10 Most Potent Essential Oils For Sex That You Need To Try

Updated on November 8th, 2019
essential oils for sex

The fast-paced life of today is full of heaps of stress and worries, the tension of deadlines and work problems. Pressure has become part and parcel of daily life and no wonder it has crept up inside the bedroom too. This stress has doused the spark of love in couples innumerable. Intense and passionate lovemaking has become a fantasy for many, this is where essential oils for sex come in handy. These natural male aphrodisiacs and female aphrodisiacshave a way to ignite the fire within you and rekindle that lost old spirit in you.

Causes And Symptoms Of Low Libido

Following are the leading causes for loss of sex drive in many people.

  • Stress- Stress has become a serial killer in today’s life and according to the reports; it is one of the six leading causes of death. Burdens of responsibility and cutthroat competition stresses even the jolliest of people, this reduces the desire of intimacy and leads to loss of libido.
  • Mental inertia- Many a time’s people carry a lot of emotional baggage which makes them prone to anxiety and depression; this reduces their drive to lovemaking.
  • Low self-esteem- Performance pressure, inferiority complexes often cause people to make mountains out of a molehill. As a result, they tend to lose confidence, and all this affects their performance.

Why One Should Use Essential Oils For Sex?

The fear and embarrassment which stems from not being able to have a fulfilling and passionate sex urge many people to use medications. While these medications may get the job done for the moment, they might become a cause of problem once you get used to it, this is where essential oils for sex come to your rescue for not only do they revitalize you but also provide you and your partner immense joy and fulfilling sex like never before.

They lead you to such a tranquil sense of being wherein you discover true passions and desires unknown.

Best Essential Oils for Sex

1. Rose oil

Jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, this anti-aging oil acts as a natural antiseptic. It has several health benefits and is known to strengthen the immunity system. Besides, it improves circulation and is a great stress buster(1).

Why One Should use Rose oil for sex?

Owing to its stress-busting qualities, this love potion acts as a great sexual stimulant, and its aromatic fragrance gives way to your burning desires in the bedroom. It improves blood circulation and thus enables the male to keep the hard on and last long.

How to use Rose oil?

Healthcare experts recommend using rose oil in massage to set the sizzling mood for lovemaking. Its antidepressant properties enable you to bask in the joys of sex. Engage in lovemaking amidst its fragrance which arouses all the senses.

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2. Grapeseed Oil

grape seed oil for healthy sex

A byproduct of winemaking this oil is usable as a beauty product. Omega3 and omega6 fatty acids(2) present in the oil reduces the chances of cholesterol and heart-related diseases.

Why One Should Use Grapeseed Oil For Sex?

Grapeseed oil is a great elixir and enables you to realize all your sex fantasies. It can bring vitality and spice up your sex life and bring immense pleasure for women who suffer vaginal dryness. It is also useful for vaginal tissues. It acts as an essential female aphrodisiac.

How To Use Grapeseed Oil?

– Pour a few drops of this oil in your hands
– Rub it on genitals for additional pleasure

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4. Mineral Oil

This oil comes with many tremendous benefits. It has proved a helpful aid for many sufferers of indigestion, skin problems and those fed up with hair fall.

Why One Should Use Mineral Oil For Sex?

Mineral oil) saves the day for women who don’t enjoy sufficient vaginal moistness. It commonly happens during menopause or pregnancy when there are fluctuations in hormonal levels. It also helps to achieve strong arousals.

How To Use Mineral Oil?

– Heating a few drops of this oil
– Use it to rub against body parts for arousal

5. Almond Oil

almond oil for sex

Extracted from almond fruit, this multipurpose oil is famed for improving the texture of hair. A rich source of Vitamin E regular usage of this oil is the key to a healthy heart.

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Why One Should Use Almond Oil For Sex?

Almond oil helps to increase libido as it makes one feel invigorating and capable. Its usage makes sex better and long lasting. This natural aphrodisiac turns on your partner and opens the door for wild, crazy adventures.

How To Use Almond Oil For Sex?

– Take a few drops in your palms
– Rub your palms to get the oil a bit warm
– Use it to lubricate the genitals

6. Clary Sage Oil

clary sage oil for sex

This oil is widely used in aromatherapy owing to its antidepressant properties. It has numerous physical as well as mental health benefits. It counters stress and helps to relieve anxiety.

Why One Should Use Clary Sage Oil For Sex?

Clary sage oil is beneficial both for old and young couples as it increases libido. Older women during menopause tend to have low sex drive due to hormonal disturbances; this is where clary sage oil comes to rescue as it balances the hormones and increases libido.

How To Use Clary Sage Oil?

– Get a diffuser
– Clean it properly
– Pour a couple of drops of this oil in it
– Let the breaths of arousal get started

7. Lavender Oil

It is one of the most used oil in modern times. It helps to alleviate stress and anxiety thereby instigates sleep. Thus, it is a boon for insomniacs.

Why One Should Use Lavender Oil For Sex?

