Treat Heartburn with These Effective Home Remedies

Updated on November 29th, 2019
home remedies for heartburn

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a luxurious brunch or buffet, but what follows next is a nightmare, that is heartburn! And what follows is a series of burning sensation in your throat and sharp pain in the chest.

With over 60 million Americans suffering from heartburn at least once in a month, and more than 15 million suffering daily, heartburn is almost an epidemic. However, it can be controlled by home remedies. We suggest some of the best home remedies for heartburn to cure the pain and irritation in no time.

Read on to find out more about the different home remedies for heartburn that you could try.

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Home Remedies for Heartburn

1. Stand Straight

Did you know that your body posture can trigger a sudden regurgitation of stomach acids to your throat, resulting in heartburn? If you feel a burning sensation in your throat, stand straight from your lying or sitting position to curb the discomfort.

You can stand straight for a few minutes, go for a walk. The upright body posture works wonders in curbing the acidity.

When you stand upright, the lower esophageal sphincter muscle feels a lesser pressure. The reduction in force upon the sphincter muscle aids in the prevention of the upward movement of stomach acids through the esophagus.

2. Wear Loose Clothes

Wear loose cotton clothes to prevent sudden bouts of acid reflux. If you are already suffering from heartburn, then take off the tight clothes, and tight innerwear (if any). Opt for loose clothing and wear breathable innerwear. Put on loose garments and breathe slowly and steadily to cure indigestion(1).

3. Baking Soda and Water

Baking Soda Water

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a natural antacid. The solution of baking soda helps in the neutralization of the acid in the stomach and thereby cures heartburn and other digestive problems. It also soothes the burning irritation while trickling down the throat.

Drink a solution of water and baking soda for heartburn. Drinking the solution or taking a tablespoon of the paste of baking soda and water can help in naturally alleviating the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion.

  • Add a teaspoon of baking soda to a cup of pure water. Stir gently until the soda completely dissolves.
  • Drink the solution with slow sips to make the acidity subside.

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4. Elevate Upper Part of Your Body

If you are lying down flat on your back, and you suddenly feel the regurgitation of acid up along your throat, then here is what you need to do. Position the pillows behind you by keeping two or three pillows on top of each other. Elevate your torso and rest your head on the pillow tower. The elevated posture will help in the alleviation of heartburn.

Elevation of the upper part of the body helps in lowering the burning sensation and acidic irritation in the throat.

If you have had a heavy lunch or dinner, then you can position your body in this elevated position right after the meal to improve digestion and prevent heartburn.

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5. Licorice Supplements

Licorice is incredibly beneficial for the natural treatment of heartburn. It improves the mucus coating of the throat and helps to soothe the irritation. Taking the supplements of licorice can also help in the prevention of corrosion of the esophageal lining by the stomach acids.

You can take licorice in the form of Deglycyrrhizinated licorice supplements for the cure of heartburn.

  • Take the supplements of licorice upon the recommendation of the physician. Do not exceed the dosage as that might trigger adverse reactions.
  • Seek physician’s advice before taking the licorice supplements. An overdose of licorice can cause high blood pressure and decrease the level of potassium in the blood.

6. Ginger

benefits of ginger

Ginger contains gingerol and other anti-inflammatory compounds which can reverse the condition of acidity and cure heartburn. Ginger also helps in soothing the acidic irritation and prevents nausea. It is rich in antioxidants which work to provide relief from gastrointestinal irritation and inflammation pain.

You can take ginger in small quantities to cure acidity and indigestion. It has been in use since ancient times to aid in digestion.  You can drink ginger tea, chew on minced ginger, or take a teaspoon of ginger juice to cure heartburn.

  • Take an inch-sized piece of ginger for heartburn. Chop the root and steep it in hot water to prepare the ginger tea. You can also add a little honey for heartburn as per taste.
  • You can also have ginger juice extracts. Take the juice thrice a day to cure heartburn.

7. Chewing Gum

Chewing on a stick of sugar-free chewing gum aids in the production of saliva in the mouth and improves swallowing and digestion. The secretion of saliva aids in the dilution of the stomach acid and soothes the esophageal lining as well. Make sure that the chewing gum does not contain any sugar and is devoid of calories(2).

Have sugar-free and calorie-free chewing gums. Don’t have sweet and colored gums as they might worsen the symptoms of acidity. Chewing on it for about half an hour can do away with the different signs of heartburn.

Chew onto a gum when you feel uneasy. A single stick of chewing gum is enough to make the symptoms of heartburn subside.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar benefits

Apple cider vinegar is rich in pectins, enzymes, proteins, and other compounds that work to neutralize the acids in the stomach and cure acidity. Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar for heartburn can be the best solution that helps to maintain the alkaline levels in the stomach, which helps in providing relief from heartburn.

Drink a cup of diluted apple cider vinegar to neutralize the acidic imbalance in the digestive system.

  • Add about 3-4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar to a cup of lukewarm water. Stir gently to prepare a solution.
  • Drink the solution to soothe the irritation in the throat and cure the burning sensation in the stomach.

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9. Basic Heartburn Medicines

There are several essential heartburn medicines which can be classified into three different categories of drugs –  antacids, proton pump inhibitors, and H2 blocker. The H2 blocker and PPI aid in the reduction of stomach acid secretion and work to cure heartburn. The antacid also works in the neutralization of the excess stomach acid and can prevent heartburn in the future.

You can take necessary over-the-counter antacids of simple compositions to make the symptoms of heartburn subside.

One tablet or pill is enough to drive out the symptoms of heartburn.

10. Do Not Smoke

Smoking is injurious to health. Besides being the primary cause of lung cancer, smoking can also trigger the symptoms of heartburn. Quit smoking to cure heartburn and prevent chronic acid reflux or GERD.

11. Chamomile tea

chamomile tea benefits

Drinking chamomile tea helps in the neutralization of acidity in the stomach. Drink the tea right after a heavy meal to prevent heartburn and quicken the process of digestion. Taking the tea helps in curbing stress and anxiety, which are two of the leading causes of heartburn.

You can either purchase chamomile tea bags or use freshly dried petals of chamomile flowers. Steep the dry leaves in hot water and strain out the tea. Add some honey to it and drink it with slow sips to cure heartburn.

  • Drink a cup of freshly brewed chamomile tea for heartburn and dyspepsia. You can drink chamomile tea twice or thrice in a day to drive out the feeling of nausea and burning sensation in the throat that occur due to acid reflux.

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12. Cold milk

Cold milk is one of the most effective home remedies for heartburn. It contains calcium which helps in providing relief from the acidity. It helps in the prevention of acidic accumulation in the stomach and aids in the absorption of excessive acid as well (3).

Have a glass of cold milk for heartburn. Do not add any sugar or other additives to the milk.

A glass of plain cold milk is enough to soothe the irritation in the throat and cure heartburn.

The home remedies for heartburn are incredibly useful. You can try a combination of the remedies to accelerate the recovery from dyspepsia and heartburn. Heartburn is a painful sensation indeed but taking chemical medicines for the pain and irritation can aggravate the symptoms and hinder the recovery process. Embrace the home remedies for heartburn for soothing relief.


1. What Are Home Remedies For Heartburn Relief?

You can try some alternative remedies like losing weight, limiting alcohol and carbonated beverages, avoiding raw onion, etc. This will effectively help in the prevention and cure of heartburn.

2. What Can I Drink to Reduce Heartburn?

Herbal teas are considered the best option for treating heartburns. You can try licorice, slippery elm, and marshmallow tea to soothe GERD symptoms.

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