How to Quell the Fire of a Heartburn with Apple Cider Vinegar?

Updated on November 11th, 2019
ACV for heartburn

Are you having severe heartburn and are concerned about how to get rid of it? Then don’t worry. This article will give you all ins and outs of heartburn, and its most effective remedy- apple cider vinegar. Heartburn is a mild condition, but it leaves a severe impact on your health and life.

It often restricts you from enjoying your favorite cuisine, or it stops you from enjoying a date with your lover. This article will turn out to be your savior in getting you through the pain and irritation of heartburn. Glue your eyes to this article if heartburn is affecting your life severely. Rely on the uses explained below and adopt the DIYs for using apple cider vinegar for heartburn.

    1. Why ACV
    2. How to use ACV
    3. DIYs of Use ACV
    4. Risks And Side Effects

About Apple cider vinegar for heartburn

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Before understanding the use and DIYs related to apple cider vinegar for heartburn, let’s first understand what heartburn is. Heartburn(1) is a mild condition which surfaces when the stomach acid contents of your body travel up into the food pipe.

It irritates the esophagus as the organ is not used to the presence of acid. All this inflicts several symptoms like throat clearing, burning sensation in the neck, sour feeling in the mouth, and bloating, etc. Heartburn is the other name for GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.

Several reasons foster this unpleasant movement of acid to the esophagus instead of the bowel. One of the main reasons for this is the relaxation of the valve that resides between the esophagus and the stomach called LES or Lower Esophageal Sphincter. The valve gets usually closed, but it opens from time to time. Heartburn happens when the valve relaxes too much and also too often that causes discomfort.

The acidity of your stomach controls the movement of LES. If there is less of acid, the muscles around the valve relax often resulting in heartburn.

Apple cider vinegar turns out to be your savior in this case. The unusual ingredient is full of health benefits for your body including heartburn. There are various benefits of using apple cider vinegar for heartburn. And some of these terrific benefits find their place in this article.

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Why Apple Cider Vinegar can help for heartburn?

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There are several benefits of using apple cider vinegar as a potent remedy for heartburn. It helps in managing reflux which is the main reason for heartburn. Some useful benefits of using apple cider vinegar for heartburn include:

  • It works tremendously well for those who suffer heartburn due to low amounts of stomach acid. Apple cider vinegar helps to increase the level of acidic content
  • It helps in balancing the pH levels in your stomach
  • The vinegar is rich in enzymes, pectin, and protein, which help to reduce the effects of acid reflux
  • While preventing acid reflux(2) in the valve, the apple cider vinegar protects your intestine
  • Additional acid infused by the apple cider vinegar helps in avoiding intestinal problems which cause acid reflux
  • Apple cider vinegar becomes quite useful in preventing fat accumulation. Hence, it also provides relief from heartburn which occurs because of obesity or excessive weight on the human body

How apple cider vinegar for heartburn gets used?

Apple cider vinegar has a strong smell and taste. It becomes difficult for some people to bear with the vinegar. Here, the article describes some of the best ways in which you can include apple cider vinegar to your diet for treating reflux and heartburn.

By diluting with water

It is the most straightforward and widely used process in which you can involve apple cider vinegar for heartburn treatment. Apple cider vinegar is acidic so consuming it in a raw state may not be suitable for your body. It is always advisable to dilute it with water and then consume it. Drinking raw apple cider vinegar may cause a burning sensation in the throat.

You can drink one or two tbsp apple cider vinegar after diluting it in a glass of water. Drink this immediately before meals for best results.

By adding it to foods and beverages

If you don’t want to drink diluted apple cider vinegar, then you can add the vinegar to your favorite foods and drinks. Use it as a salad dressing, or you can add it your morning smoothie to enjoy a happy and energetic start of your day.

Add two tbsp apple cider vinegar to your smoothie during breakfast time. The taste of the vinegar is quite strong so be cautious while adding the vinegar. Always pour only a little apple cider vinegar to your smoothie for best results.

