12 Simple Tricks To Get Rid of Body Fat

Updated on April 24th, 2020
How to Get Rid of Body Fat with the Simple and Easy Tricks

No matter how gorgeous and expensive your cocktail dress is, if your belly is protruding then you can do nothing but regret the junk you have every day, and turn up in loose coveralls at the next party.

But how long can a person keep up with this? How long can one possibly hide the big fat belly and the multi-tiered waist? Well then, quit it already. Read on the spectacular solutions for ‘how to get rid of stomach fat.’

It’s time to bid farewell to your fat belly and welcome a stunningly sexy you who has but a slim waist and a damn flat tummy that compliments every dress and makes you look drop dead spectacular and confident.

The Different Types of Body Fat

It has been revealed by extensive scientific research that there are, not one, but four different types of body fat associated with different kinds of health risks and complications. They vary in biochemical composition, and one can identify them by the color and appearance that ranges from beige to reddish brown.

Enlisted below are the four different types of fat present in our body.

1. Brown Fat

From the perspective of evolution, it requires brown fat to maintain a healthy body temperature. The brown fat comprises of BAT or brown adipose tissues found at the back of the neck. The process of conversion of food into heat energy requires brown fat.

The brown fat does the work of body muscles and helps in the burning down of calories and follows a release of body heat when stimulated by cold environments. Scientists suggest taking cold showers to activate the brown fat(1) that helps in burning calories.

2. Beige Fat

This fat molecule is neutrally hued and was identified through scientific research only some years ago. It is present almost always mixed with white fats and brown fats in the body and appears in the form of pea-sized fat deposits along the spinal cord and the collarbone.

Exhaustive research on mice has discovered that humans can secrete a hormone named irisin that possesses the power to convert the unhealthy white fats into healthy grown fats by the process of browning.

The stimulation of this conversion occurs only with regular and vigorous exercise and healthy eating. Once the conversion is successful, shedding the extra flab will be a piece of cake.

3. Subcutaneous White Fat

This fat is a killer of health, looks and everything good. This fat is present in abundant quantities throughout the fatty areas of the body like the belly, hips, and thighs. The rate of metabolism of this variety of fat is quite low and takes a lot of time to burn out and dissipate as energy.

The white variety of fat is subcutaneous, and as such it lies right underneath the skin. Physicians make use of skinfold caliper to pinch the belly fat and make a rough estimation of the fat percentage of the body.

It takes ages for the subcutaneous fat to melt out and disappear, but it does not take more than a day to get accumulated. Avoid junk and oily food, get regular exercise and hit the gym to prevent the white fat from getting accumulated.

4. Visceral White Fat

As the name suggests, this variety of white fat is found wrapped tightly around the internal organs of the body. The process of removal of visceral fat is not only complicated and dangerous but also involves complicated surgery.

The danger behind the accumulation of visceral fat lies in the fact that it makes the flow of blood drain into the hepatic region through the portal veins. This flow of blood carries with its stream a load of fatty acids and body toxins that get rashly deposited into the liver from the visceral fat.

It has a detrimental effect on hepatic functioning, and the body gets intoxicated from the inside. One by one, the physiological systems begin to fail. The liver receives damage, renal operation gets interfered with, and even the cardiovascular system gets poisoned with excessive lousy cholesterol.

Also, the body immune system gets adversely affected by the presence of visceral fat with the secretion of chemicals like cytokines that are highly poisonous for the cardiac system and triggers cardiac inflammation.

Obesity that affects the abdominal region is primarily a condition caused by visceral inflammation, but you can eliminate the visceral fat with a healthy diet, and regular exercise as the fat is highly responsive to both the processes owing to its powerful blood flow.

Studies say getting rid of visceral fat is slightly more comfortable than getting rid of subcutaneous white fat.

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12 Easy Tricks to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Just as ‘Rome was not b,  uilt in a day,’ so is losing belly fat not done in a day, nor in a week, but perhaps slightly in a month. It is unrealistic to make false and tempting promises here of getting trim and slim in a month.

That is neither feasible nor healthy. Nor will it help with a suggestion of crash diets and crazy exercise schedules that will disrupt your health let alone resolve the body fat issues. Don’t expect to lose pounds in just a couple of months or so.

Be patient and follow the tricks elucidated below with religious adherence to shed the flab, feel healthy and look splendid.

1. Lemon Juice

get rid of stomach fat with lemon juice

It is an age-old remedy for the shedding of extra pounds and blood detoxification. All that you need to do is-

  • Add a teaspoon of freshly pressed lemon juice to a glass of lukewarm water
  • Begin your day by drinking up this concoction in one shot

The high amount of vitamin C and the powerhouse of antioxidants are highly beneficial for the burning out of excessive body fat. The accumulation of fat generally occurs due to weak digestion. Lemon water can aid the process of digestion, regulate bowel movement and help in the elimination of unhealthy fats.

