20 Powerful Benefits of Almond Butter for Health & Beauty

Updated on February 11th, 2020
almond butter benefits

Wish to live happy and beautiful? It seems like impossible in the busy and hectic life of today. But yes, healthy living is possible at present too without closing oneself to the offerings of life. Almond butter is one such example of delectable and healthy snack for those who do not wish to compromise on their taste as well as health.

Made from roasted almonds, almond butter has all the benefits of the nut which is a great source of proteins, fats, and fibers. Due to their vast array of nutritional benefits, plant-based butter like almond butter is getting quite popular in the market and is a healthier replacement of dairy butter.

Almond Butter Recipe

Once you taste almond butter, it is hard to resist. You will find almond butter everywhere in your kitchen menu. No doubt almond butter has a great nutritional value but the packaged butter available in the market has a lot of fillers and additives added to it that contribute nothing to your health.

Thus, if you wish to consume high-grade butter, then it would be best to make it at home. Yes, the creamy almond butter can be easily made at home without much effort. All you need is almonds, a great grinder, and a good microwave.

Below mentioned are the steps to make delicious almond butter at home:

  • Take a bowl of plain, unsalted almonds. (You can take salted almonds too for a flavorsome butter)
  • Preheat your oven to 350 F.
  • Spread the almonds on a baking sheet and roast them for around 10-15 minutes in the oven.
  • Once they are roasted, add the almonds to your grinder and grind them patiently.
  • Keep on checking the almonds. First, the almonds will grind dry, in some time the oils will release and what you would get is a creamy and smooth paste.
  • Empty the content from the grinder and store it in a jar to be relished later however you wish to.

The best way to enjoy almond butter benefits is to make your creamy butter at home which contains more nutrition and no preservatives.

Nutrition Facts

Is almond butter healthy? How many calories in almond butter are there? Are these questions troubling you? The name almond ‘butter’ is certain to raise concern but please note that almond butter is made from nuts and is completely healthy.

The raw almonds nutritional value is high which makes it a great ingredient for some delicious dishes.

Made from roasted Almonds, Almond butter protein and its fiber content are quite high. It is a good source of monosaturated fats which are healthy for the heart. You get around 2-3 grams proteins and only 3 grams of carbs in almond butter’s single serving.

It has a high dose of minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Almond butter calories count to around 100 per serving.

What to eat with Almond Butter?

While almond butter is delicious on its own. It can be enjoyed with a toast, with fruits like apple and banana, in smoothies or in whichever manner you like.

Almond Butter vs Peanut Butter

almond butter vs peanut butter

Peanut butter is loaded with essential nutrients and is the most popular among other kinds of nut butter. It is no doubt a healthy food but if compared to almond butter, peanut butter falls short.

A single serving of almond butter has comparatively more content of fibers and monosaturated fats while it has less protein. Vitamin E content in almond butter is almost four times than the content in peanut butter.

Also, it is a better source of essential minerals like potassium, iron, zinc, and calcium. Hence if you are delving between which to choose, almond butter definitely wins the competition with a slightly better nutritional composition than peanut butter.

Almond Butter Benefits For Health

Almond butter containing roasted almonds provide you all the benefits of raw almond nutrition. Due to the high nutritional value of almond butter, it is definitely a great food to relish and enjoy without compromising your health. Below are the key benefits of almond butter:

1. Strengthens Your Bones and Muscles

Protein is an essential component of your body structure and is important for body regeneration and growth. Almond butter is a great option for those who wish to increase their muscle mass(1). For better intake of protein, consume almond butter with protein shakes.

2. Maintains Heart Health

almond butter benefits for heart health

Almond butter benefits your heart health too. The presence of high amount of monosaturated fatty acids along with flavonoids and vitamin E makes almond butter good for heart health. Consumption of almond butter greatly reduces the risk of heart attack and strokes.

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3. Prevents High Blood Pressure

Presence of potassium in almond butter along with the correct amount of sodium makes it a great choice for people with fluctuating blood pressure. The presence of magnesium further helps regulate the blood pressure.

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4. Digestive Health

One of the major health benefits of Almond butter is that it is good for your digestive health. A great digestive system is necessary for a healthy body. The high content of fiber in almond butter eases bowel movement thus improving your digestion. Better bowel movement also helps remove toxins from the body.

5. Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Regular consumption of almonds improves absorption of glucose in the body. Thus, a spike in sugar level after consumption of meal does not hit the danger level. There is a balance in insulin production in the body that keeps your sugar level under control.

However, one should make sure that they are buying pure organic butter made of only almonds with no added sugar. It would be better to consume one made at home under your own supervision.

