Ailing Joint Pains? Try Castor Oil to Effectively Treat Arthritis

Updated on January 7th, 2020
castor oil for arthritis

Castor Oil for arthritis is deemed one of the best remedies for ailing joint pains. Castor oil is made by extracting oil from the seeds of the plant, Ricinus communis. Castor beans contain ricin, which is a toxic enzyme. Castor oil undergoes a potent heating process which neutralizes the enzyme and makes the oil safe to use.

This vegetable oil serves multiple purposes and can be used in many treatments apart from using castor oil for arthritis. This oil is essentially used in the industrial, pharmaceutical, and medical industries and is an important component of medications, industrial lubricants and is also used in skincare products.

Amazing Facts:

  1. Castor oil was used as fuel to light lamps in ancient Egypt.
  2. Castor Oil is also a potent laxative, aids in detoxification, treats eye irritation, constipation and can be used in a hair mask and is a natural moisturizer too.

Why You Should Use Castor Oil for Arthritis

Castor oil

Arthritis(1) is a condition that severely affects joints and their connective tissues. Probable causes for this ailment are stress, skin, and lifestyle problems, among others. Arthritis usually affects areas such as arms, knees, ankles, spine, feet, and hips.

Alternative or allopathic medicines do contribute considerably to the process of healing. However, you can also use some natural remedies, like castor oil, to relax your joints and ease the inflammation. These are the different ways in which you can use castor oil for arthritis relief.

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How to Prepare Castor Oil to Soothe Pain Linked with Arthritis

1. Castor Oil Rub to Get Relief from Arthritis Pain

To prepare castor oil rub for arthritis, take some cotton pads and castor oil. Warm a little bit of castor oil and massage this warm oil all over the knee. Now put a cotton pad over the area for relief from pain. This rub is ideal for usual joint pains as well. Use this rub once or twice a week for relief from neck, spine, or knee pains.

2. Castor Oil Pack for Arthritis

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For this pack, you will require some cotton pads, hot water bag or pads, and castor oil. Soak a few cotton pads in castor oil overnight, squeeze out surplus oil from the cotton then massage this oil slowly over the knee or other painful areas.

Now place the hot packs over it. The hot pack should be applied afterward for relief from excruciating arthritis pain. Massage your knee with this oil every week. The frequency of massage depends on the pain and inflammation of the affected areas.

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You Can Also Try

1. Castor Oil and Orange Juice Concoction

Citrus fruits contain copious quantities of Vitamin C and antioxidants(2), which assist in reducing the free radicals that lead to swelling. This is why you should combine orange juice with castor oil for relief from arthritic pain.

2. Mixing Castor Oil with Orange Juice

Take a glass of orange juice and some castor oil. Take a few teaspoons of castor oil and warm it up. Wait until it is warm then add it to a glass of freshly prepared orange juice. Consume this concoction before breakfast for a few weeks. Take a break for a few weeks then repeat this procedure. This mixture works wonders on individuals who are on an alkaline diet. Kindly consult your medical practitioner about dietary restrictions while using castor oil for arthritis.

3. Ginger Tea with Castor Oil

Benefits of Ginger tea

To prepare this tea, you need water, tea powder, ginger, and castor oil. Boil water, add tea leaves and to this mix, add grated ginger. Boil for a few minutes over medium heat. Then, let the mix cool down, filter it, and then add a few teaspoons of castor oil to it. Consume this tea before bedtime for relief from arthritis pain and improved sleep at least twice or thrice weekly. If you are suffering from diarrhea or sensitive bowel syndrome, it is better to avoid this tea as this oil has potentials of a laxative.

Alternatively, you can also tie a flannel cloth dipped in castor oil for relief from pain.

Castor oil for arthritis is preferred due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties. It is reasonably priced and serves multiple purposes. Thus you can easily store this miracle oil in your medicine cabinet. It offers significant relief from the pain and discomfort of rheumatoid osteoarthritis or any of its variants. So, reach out for this modest bottle of oil which is packed with medicinal properties. Add it to your daily routine and experience a world of difference.

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1. What Is the Utility of Massage in Relieving Arthritis Pain?

A: Daily massage therapy works wonders on people afflicted with chronic arthritis. Self-massage can also help in managing inflammation and pain linked to arthritis. Massage also leads to better sleep, which significantly relieves aches in joints and muscles.

2. Is Castor Oil Useful for Arthritis?

A:  Since times immemorial, castor oil has been used for relief from inflammation, arthritis pain, and joint pain. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this amazing massage oil is applied topically for relief on painful muscles and joints.

3. Is Arthritis Pain Aggravated by Regular Massage?

Massage is known to reduce muscle stiffness and offers relief from worsening pain related to arthritis, and doesn’t in any way aggravate or worsen the condition.

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