15 Proven Soy Milk Benefits for Physical Strength and Fitness

Updated on January 22nd, 2020
Soy Milk Health Benefit

Soy milk is a drink obtained from soaking soybeans and then grinding the soaked soybeans. The ground soybeans are boiled and filtered out. Soy milk is a high protein plant-based beverage that is a stable emulsion of proteins, water, and oils.

It is richly nutritious and is a staple drink for bodybuilders and gym goers. Soy milk boosts physical energy and stamina when taken on a regular basis.

Soy Milk Nutrition Facts

  • 100 grams soy milk calories: 54 calories
  • A cup serving of pure soy milk has a rich nutritional composition of proteins, vitamins A, D, E, K, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6, B12, Folate, Pantothenic acid, Choline, and Betaine.
  • Its mineral content is composed of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.
  • The fatty acids of soy milk constitute monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids.

How to Make?

Elucidated below is a simple homemade soy milk recipe. Follow the instructions given here to prepare soy milk at home.


  • Half a cup of white soybeans
  • 2-3 cups of pure water for soaking the soybeans
  • 4 cups of water for blending the soy milk
  • A teaspoon of raw honey


  • Soak the soybeans in water and let them stay like that for the night
  • Strain out the water and rinse the soaked and softened soybeans in the morning
  • Remove the skin from the soybeans
  • Add the softened soybeans and 4 cups of water to the blender
  • Blend the mixture until it becomes smooth
  • Strain the blended mixture out into a glass
  • Heat the strained out mixture for about 15-20 minutes and let the milk cool down
  • Refrigerate the soy milk for 4 days straight

Your soymilk is now ready to be taken.

How is Soy Milk for Infants?

Soy milk is not beneficial for infants as it does not possess the right amount of nutrients. Feeding soy milk to the baby makes it suffer from a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Benefits for Females

Soy milk benefits for women are many. Soy milk contains phytoestrogen like daidzein and genistein which act like the female hormone estrogen in the body of females and plays a significant role in the prevention of breast cancer to the regulation of menstruation and sexual reproduction.

15 Fabulous Soy Milk Benefits for Health and Beauty

There are numerous benefits to drinking soy milk. A handful of soy milk bean benefits are elucidated below.

1. The Enhancing Body Energy

Soy milk is an excellent booster of physical energy. It contains a number of basic amino acids lead to the creation of new proteins in the body, structural proteins, and enzymatic compounds.

These chemicals are exceedingly beneficial for the generation of vitality in the body cells while the structural proteins help in the development of tissues. Additionally, soy milk has a rich nutritional profile that aids in boosting body vitality and is one of the most popular health drinks for gym goers.

2. Strong Bones and Teeth

soy milk for strong bones and teeth

Phosphorous and calcium are the two most fundamental minerals needed for the development and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones. Soy milk is loaded with both the minerals which make it exceptionally valuable and nutritious for the improvement of solid bones and strong teeth(1).

It improves the density of bones and fortifies the roots and gums of teeth. Soy milk is additionally helpful for doing away with the risk of osteoporosis. Its phytoestrogen content quickens the retention of calcium in the body and keeps the density of bone mass.

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3. Protection against Anemia

Anemia is a health condition which is characterized by a lack of RBCs and low volume of hemoglobin in the blood. The patient feels exhausted and his skin assumes a distinct pallor. The essential cause of anemia is the absence of iron-rich nourishment in the diet routine.

Soy milk is remarkably capable of combating the deficiency of iron. It is lavishly supplied with the mineral and its rich content of vitamins improves the retention of iron which thus builds the level of RBCs, fixes the pallor and cures anemia.

4. The Preservation of Health of the Nervous System

Drinking soy milk is very advantageous for the sensory system. The milk is loaded with vitamins like riboflavin, B-12 and different vitamins of the B-complex. These nutrients add to the wellbeing of the CNS. Soy milk is an exceedingly effective natural cure of nervous problems like epileptic fits, seizures, convulsions and so on.

It relieves the CNS and enhances the coordination of sensory nerves. Soy milk helps in the support of body coordination and development. It is an incredible help for the spasmodic fits and is remarkably effective to attain a healthy nervous system.

5. Cardiac Health

Cardiovascular diseases result from the hardening of arteries that puts a pressure on the cardiac functioning as the heart has to pump the blood harder through the stiffened arteries.

Drinking soy milk helps in the elimination of bad cholesterol from the body, in turn, decreasing the stiffness in the arteries. The milk also helps to stabilize the blood pressure

Soy milk helps to prevent cardiac diseases by ensuring healthy circulation of blood throughout the body. It effectively prevents the cholesterol deposition in the blood vessels. This protects the individual from atherosclerosis.

Soy milk is rich with elements of potassium which helps in the elimination of excessive sodium from the body thus keeping blood pressure under control. It’s content of poly and monounsaturated fats lower triglyceride levels and promote a healthy cardiac system.

