Cramps Numbing Your Senses? Try Tangy Pickle Juice for Relief

Updated on January 6th, 2020
pickle juice for cramps

Most athletes deal with the problem of cramps. Undeniable circumstances as they are, most people are compelled to find a way to deal with it. Pickle juice for cramps has been a popular remedy for several years.

The majority of athletes and sportspersons who make use of their muscles opine that it works wonders. Some researchers have even gone to the extent of suggesting that it is more effective than placebo.

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The Effect of Pickle Juice on Cramps

Athletes widely use pickle juice. Keeping this in mind, some researches have been conducted to find out the science behind the working of pickle juice concerning cramps.

One of the primary reasons for this confusion is the two different kinds of effects that have come under observation in studies. Some studies suggest that pickle juice is one of the effective means to deal with muscle cramps; others counter this claim.

According to some studies, pickle juice consists of electrolytes. These electrolytes offer protection to leg cramps after an intense exercise or workout session. Due to heavy perspiration, the element of sodium in the body is lost in an excess amount, which makes one feel dehydrated. Drinking pickle juice restores the water and salt balance in the body. It is believed to produce virtually the same effect as in drinking saltwater.

Subsequent studies, especially the study(1) conducted in 2010, indicated that pickle juice might play a role in shortening the duration of cramps. By this study, it was found that pickle juice was 45% faster in relieving cramps than other options such as water after an intense workout session.

While there is no specific study which indicates that pickle juice does or does not work in relieving muscle cramps, more research is required to understand its role in eliminating muscle cramps.

How to Prepare Pickle Juice for Cramps

For preparing the pickle juice for cramps, you will need a cup of filtered water, a half cup of white vinegar, and two tablespoons of salt. You can also add some spices to enhance the taste.

Take water in a large pot and put salt and white vinegar in it. Allow the mixture to simmer by bringing the pot to boil. Also, allow the other ingredients to simmer for the next few minutes and strain the mixture in a quaint bottle or jar. You can collect the juice later.

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Can You Take Pickle Instead of Pickle Juice for Cramps and Get the Same Effect?

It is one of the frequently asked questions among those athletes who rely on pickle juice instead of the other alternatives.

Before you can get an answer to this question, it is essential to get to the bottom of what causes cramps in the first place. Cramps occur when there is a misfiring of neurons in the muscles. The contact of the neurons to the back of the throat relieves a person of a cramp.

This relief is triggered by the presence of vinegar in pickle juice.  There is an agreement among a majority of researchers that this is the process in which juice involving pickle works to prevent cramps from taking a toll on the muscles of the body.

As far as the solid pickle variant is concerned, there are no studies to indicate what kind of effect it may have on cramps if taken. Foods that are similar to pickle have also not been studied in this regard. As such, consider having it in liquid form.

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What is the Amount of Pickle Juice Dosage that You should Have for Cramps?

Pickle Juice

The recommended amount is two to three ounces of fluid occasionally. However, this amount may vary from one individual to the other, depending on their condition.

Pickle juice consists of a high amount of salt, primarily sodium. So, it is imperative to make sure that an individual does not take it in large amounts if he/she suffers from conditions such as high blood pressure.

Also, those who suffer from digestive ailments must avoid the consumption of pickle juice. Even if they do consume, it should be in a limited amount as per the prescription of certified health care professional.

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Pickle juice is one of the simplest options for dealing with muscle cramps. But there is no-study based or conclusive evidence to either acknowledge or deny the claims of it being effective or ineffective in dealing with cramps. However, studies obliquely support the claim that it is a viable option which relieves cramps. You should be careful while using it and should reconsider it if you have high blood pressure or digestive disorders.


1. Why is pickle juice good for cramps?

Pickle juice is rich in vinegar content and sodium. The combined effect of both these ingredients helps in preventing neurons from misfiring in the muscles of the body, thereby offering relief from cramps.

3. Why should you drink pickle juice for cramps?

Pickle juice is easy to prepare. Though not directly, its positive contributions are verified by studies obliquely. It makes it a safe option to try out for getting relief from cramps.

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