Weighted Blankets to Get Rid of Anxiety & Insomia

Updated on April 18th, 2020
weighted blankets for anxiety

According to research, it has been found that almost 40 million working adults in the United States of America suffer from some levels of stress and anxiety. The majority of these people have also stated that their stress levels have gone up in the past few years.

Stress is a severe matter, and if neglected for an extended period of time, it can lead to severe complications. Stress can promote cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood sugar levels, and various other medical disorders which can be life-threatening.

Insomnia and anxiety are two of the most common conditions which affect us when we are stressed. And if you suffer from both of them, this could be even more dangerous. Weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia are the latest trend which is being used by many people.

Researchers have found that stress and insomnia are correlated with each other; hence using something to address one of them can automatically solve the other problem, just like a domino effect!

Can Weighted Blanket Help in Anxiety?

Weighted Blanket with Women

How weighted blankets work, is still not clear. There are some essential theories which have come forward after serious observations. The most crucial of them is the DPTS or Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation(1).

According to this theory, it is observed that a weighted blanket provides deep pressure that feels pleasant and allows the person to receive a soothing sensation. There are many people who love the deep sensation. Their mind tends to feel more calm and relaxed.

Researchers have also found that deep pressure also works to help reduce a significant amount of psychological arousal(2). Therefore reducing the levels of oxidative stress and anxiety and providing a person with good sleep. This is how weighted blankets for anxiety works. Almost 63% of the people who have tested this method have seen a decrease in stress.

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Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Adults with Insomnia


As we have already mentioned above, weighted blankets are beneficial in treating anxiety, and insomnia can also be cured along with this. Also known as gravity blankets, these help people who suffer from mental or any kind of neurological disorders.

The effect is much similar to a comforting hug. Since it is an entirely natural way of treating the disease, there is no risk of any side effects. It is also beneficial because due to the DPT action, the body is able to facilitate serotonin production.

Serotonin helps to eliminate stress and relaxes your mind for good night sleep. Hence, the use of weighted blankets for anxiety and insomnia is being practiced by many people. According to the Occupational Therapy(3) in Mental Health journal published in 2008, 78% of people have been able to sleep properly after using this.

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How to Pick a Perfect Weighted Blanket?

Now that you know how weighted blankets can help you get rid of insomnia and anxiety, it is time that you buy one. But there are several products available in the market. So it can be quite confusing. Take a look at these pointers and choose the right weighted blanket.

1. 10% of Your Body Weight

Researchers have unanimously agreed to the point that the weighted blanket must be 10% of your body weight. Going any lighter than 10% will not provide you with the expected benefits. So for example, if your body weight is 100 kgs, then the blanket should be of 10 kgs.

2. Consider the Height

The height of your body should be taken into account as well. The ideal height of the blanket should be at least the size of your bed. Just make sure that your legs are not popping out and you are covered with the blanket well.

3. Quality of the Blanket

The quality of the blanket is an essential factor. The blanket must be made of comfortable and good quality fabric, and the cushioning needs to be ideally snugged as well. Cheap quality blankets do not facilitate breathability, and therefore, you will feel warmer than optimally required. So invest in good quality and branded blanket.

Keep in mind these few key points, and you will be all set to use the weighted blanket.

The use of a weighted blanket for anxiety for adults is a growing trend among the people who want to lead a stress-free life with a night full of sleep.

Even though the reason behind the mechanism of this technique is not known, it is still worth a try. It does not have any side effects but can only provide positive results.

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1. Can You Use Weighted Blankets Every Night?

Yes. You can sleep with a weighted blanket every night. But if you feel uncomfortable at the beginning, you can choose to use it on alternative days.

2. What Does a Weighted Blanket Do for Anxiety?

A weighted blanket works on the basic principle of DPT that facilitates relaxation and calmness.

3. Are Weighted Blankets Safe?

Yes. Weighted blankets are proven to be safe because it does not leads to any side effects, and there is no medication involved in the process as well.

4. Are All Weight Blankets Useful?

Not necessarily. This is because you need to purchase a blanket which is at least 10% of your weight. Anything less than that, might not be able to provide excellent results.

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