Lavender oil helps in increasing blood flow and thus helps in achieving healthy and better arousals. Its alluring scent instigates sexual desires and magnifies sex drive to a great extent. This stimulant acts as a remedy for all the unsatisfied stress affected lovers.

How To Use Lavender Oil?

– Take a clean and fresh piece of cloth
– Soak it in lavender oil
– Leave it in a corner of a room where lovemaking is about to happen
– Get your partner aroused very soon

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8. Neroli Oil

neroli essential oil in the brown glass bottle, with fresh white neroli flower and green leaves.

Jam-packed with a beautiful fragrance this oil has numerous health advantages. Derived from citrus Aurantium this pale-yellow oil helps in alleviating stress and treat digestive problems and other skin infections. It revitalizes and rejuvenates the body.

Why One Should Use Neroli Oil For Sex?

This oil helps in calming the perturbed nerves thus tackling the problems of anxiety. It relieves the stress and shifts the focus to love making which in turn increases libido.

How To Use Neroli Oil?

– Get a diffuser
– Clean it properly
– Add some water
– Mix that water with 5 – 10 drops of neroli oil

9. Geranium Oil

Extracted from the geranium plant, this therapeutic oil is sought after by a wide range of people owing to its limitless advantages. It counters respiratory problems, reduces anxiety and helps assuage muscle cramps.

Why One Should Use Geranium Oil For Sex?

Geranium oil balances hormonal disturbances and alleviates performance anxiety. It promotes a sense of euphoria and instills confidence by removing negative energy.

How To Use Geranium Oil?

– Take a few drops of this oil
– Engage in foreplay with use of this oil
– Just don’t use it on your partner’s genital

Other Oils

Here are some other oils that you can use in addition to essential oils for sex.

1. Coconut Oil

One of the best oils in the world, coconut oil finds its usage in a multitude of directions. From being an excellent cooking oil to being the best caretaker of skin and hair. It also promotes weight loss and tackles obesity. However, the bedroom advantage this oil offers is known by but a few people.

Why One Should use coconut oil for sex?

Coconut oil acts as an excellent moisturizer for it is rich in minerals, vitamins, iron, and other essential elements. Thus, it can be used as a lubricant to stimulate sexual drive.

How to use Coconut oil for sex?

Healthcare experts suggest using small amounts of coconut oil. It is handy for foreplay in the form of erotic sensual massage. Also, it can be applied in small quantities on the genitals by both male and female partners as a lubricant

2. Olive Oil

olive oil for sex

Obtained from the fruit of olive trees, this favorite cooking oil with its essential fatty acids is a source of many health benefits. When included in the daily diet it ensures the longevity of life as it tends to keep heart problems, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and other diseases away from you.

Why One Should Use Olive Oil For Sex?

Olive oil provides fantastic sex benefits. Used for sexual activities from ancient times, olive oil helps to overcome erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness. Its soothing properties can energize you and enable you to make sex your forte.

How To Use Olive Oil?

– Take 4-10 drops of olive oil
– Put it in use for lubrication for both vaginal and anal sex

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Risks and Precautions

Provided these essential oils for sex are a great way to stir things up in the bedroom, but at the same time, their usage should be adequately consulted with the healthcare experts. Enough circumspection should be done before using them for things can escalate quickly and may bring unannounced troubles. Some common risks associated with their usage are as follows.

  • Allergic reactions to these aphrodisiacs may follow such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc
  • Most of them are unsafe with latex condoms
  • It can cause trouble when used during pregnancy
  • It may cause vaginal infections
  • Chances of STDs can increase

Other Home Remedies To Boost Libido

  • Garlic- Incorporating garlic in the daily diet can have fantastic result in increasing libido. Not only does it increase desire but also helps men who suffer from premature ejaculation. This natural aphrodisiac increase stirs up your lifeless body and makes it ready for action. It is commonly by both partners.
  • Bananas- Bananas are a rich source of potassium and vitamin B and are known aphrodisiacs to increase libido. Its highly energizing contents are a boon for men as it increases their stamina and helps rekindle the spark of love.
  • Carrots- Used since ancient times to make sexual acts exciting and adventurous, carrots are the perfect solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction. It increases libido for those suffering from lethargy by increasing stamina. Many combine it with an egg to enhance its effectiveness and fulfill their sexual desires(3).

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1. Are essential oils safe?

Essential oils are safe provided their use is well consulted with healthcare experts. Their usage should be avoided during pregnancy and if suffering from any serious problems. It should not be used when suffering from STDs or when having any other personal sexual issues.

2. Which is the best one?

It depends on personal choice. For someone, the aromatic fragrance may bring vitality and immense joys while at the same time someone else might be allergic to that smell. So be adventurous and find out for yourself, your source of pleasure.

Thus, essential oils for sex can be the source of light when everything seems dark. For many troubled lovers, it saved the day just in the nick of time for them to find the sensual joys again. They are a great way to spice up your love life. Nevertheless, you should be very cautious in their usage with proper consultation with the experts lest your expectations might go awry.

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