you can substantially improve your lifestyle and get rid of this problem. The only precaution you need to observe with essential oils for constipation is the fact that it should be used in recommended quantities only, as prescribed by an expert.


1. How much fiber is required to be consumed daily to avoid constipation?

Consuming fiber-rich food is very necessary to prevent the issue of constipation. The recommended quantity of fiber consumption daily in your diet should be around eighteen to thirty grams of fiber. If you are more prone to the problem of gas then consuming lots of fiber can also be a problem to you, so it is always better to consult a nutritionist and get a proper diet plan prepared for yourself according to the requirements of your body.

2. How can physical activity help prevent constipation?

Involving in some physical activity is very necessary for the prevention of constipation problem and issue. Physical activity prevents slow movement of food along the digestive tract and increases the functioning of the intestines and digestive organs. Improved movement along the digestive path helps the food in moving quickly and prevents hard and dried stool formation.

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