Natural Solutions to Treat a Retroverted Uterus

How to Cure a Retroverted Uterus

For many women, a Retroverted Uterus or a Tipped Uterus is a reality that they face every day of their lives. It is a condition that can be caused by a number of things like if you have had some kind of a scar tissue in your pelvis or even due to the enlargement of the uterus as a result of pregnancy or in cases where a tumour has developed.

Also, if your pelvic ligaments have weakened due to the onset of menopause, it is not surprising that you might be suffering from a retroverted Uterus.

Retroverted Uterus is a condition where a woman’s uterus tilts backwards instead of forward towards the spine resulting in pain during intercourse or even while using tampons but it has not been found to be instrumental in causing problems with conception as yet.

Uterus Retroversion is considered common among 20% of the women and do not pose as a serious threat for most of them. But in some, it could be a cause of great discomfort which might result in back pain, painful menstrual periods and UT infections.

In cases that need medical interference, it has been seen that sometimes hormonal treatments have been helpful in correcting the underlying problems that automatically helps with correcting the position of the uterus.

In other cases, where medical management might not be required, one can always take the help of exercises that to facilitate the correction of this problem.

Some of the exercises that one can try out at home are given below.

The Kangaroo Walk

In some cases, it has been found that adopting a posture exact opposite to your own might help in correction of the condition.

With the kangaroo walk, one manages to tilt the pelvis forward thereby managing to correct the condition.

For this, all you need to do is place your hand and your feet on the grown and walk in a manner that your knees walk in the exact point where your chest hand been. Do this a few minutes a day for two week and you will see some improvement.

Knee- Chest Exercises

Knee to chest exercises have been instrumental in treated not just a tipped uterus but also the related back pain. To go forward with this exercise all you need to do is while bending your knees, plant them firmly on the ground.

Now while extending you left foot flat against the floor, try to bring the right foot towards your chest and hold it in position for 20 seconds.

Return to stating position and then perform with the right leg flat and left near your chest. Repeat 10 times, thrice a day

Kegal Exercises

It has been found that multiple ectopic pregnancies might result in the weakening of the pelvic muscles and ligaments which in turn will cause a tilted uterus.

Kegal Exercises help strengthen these muscles thereby helping with the condition.

Start by inserting your index finger inside your vagina to identify your pelvic floor muscles. Now contract the vaginal walls around your finger and hold it in position for atleast 10 seconds and then relax for 10 seconds before contracting again.

Do this five times in a row for completing one set. Repeat each set thrice a day.

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