6. Helps in Body Detoxification

The probiotic properties of almonds help to remove toxins from the body with the help of fibers that help in binding the toxins. Thus, instead of consuming drugs for the detoxification of the body, add almond butter to your diet.

7. Increases Nutrient Absorption in Body

Including almond butter in your diet can greatly help in improved body functioning. With improved digestion due to the probiotic properties of almond and rich fibrous content, there is an increase in the absorption of nutrients in the body. The clear passage helps in better digestion of food thus increasing nutrient absorption.

8. Lowers Body Cholesterol Levels

Almond butter is a rich source of monosaturated fats that help increase the good cholesterol (HDL) level in the body while reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL). Hence, maintaining the overall cholesterol level in the body(2).

9. Prevents Cancer

almond butter prevents cancer

Studies have shown that fiber-rich products that help ease bowel movement and keep the digestive system clean, lower the risk of colon cancer. This is possible as proper bowel movement prevents a build-up of plaque in the colon.

Thus, almond butter is a great food to check the development of cancerous cells in the body. Further, it also contains Vitamin E, flavonoids and photo chemicals that check the growth of cells responsible for breast cancer.

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10. Boosts Energy

Almond butter is a rich source of proteins, magnesium, and copper that are responsible for supplying energy to the body. Increase your energy levels with almond butter that acts as a natural energy booster.

11. Weight Loss

Presence of proteins, healthy monosaturated fats, and fiber in almonds keeps you full and prevents overeating. Also, fiber improves the digestion and regulates nutrient absorption while increasing body metabolism that keeps your body weight under control.

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12. Promotes Healthy and Glowing Skin

Almond butter benefits your skin too. Presence of Vitamin E makes almond butter a great food for the maintenance of the health of the skin. Vitamin E presence in almond butter increases collagen production that promotes the growth of the skin cells. Thus, maintains the health of your skin and giving it a natural glow. The anti-oxidants present in it also promote skin health.

13. Prevents Skin Aging

almond butter helps to prevents skin aging

The hectic lifestyle of today takes a toll on the skin which starts aging quite early. Wrinkles, pigmentation, dull skin, etc. are signs of aging which can be prevented by including almond butter in your diet. The presence of antioxidants in it keeps your skin healthy, glowing and young.

14. Protects Against Sun Damage

Protection from the sun is one popular use among a myriad of almond butter uses. Sun can cause some serious damage to your skin resulting in skin darkening, discoloration, wrinkles, etc. Almond butter contains vitamin E that creates an effective shield against sun damage and keeps your skin looking healthy and young. Add it to your diet or use it as a face mask to get Vitamin E benefits(3).

15. Renews Your Skin

Almond butter with its great properties helps in cell regeneration and growth, thus providing you a healthy skin layer. Applying almond butter on the skin is known to treat acne too. Also, crunchy almond butter acts as a good exfoliator.

16. Moisturizes Skin

Rich in natural oils, almond butter is good for moisturizing skin and can greatly solve your problem of dry skin.

17. Conditions Your Hair

almond butter conditions your hair

There is nothing better for your hair than a natural conditioner. Apply pure almond butter on your hair and leave it for 15-20 minutes to get smooth strands with a beautiful shiny luster. Besides being a good conditioner, Almond butter benefits your hair by treating dandruff and hair fall.

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18. Maintains Brain Health

Almond butter contains two essential nutrients riboflavin and L-carnitine that are good for the brain. These increase the brain activity thus preventing diseases like Alzheimer and dementia.

19. Improves Mental Alertness

Riboflavin and L-carnitine present in almond butter are beneficial in the optimal working of the nervous system thus maintaining your neurological health.

20. Maintain Bone Health

Almond butter is great for bone health. With growing age, bone density decreases. Regular consumption of almond butter greatly helps in maintaining bone density thus reducing the probability of bone fractures.


1. Is Almond Butter Vegan?

As almond butter is purely made of almonds and does not contain any dairy products it is completely Vegan.

2. Is Almond Butter Paleo?

Pure almond butter made of only almonds can be considered paleo. It is derived from nuts which are paleo. However, most almond butter found in the market contains many additives. Thus, before buying the product look for the ingredients on the label.

3. Is Almond Butter Good for Weight Loss?

Despite being high on calories, almond butter promotes weight loss. How? Well, it contains nutrients that lower calorie consumption by the body. Further, almond butter contains a high amount of fibers and proteins that keep you full for longer and prevent unhealthy snacking.

4. How Much Protein in Almond Butter?

100 grams of almond butter contains around 21 grams of proteins. It is certainly beneficial for those who wish to increase their protein intake.

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