Hemp Oil for Anxiety – An Effective Way to Get Fast Relief

Updated on November 26th, 2019
Hemp Oil for Anxiety

Nature often reveals unexpected remedies.  For example, who did expect that something as addictive as cannabis could be used to treat something as serious as anxiety disorders? Surprised? Well, that is precisely being done now. Hemp oil is an extract from a specific variety of cannabis. Yes, the same cannabis that produces marijuana, which people smoke to get a ‘high’! It has been suggested that using hemp oil for anxiety treatment can be highly useful.

Now, when we talk about treating anxiety disorders with hemp oil, it is natural that a lot of questions would spring up. Let’s take a look at some of the most critical questions about hemp oil for anxiety and learn the ways to use it.

What Exactly is Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil

If you think is hemp oil is obtained by squeezing the leaves of the cannabis plant, you are a bit wrong! Hemp Oil, also known as Cannabidiol or CBD oil, is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. It is one of the 113 compounds that is derived from the plant. Almost all the compounds have therapeutic benefits.

Cannabidiol was discovered as early as 1940, but its amazing benefits are a much recent discovery.  Hemp oil has been used to treat nervous disorders for a long time now. In fact, in 2018, the US FDA approved the drug Epidiolex to treat two epilepsy disorders. This drug is based on CBD oil. This indicates that hemp oil for anxiety might be useful.

Hemp Oil for Anxiety

Well, there have been people who have been advocating the use of hemp oil for anxiety for a long time now.

Fortunately, scientific research has also indicated that using hemp oil for anxiety might be useful. For example, a research paper(1) published in the famed scientific journal Nature has stated that hemp oil can be used to treat a variety of social anxiety disorders.

Similar research conducted in 2015, has found that hemp oil can treat a range of anxiety disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Disorder as well as a general anxiety disorder.

Another research(2), published in 2014, has shown that hemp oil can have significant anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties. These benefits of hemp oil for anxiety make this compound a good option for treating a range of anxiety disorders.

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Methods of Using Hemp Oil for Anxiety

Anxiety Disorder

There are two main ways in which you can use hemp oil for anxiety,  ∙

  • Orally.
  • Vaping.

Would Hemp Oil for Anxiety Cause Addiction?

Using hemp oil for anxiety, one of the biggest worries that people have is whether hemp oil would cause one to get ‘high’ or get addicted. Well, this is a natural cause of worry as cannabidiol itself is derived from cannabis, which is used for ‘recreational’ uses.

But there is no reason to worry! The ‘high’ caused by marijuana is caused by a substance called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.  CBD oil does not contain any amount of THC. This makes using hemp oil for anxiety completely safe.

However, we recommend that you have a detailed discussion with your physician before you consider hemp oil for anxiety for the long term.

As we have seen, using hemp oil for anxiety doesn’t seem to be a bad option. On the contrary, using it might be quite effective. However, you should be well aware of the essential facts so that you can use it safely and effectively.  Also, note that hemp oil should not replace any medications. Get the advice that you need from your doctor and break free from the clutches of anxiety.


 1. So, I can vape hemp oil for anxiety treatment?

Yes, vaping hemp oil for anxiety treatment can be of help. You need to make sure that the oil that you use is made for vaping. You should not use vape CBD oil that is made for oral consumption. The effect of vaping hemp oil would be felt more quickly than taking it orally. However, the effect wears off quickly as well.

2. How long the effect lasts when I use hemp oil orally?

If you are taking hemp oil orally, then you can expect the effect to last for about 30-50 minutes on an average. The actual period varies depending on various factors.

3. What is the correct dosage of using hemp oil for anxiety?

When it comes to the right dosage for using hemp oil for anxiety, there is no universally accepted standard. The best person to tell you about the correct permissible dosage is your doctor. Most doctors today encourage their patients to find an alternative treatment. Your doctor would access your condition and would recommend the correct dosage that you can take regularly.

4. What are the side effects of using hemp oil for anxiety?

Apart from the benefits of hemp oil for anxiety, you should also know about the side effects of it. The side effects of using hemp oil for anxiety include:

Low blood pressure




Dry mouth


Changes in appetite

Changes in mood

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