By intaking apple cider vinegar pills

Apart from consuming diluted apple cider vinegar or adding it to your food, you can also eat apple cider vinegar pills to fight heartburn. These pills are readily available in the market. But make sure to consult a doctor before adopting apple cider vinegar pills for heartburn. If you are allergy-prone, then avoid using apple cider vinegar for heartburn as a potent remedy for the issue.

Fantastic DIYs for using apple cider vinegar for heartburn

ACV for heartburn
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You can steal some moments from your busy life and get indulged in these easy homemade DIYs concerning apple cider vinegar for heartburn. The DIYs are convenient to employ and also are extremely useful in giving you relief from that unpleasant pain, burning sensation, and irritation of heartburn.

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How to make apple cider vinegar for heartburn at home?

Apple cider vinegar gets readily available in the market. But what’s better than a natural homemade product? Making it is quite easy although it requires a lot of time for the fermentation of the acid. Follow the given steps and get your homemade apple cider vinegar ready in the best way.

  • Take a clean glass jar and let it air dry
  • Fill the significant portion of it with apple scraps
  • If you are using whole apples, then first chop them into slices before adding to the jar
  • Dissolve one tbsp of cane sugar into one cup of water
  • Pour this water into the jar so that all the apples get submerged into it
  • Cover it with a coffee filter and secure it with a rubber band
  • Store the jar in a warm, dry place
  • Leave it for three weeks
  • Keep checking every few days
  • After three weeks, strain the apple pieces out
  • Pour the liquid back into the jar
  • Put the jar back to its place for three to four weeks more. Don’t forget to stir it every few days
  • When you feel that the vinegar is ready, you can transfer the juice to another bottle and start using

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DIY Apple cider vinegar tonic for improved digestion

How to use?

  • Mix two tbsp apple cider vinegar with one tbsp of fresh ginger
  • To this add water and fresh lemon juice(3)
  • Add eight ounces of sparkling water
  • You can add raw honey to this to enhance the taste
  • Pour ice and enjoy the digestive drink

DIY apple cider vinegar salad recipe

How to use?

  • In a glass bowl add two cups of sliced cucumber
  • To this add two tbsp of diced onions
  • Mix well
  • Now add half a cup of mayo and stir
  • Add one tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper as per your taste

Risks and side effects of using apple cider vinegar for heartburn

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Some people might experience some ill effects on their body after consuming apple cider vinegar for heartburn treatment. These side effects get worse when you drink undiluted or raw apple cider vinegar. Consuming it in large amounts might cause more bad than good for you. These risks include:

  • Tooth erosion
  • Thinning of blood
  • Irritation in your throat
  • A decline in the levels of potassium in your body

Precautions to follow while using apple cider vinegar for heartburn

  • Apple cider vinegar reacts with certain medications including diuretics and heart disease medications. Be cautious about using apple cider vinegar for heartburn cure if you are under any of the above medication procedure
  • If you are suffering from ulcer, then using apple cider vinegar for heartburn can cause triggering of the situation

Heartburn, although, is a mild condition but if left unaddressed it can turn out to be a severe condition. Apple cider vinegar gets counted as a natural treatment which can give you relief from heartburn easily. This wonderful remedy is full of health benefits for the human body. Heartburn often arises due to bad eating habits and stress. It is vital for a person suffering from heartburn to adopt healthy living practices including exercising, avoiding junk foods, quitting smoking, etc.

These routine activities, when adopted in your life along with apple cider vinegar, will indeed give you relief from heartburn. Apple cider vinegar for heartburn can become your favorite remedy for the issue, but it is also equally important to be cautious about the preventions and precautions concerning the ingredient.

Apple cider vinegar is acidic, so it is necessary to be very careful while using it for heartburn. Choose any of the method given above in the article and beat the burning sensation which is hampering your happiness.

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