Castor Oil for Stretch Marks – Natural, Safe and Effective

Updated on January 24th, 2020
castor oil for Stretch Marks

Skin health is an essential part of one’s appearance. Moreover, it also is involved all through crucial daily tasks. Apart from scars, and marks on the skin, a significant issue of concern among youngsters and adult individuals is the appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are scars that look like long and narrow streaks. One of the prominent factors or reasons for stretch marks is due to sudden stretching or expanding of skin tissues. These marks are very common in women after their pregnancy phase, owing to their body and skin expanding and adapting to the new changing.

The skin cannot resume back to normal especially after drastic bodily changes like weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, or even during the phase of puberty. There is a wide range of treatments that help to fade away these marks over time.

However, for those who do not wish to spend or invest in an expensive procedure, using castor oil for stretch marks(1) is an excellent option. Castor oil helps in improving the blood circulation all across the body, which ultimately supplies adequate oxygen to all body parts which help in getting rid of stretch marks too.

Why use Castor Oil for Stretch Marks?

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Castor oil is one of the best essential oils to remove stretch marks. This oil has a component called Ricinoleic acid which makes it comparatively unique to other oils. It is high in protein and fatty acids, which helps this oil penetrate it deep into the skin. Castor oil deeply moisturizes and lubricates the skin making it soft and supple. Using castor oil is very affordable and easy on one’s pocket for the treatment of stretch marks.

There are different types of castor oil classified based on the processing method. Following are a few types of castor oil that you can use to get rid of stretch marks.

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Jamaican black castor oil

The process of extraction is a significant distinction between Jamaican black castor oil(2) and regular yellow castor oil. This oil is derived and extracted by mixing mashed and pounded castor seeds with water, and by process of using the slow-boiling method. The outcome is the thick, pungent, dark brown colored castor oil.

Black castor oil

As the name says, this oil is black in color. The Black castor oil is considered as a pure form of castor oil, and the black color signifies the less processing it has undergone during production. But the black color is due to the presence of impurities of ash in the black castor oil.

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Cold-pressed castor oil

This form of oil is the regular yellow oil that is extracted from the castor beans under high pressure. As the name suggests, black castor oil is extracted using a cold-pressing method are in their purest form and are highly potent and filled with all good things. This oil is comparatively lighter, cleaner, and thinner when compared to another type of oil.

Organic castor oil

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It is a natural form of castor oil and does not contain any filler or basis. They are free of any artificial or synthetic preservatives. It is in its most pure form, hence organic.

How to use it?

Researchers and health experts suggest that using castor oil on a regular basis for two to three weeks religiously shows visible results in fading out stretch marks.

This oil is thick, therefore blending castor oil with coconut oil, will have a better effect on the skin by moisturizing it. Thoroughly massaging this oil onto the affected areas of the skin and body parts will help better penetration. Getting the oil slightly warmer before the application is more beneficial.

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Safety Tips and Precautions

The number of benefits of castor oil is much more than its side effects. Even though many types of research and health experts claim that castor oil is harmless, there are possibilities of allergic reactions to one’s skin. To avoid such allergic infections or complications, it is always advised to do a patch test by applying little quantity oil onto the skin.

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Do’s and Don’ts

It is imperative to store these oils in a dry and cool place, this will retain the properties of the oil. Scratching the areas with stretch marks has to be avoided, as they can cause small tears and can deepen the scars. Following a healthy balanced diet with a higher content of vitamin C can help prevent new stretch marks. Being regular and very religious with using castor oil is very important. One might not see results immediately, however, continue applying castor oil.

Before using and while using castor oil some points have to be taken into consideration, castor oil is used in many ways, one of them being ingestion before consuming castor oil one should consult a health expert. Pregnant women and children should take special precautions while using and consuming castor oil.

Castor oil is an excellent remedy for treating red stretch marks and various other skin problems. Keeping in mind the dos and don’ts and precautions before using castor oil is very important to avoid any unwanted complication. You must consult an expert before using castor oil for stretch marks to understand the quantity to be used and the procedure to be followed.

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