How to Cure Abnormal Sperm( Abnormal sperm morphology)

Updated on March 11th, 2020
How to Cure Abnormal Sperm( Abnormal sperm morphology)

Having an Abnormal Sperm count does not necessarily mean that you are infertile. What it does mean is that either you semen count is low or that the shape of your sperm is irregular. When it comes to low sperm count, it has been found that through proper treatment, it can be easily overcome but if your abnormal sperm is related to the irregularity in the shape of the sperm. Itself, it means that not much treatment is available but you can still correct it, it will not effect of pregnancy in women by following a healthy daily routine.

In most cases, it has been found that abnormal sperm in male can occur due to number of reasons. Eliminating these will help with the treatment to quite an extent. But all said and done, if the condition has reached a severe stage, there are cases where treatment takes a longer time than it would take in case of a low sperm count.

If you are suffering from an abnormal sperm, it is suggested that you look into your lifestyle and pin point the areas or habits that might be the cause of it. Some of the main things that you could do are:

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Natural Remedies To Cure Abnormal Sperm

Exposure to Heat

If there is a chance that you are exposing yourself to excessive heat, make sure that this is corrected since it is one of the main causes of getting an abnormal sperm. Placing you laptop on your lap for a prolonged period of time, has been found to be one of the ways in which you body might be subjected to excessive heat.

Substance Abuse

If you are prone to substance abuse or are addicted to some drugs(1), there are high chances that this is the main reason for your abnormal sperm condition. Try going into rehabilitation for your addiction at the earliest.

Even taking certain drugs for medicinal purposes might also cause an abnormal sperm condition, which is why it is necessary that you consult a doctor as soon as possible to eliminate the chance of this.

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Exposure to radiation is also a reason that might be causing the abnormal sperm condition in you. Make sure that you take proper medication in consultation to your doctor, before you undergo any kind of effective radiation therapy cure, to ensure that it does not affect your sperm count.


If you have undergone any kind of surgery in the pelvic region(2) or for obstruction in the testicular tract, there is a chance that it might have been the reason behind your low or abnormal sperm count.

Dietary Changes

If you are a smoker, it is highly advised that you ditch the habit as soon as possible since this is another reason that your sperm count could be low. Also, try and include supplements of ginseng, zinc, lycopene, as well as vitamin C(3) in your daily diet as these, have been found to be good for the sperm count as well as in case of irregularity in sperms(4).

A daily dose of exercise will not just help with the abnormal sperm condition but will also be helpful in keeping you fit and healthy. It is better to cure abnormal sperm condition for a healthier you and better lifestyle.

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