Multiple Health Benefits of Sex

Updated on February 24th, 2020
benefits of sex

Sex is vital for reproduction and procreation. But the benefits of sex go well beyond that. Sexually active people take fewer days to recover from infections. They have stronger immune systems and greater emotional resilience. So, whether you seek to protect your physiological, psychological, or emotional health outcomes, here’s why sex is right for you!

Benefits of Sex

1. Greater Immunity

Sexual health experts have found those who are sexually active have higher immunity levels. They can ward off diseases, germs, and pathogens more effectively. Studies have also found that sexually active people have more top antibodies in their system.

2. Boost the Libido

Sex is essential for boosting the libido and improving blood flow and elasticity of the vagina. A durable pelvic floor is necessary for ridding yourself of incontinence, which is known to impact 30% of women at some point in life. When there is an orgasm, it strengthens the pelvic muscles.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure

Research indicates there is a link between lower blood pressure and sex. One measure of blood pressure, systolic blood pressure, is directly impacted by intercourse. This is because sex is a form of exercise which boosts circulation. Sex uses five calories in a single minute.

It increases the heart rate and uses so many muscles. This is excellent for hypertension patients seeking low blood pressure and better circulation.

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4. Lowers Chances of Heart Attacks

Good sex life is excellent for the heart. Besides raising the heart rate, sex balances the estrogen and testosterone levels. When either of these is low, there are problems such as heart disease(1) and osteoporosis. Having sex lowers the risk of cardiovascular disorders, therefore.

Benefits of Sex

5. Lessen Pain

Before opting for aspirin, always see if sex can work, because orgasms block pain. Sex releases a hormone that raises the threshold for pain. Vaginal stimulation blocks back and neck pain, easing menstrual cramps, arthritic pain, and headaches.

6. Avoid Cancer

Certain forms of chronic diseases, such as prostate cancer, can be warded off if men have frequent ejaculations at least 21 times in 30 days. Sex also signals better sleep. This is because the hormone prolactin released after the act induces sleepiness and relaxation.

7. Ward off Stress

Closeness with your partner can release endorphins that soothe anxiety and stress. Touching and hugging release the body’s feel-good natural hormones. Sex and intimacy boost health and happiness. According to the American Sexual Health Association, sex impacts every aspect of your life, including physical, mental, emotional, social, and intellectual.

8. Multiple Health Benefits

Studies have found sex is excellent cardiovascular exercise. Not only does it lower your blood pressure or strengthen heart health, but it also burns calories and boosts the muscles. Sex reduces the chances of heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. Research has also found that sexually active individuals have a better diet and fitness habits.

Research has found people having sex more often have more immunoglobulin A in their saliva. This antibody is the first line of defense against HPV/ human papillomavirus.

9.The Related Benefits of Sex

The body releases the intimacy hormone oxytocin and endorphins during orgasm. This contributes to longevity, more well-rested feelings, higher energy, and a stronger immune system. Sex can even lower the chances of migraines and cluster headaches.

People who are sexually active report better relief and improvement of symptoms during migraine and cluster headaches. Thus, sex can have a lot of preventative benefits. It eliminates the migraines and induces a longer life due to related factors like low blood pressure, less hypertension, and improved blood circulation. Enhanced blood circulation oxygenates different parts of the human body and keeps organs functioning in prime condition.

Sleep is an added ingredient for good health, both mental and physical. Sex improves the ability to leave stressors behind and relax in the face of life’s challenges and struggles. It is excellent for boosting a sense of shared intimacy between couples in a partnership or marriage.

10. Mental Health Benefits of Sex

Sexual activity offers essential emotional and psychological benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety. It contributes to increased love, trust, and intimacy in relationships, improving the ability to express, perceive, and identify emotions. Lessened use of immature defense mechanisms follows. Sex also impacts cognition and memory. It also boosts youthfulness and confidence.

Developing a healthy, beneficial relationship with your partner is more natural, thanks to the health benefits of sex. Sex can help you to connect better with your partner and feel more accepted in a relationship. Consistent mutual sexual pleasure through intercourse also improves relationship bonding.

Couples experience an increased sense of closeness, trust, and intimacy when they can express their desires and feelings through intercourse.

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11. Emotional Benefits of Sex

Emotional Benefits of Sex

Sex is a means of creating a psychological and emotional buffer against life’s stressors. The very act of sex protects the mind from feeling inadequate, afraid, or uncertain, according to sexual health experts. In addition to boosting self-confidence, it also plays a critical role in impacting self-esteem. The knowledge that one is loved and attractive to one’s partner has immense emotional benefits in the context of a loving, accepting, and caring relationship, where intercourse takes place regularly.

Therefore, from reducing the chance of developing cancer to boosting immunity, helping with memory and mental health, the sexual activity offers a lot of benefits for your health. Although sex is a taboo topic in many societies, more and more couples are becoming aware of the benefits of good sex.

The sexual act has the necessary implications for reproduction in any marriage. But for the individual, the benefits it offers are tremendous. Throughout aging and life’s stressors, sex remains essential protection against the anxiety and worries that take a toll on one’s body and mind, as time advances.

Sexual intercourse plays a vital role in boosting the health of the couple and paving the way for mutually and emotionally satisfying marital relations.

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