How Grounding Techniques Can Help You Fight Anxiety?

Updated on November 21st, 2019
grounding techniques for anxiety

Grounding Techniques: To Quiet Your Mind

Sitting with a pet, visualizing the favorite place, listening to music or touching something comforting are quick options which create soothing effect during emotional distress.

Anxiety is becoming an epidemic with increasing stress. People are adapting different methods to get rid of anxiety. Know how you can use grounding techniques to become calm from inside.

Grounding Techniques For Anxiety: Basic Idea

An estimated 284 million people worldwide experienced an anxiety disorder in 2017, making it the most prevalent mental health disorder around the globe. Any uncomfortable situation leads us to encounter anxiety. Anxiety attacks turn into serious health issues if not treated on time.

You can calm down the mind by using  Grounding Techniques for Anxiety, or they disturb our normal routine. These techniques are easy to learn and help to remove anxiety.

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Why is the Grounding Technique Beneficial?

Grounding is a practice that aids in removing all unwanted thoughts ie, worries, fear, negative or emotional distress. These techniques help to distract the mind from the continuous negative thought process and refocus the mind on the present situation or surroundings. These techniques are helpful during post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)(1), dissociation, self-harm urges, substance abuse.

Grounding therapy is suitable for adults, teenagers or young children who go through emotional disorder. The techniques are simple to learn and can be performed anywhere. The grounding techniques are classified into physical, mental, or soothing therapies.

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How Does Grounding Technique Work?

Grounding techniques are designed to redistribute energy from the mind to the body. On application, these techniques create an instant soothing effect on the mind. The stress and distress are caused because of dissociation with the body. If we are well rooted/connected with our body, less stress, or anxiety, we encounter.

Grounding therapy is done with five senses, helps to connect our mind with the entire body. Electrolytes, thyroid hormone levels(2), glucose levels, and even immune response to immunizations improve with grounding activities. During anxiety spans, the techniques support to calm the mind and emotions, recharge the positive energy, and strengthen the instincts.

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Grounding Techniques You Can Use To Fight Anxiety?

They are helpful in many situations. If caught in a strong emotion like anger or anxiety, grounding techniques assist in bringing back the circling thoughts to reality.

1. Take A Walk


During this technique, one focuses on the steps while walking. Count steps, observe the surroundings (seeing, smell, and sounds) and follow the walking rhythm are important.
If a vision creates anxious thoughts, again refocus the mind to calming sight or sound.

2. Feel Your Body

During emotional distress or PTSD, self-loathing, and having critical thoughts towards the body is common. Our anxiety occurs due to the dissociation with the body. It is essential to do soothing activities to calm the body and thoughts. Putting up a face mask or painting nails is good to distract the mind.

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3. 5-4-3-2-1 Process

In this, count backward from number 5 while using the sensory organs. For example, count five things which are visible around you, focus on little things. Hearing four different sounds like birds chirping. Try to sniff three different smells, touch two soft objects, and taste one of your favorite food items.

4. Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing helps to relax a busy mind. While breathing in and out, focus on the core technique. During exhaling, allow all negative thoughts and anxiety to leave the body. Deep Breathing is performed in a sitting or lying down position.

5. Move Your Body

Do some stretching or jumping exercises in moderation. Concentrate on all the body’s movements. Feel the ground under your feet, move hands in the air, or try to hear your heartbeat. These body movements will help relax the body muscles.

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6. Sit With Your Pet

It is a soothing technique. If at home, try and play with your pet, concentrate on his characteristics, fur, or eye expressions. Hold them in your lap and pat.
If not at home, then think about what attracts you most about your pet.

7. Stand Like A Tree

One of the powerful technique in which one stands straight with feet apart and shoulders wide. Face, chin, and spine in a straight line. Hands placed on both sides of the navel. Imagine roots growing from the feet and freeing the body from anxiety.

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8. Take A Cold Shower

This technique increases immunity, reduces fat, and elevates the mood. If not used to having a cold shower bath, then after shower immediately turn the water to slightly cooler and stay under it.

Our lives are often challenging, and anxiety and stress are part of it. Grounding Techniques for Anxiety and Grounding therapies are uncomplicated and useful and help us feel pleasant and considerate towards our bodies. Since the mind is powerful, it’s essential to remove all the negative and distressing thoughts spiraling inside through grounding techniques.


1. Is Music a Grounding Technique for Anxiety?

Music helps in elevating the mood at any time. While listening to the favorite song, focus on lyrics, beats or on the favorite stanza. Try and sing along loudly. Good music creates a soothing effect on the brain.

2. Can You Use Grounding Techniques for an Instant Calming Effect?

Grounding is not always easy. One needs to learn, practice and keep it in routine. Yes, few techniques like listening to music, taking a short walk, or playing with pets provide an instant calming effect.

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