2. Drink a Lot of Water

Water is a savior and a perfect solution for ‘how to get rid of body fat.’ From midnight cravings to sudden hunger pangs there is nothing better than water that can suppress the appetite and prevent you from overindulging in food.

Besides water(2)2 is an active body cleanser that can eliminate fats and toxins from the body. Drinking 5-6 liters of water a day can help you shed those extra pounds fast.

3. Green Tea

get rid of body fat with green tea

Switch to green tea right from today from the fattening sugary milk tea that you take every day. The precious load of antioxidants and the sugar-free nature of green tea fights against the accumulation of fat, get rid of the body fat and cures internal inflammation caused by visceral fat.

4. Lose Belly Fat by Cutting Down on Desserts

It is the saddest part of losing body fat and perhaps the most significant sacrifice of your life. Avoid every variety of desserts, cakes, pastries, chocolates, etc. as these are loaded with sugar and calories and are fattening.

Take as little as a tablespoon of cake for at least once in a fortnight to prevent the accumulation of body fat as much as possible and shed the extra kilos as well. You will be surprised at the noticeable decrease in your waistline within just a couple of months.

how to get rid of body fat tips - infographic

5. Hit the Gym Daily

Regular and vigorous exercise can help you lose body weight. It is the best solution to ‘how to get rid of stomach fat easily.’ Practice under a trainer at the gym otherwise; it might become irregular and useless.

Do some weight training, cardio, rowing and freehand exercise too for about 30-40 minutes daily to burn down the unhealthy fats.

6. Power Yoga

Power Yoga for Shedding the Belly Fat

If you are wondering on ‘how to lose body weight,’ then half an hour of regular power yoga can be of immense help. Yoga is incredibly beneficial for getting rid of excess body fat.

Practice the postures that focus on trimming of waistline and belly fat. Do the arches and bend your body to attain smooth flexibility and fitness.

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7. Hemp Milk

Yes. Hemp milk is not only low in calories but also free of fats as compared to regular cow milk besides having a low glycemic index. Hemp helps in the toning of muscles and is incredibly useful for the gastrointestinal system.

It aids in the elimination of body fat, and you can also take it without sugar and other fattening additives because of its delicious nutty flavor. Try out a healthy hemp milk smoothie or hemp milkshake with honey and fruits for a perfectly healthy and savory snack.

8. Go Green

remedies for how to lose body fat

No, it is not to gear up about going green with environmental pollution, go green with your daily diet. Amplify the number of veggies that you take on a regular basis. The precious load of vitamins and minerals are amazingly essential for health.

It is one of the best and the most effective remedies for ‘how to lose body fat.’ Besides, vegetables are low in calories and contain almost zero fatty acids. They boost the body metabolic rate and preserve the immune system as well.

Add some fresh and organic veggies like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, parsley, kale, spinach and other leafy green vegetables to your diet and prepare to be pleasantly surprised at your enhanced health and reduced inches.

9. The AMC (acai, maca, cacao) Superfood Trio

Superfoods acai, maca, cacao are incredibly beneficial for the reduction of body weight, elimination of fat, regulation of hormones and burning of calories. These foods will not only boost your physical energy and strength but will also suppress the appetite, control the hunger pangs and aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety.

The process, in turn, helps in the prevention of fat accumulation and will boost your spirits too with all the avoidance of chocolate and desserts. A tablespoon of cacao powder smoothie will feel healthy and delicious also.

10. Finding a Weight Loss Partner is the Trick

So the trick is to find a partner who is trying to lose body fat as well. It not only keeps you going but encourages you to put in more regular efforts for the improvement of health and figure.

A partner will help you to stay away from junk food and will be of great help during workouts at the gym. Shedding body fat is a tough game and giving up is easy.

A partner will not only make the trial easy for you but will also make sure that you do not give up halfway. Maintain a journal with your partner and compare the charts, diets and workout sessions to keep track of the weight loss schedule.

11. Maintain a Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

The easiest method of shedding the extra pounds is by eating healthy. Stay strictly away from junk, desserts and fizzy pop beverages and stick to fruits, vegetables and lean meat for your daily dose of balanced nutrition(3).

Cook healthy food. Go for boiling, baking, roasting and steaming instead of sautéing and frying. Cook in a way to preserve the whole spectrum of nutrients of the food. Drink enough water throughout the day, and the changes in your health and body fat percentage will be amazing.

12. Small Meals

Snacking is a habit that won’t go away quickly. But don’t sweat it; go for a small meal instead. Make sure that the small meal is devoid of unhealthy carbs and sugars. These mini meals can be fruit salads, vegetable salads, fruit and vegetable smoothies or even just a boiled egg seasoned with some salt and pepper.

Bottom Line

Apart from the remedies mentioned above, there are other commercial and artificial methods available in the market to lose those extra pounds. But, all that they do is deteriorate the body along with disturbing the hormonal as well as the immunity level. Hence, go for the natural ways and a better approach for a sound fat removal successfully.

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