7 Simple Effective Tips on How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

Updated on March 13th, 2020
how to increase chances of pregnancy

Once the decision to have a baby is made, women generally do everything possible to have a baby. But it does take a lot more to get pregnant than just engaging in intercourse. Statistics show a 30-year-old female has a 20% chance of pregnancy each month if she is healthy. So, how do you enhance the chances of getting pregnant? Let’s see how these handy tips and strategies can make a difference and help you to have your little bundle of joy.

1. Study the Basics and Be Well-Armed with Knowledge

Every month, hormonal changes take place in your body, causing an immature egg in the ovary to grow. Once the egg is matured within two weeks, on average, it is released through the process of ovulation from the ovary to the uterus via the fallopian tube. The egg can only be fertilized within 2 hours. If the fertilization is successful, the egg will travel to the uterus and implant in the uterine lining.

So, getting the timing right and having sex in the period before and after ovulation makes it easier for fertilization to take place. For women with regular menstrual cycles(1), ovulation takes place around two weeks before the period, and the fertile window is seven days before ovulation. If cycles are irregular, it becomes harder to know when you ovulate.

How to increase chances of pregnancy using the following technologies:

Ovulation Predictor: Such kits are like the urine pregnancy test. Urinate on the strips each morning, starting a few days before your scheduled ovulation. The strip tests LH/luteinizing hormone levels, which surge before ovulating. Once the test is positive, you can choose the right date for intercourse accordingly.

Basal Temperature of the Body: Measure your basal body temperature each morning before leaving the bed. That way, you will detect a slight fall and then rise in temperature. If it is for three days in a row, it could indicate you are ovulating. The temperature may rise by as little as half a degree. But bear in mind this method may not be as reliable as a kit.

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Changes in Cervical Mucus: Cervical mucus changes can also signal when ovulation commences. Ovarian follicle, a tiny sac in the ovary, contains the matured egg. As estrogen levels rise, the egg develops, and the cervical mucus becomes thinner, slippery, and increases in volume. Once ovulation takes place, the cervical mucus thickens and becomes cloudy.

Follicular Monitoring: Talk to your doctor about monitoring the ovulation through blood tests and checkups.

2. Be Clear About Lubrication

Mineral Oil
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Vaginal lubricants should be used with care if you are keen on getting pregnant. Certain products lower sperm motility or viability. These include saliva, olive oil, K-Y Jelly, and Astroglide. If you are using a lubricant, try mineral oil, canola oil, or pre-seed oil. Such products won’t interfere with the partner’s sperm.

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3. Stay Healthy and Have a Preconception Checkup

Before trying to get pregnant, it is essential to be as healthy as possible. Most doctors will recommend making an obstetrician appointment before pregnancy. At the preconception checkup, be sure to talk about existing health issues and getting screened for genetic diseases and health concerns.

Lifestyle changes are essential before getting pregnant. Get to a healthy weight, improve diet and exercise habits, and quit smoking and alcohol. Also, cut back on caffeine. If you drink coffee or soda, try cutting back. Caffeine intake should be less than 200 mg per day. This equals a 12-ounce coffee cup.

Take a prenatal vitamin of around 400 mcg of folic acid every day as soon as attempts to get pregnant begin. This prevents the occurrence of congenital disabilities in your baby. If you have a history of miscarriages or genetic or medical conditions that impact fertility, consult a fertility expert.

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4. Don’t Think About the Best Positions for Pregnancy

There’s a myth that there are best positions for getting pregnant. There is no scientific research that the missionary position maximizes the chances of pregnancy. Rarely does a woman’s cervix be in such an unusual angle, that positions can make a difference. Gravity-defying positions during intercourse can, however, discourage the sperm(2) from upstream traveling.

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5. Do Not Overdo It

Just by increasing the frequency of intercourse alone, you cannot increase your chances of getting pregnant. Having sex each night during ovulation may not help. After all, sperm lives up to five days in the body. Have sex regularly, but don’t overdo it, in a bid to get pregnant fast.

6. Avoid Getting Stressed

Try to avoid getting stressed before starting a family. Stress can interfere with ovulation. So, the higher the degree of relaxation, the better it is. Remember that whatever helps you to destress is fine, as long as it does not interfere with your health. Research suggests acupressure can reduce stress and get pregnant faster. Try yoga, meditation, and other relaxation therapies, too.

7. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercising is a healthy habit, especially if it helps you to maintain your ideal weight. But don’t concentrate on too much, as it can lead to lower chances of ovulation. Exercise works differently for different females. If you are into workouts and get your period regularly, there will be no problem.

But if you’re not, exercising too slowly shortens the second half of the cycle whereby you have a lesser number of days for the fertility window to operate. Do moderate exercises at least 30 minutes a week, for five days for the best outcomes.

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Research shows 85% of women become pregnant while trying when they are healthy. Remember that a healthy mother is critical for a healthy baby. Pregnancy is a beautiful time in your life and a chance to expand your family and connection with your loved one. Make it easy by following these simple strategies to increase your chance of getting pregnant.

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