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6. Benefits of Soy Milk during Pregnancy

benefits of soy milk during pregnancy

Soy milk is packed with fundamental vitamins like vitamins Betaine, Choline, Pantothenic acid, Folate, B12, B6, Niacin, Riboflavin, A, D, E and K.

It is additionally supplied with iron that keeps up the level of hemoglobin and its minerals such as selenium, manganese, copper, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium are exceptionally useful for fetal wellbeing.

Soy milk is also rich in folate, which is profoundly fundamental for the development of RBCs in pregnant mothers. Folate is likewise highly effective in shielding the developing embryo from the impacts of the neural tube.

The high dietary fiber of soy milk aids in the regulation of bowel movement during the phase of pregnancy and ensures gastrointestinal health. Accordingly soy milk is profoundly valuable for pregnant and lactating mothers.

7. Dehydration

soy milk for dehydration

Soy milk is remarkably beneficial for dehydration and electrolyte balance. Regular consumption of fresh and cool soy milk helps in the re-stabilization of the wavering level of electrolytes like potassium and sodium whose levels fall when the body gets dehydrated.

8. Skin

Skin troubles such as inflammation of skin, pimples, and rashes can be effectively cured by drinking soy milk on a regular basis. Made out of minerals, fibrous content and essential vitamins, soy milk sustains the skin profoundly from within.

Soy milk makes the skin tender and supple. The milk nourishes the skin and keeps it naturally moisturized. Soybean milk is richly supplied with antioxidants that battle against noxious free radicals, shield the skin from harm caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, heal cuts, scrapes, and bruises and keep a number of skin diseases at bay.

The soy milk benefits of skin include the counteractive action of skin cancer, prevention of dryness of skin, untimely aging of the skin, skin inflammation, acne and other such skin issues.

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9. Regular Bowel Movement

Soy milk is rich in dietary fiber which makes it critically beneficial for a regular bowel movement. The fiber eases the process of movement of bowels through the colon and is a natural and effective cure for irritable bowel syndrome and constipation.

10. Reducing the Risks of Prostatic Cancer

Extensive research has demonstrated that soy milk can significantly diminish the dangers of prostate cancer. Soy milk is packed with phytoestrogen that has the ability to decrease the level of secretion of testosterone in the body. The decreased level of testosterone reduces the dangers of the prostate tumor as well(2).

11. Healthy Hair

soy milk benefits for healthy hair

Consumption of soy milk on a regular basis nourishes the scalp with fundamental nutrients that protect it from going dry and flaky.

The milk stimulates the secretion of sebum in the scalp which hydrates the hair, makes the root firm and keeps the event of dandruff. The anti-inflammatory nature of soy milk protects the hair and scalp permanent balding and other diseases that infect the scalp.

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12. Soy Milk Benefits for the Natural Cure of Intestinal Cancer

The anti-inflammatory properties of soy milk make it highly effective for the natural cure of intestinal ulcer. It shields the intestinal wall from harm caused by oxidative damage of the protective mucus layer.

Soy milk has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which make it exceedingly advantageous for the natural treatment of intestinal irritation and ulcers.

Soy milk is a powerhouse of antioxidants in leaves that protect the intestines from oxidative stress and averts internal inflammation and intestinal cancer.

13. Soy Milk Benefits for Oral Health

The antibacterial nature of soy milk helps to battle against the microscopic organisms and germs that work inside the mouth and damage the gums, roots, and teeth.

It battles against oral infections such as cavities, weakened and infected roots of teeth, gingivitis, and pyorrhea, swollen gums around the affected tooth, gum boils and bad breath. The anti-inflammatory nature of the milk serves as an effective treatment of tooth decay and inflammation of gums(3).

14. Soy Milk Benefits for Stronger Body Immunity

Soy milk being loaded with antioxidants is luxuriously valuable for the improvement of the body immune system. The anti-inflammatory nature of soy milk soothes the respiratory tract and secures its wellbeing.

It successfully cures a typical chilly, influenza, sore throat and chest clog and fortifies the body immunity by eliminating the dangerous free radicals thereby shielding the body from oxidative stress.

15. Benefits of Soy Milk for Weight Loss

benefits of soy milk for weight loss

Drinking fresh soy milk daily can adequately help in shedding flab and excess body weight on account of its low calorie and rich dietary fiber content. It quickens the rate of digestion thereby resulting in the reduction of excessive body weight.

It contains monounsaturated and unsaturated fats that hinder the ingestion of fats in the digestion tracts thus helping to stay slim and fit.

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Soy Milk Side Effects

Soy milk has a number of side effects and should not be taken if you notice any signs of these side effects-

  1. Soy milk leads to chronic inflammation
  2. It causes itchy sensations in the throat
  3. It blocks the digestion of proteins
  4. It causes bloating and flatulence
  5. It increases the body’s exposure to carcinogens.


1. Is it safe to drink soy milk every day?

Response: It is completely safe to drink soy milk every day and is beneficial for health as well. The milk is completely free of cholesterol and is low in saturated fatty acids. It does not contain any lactose either and makes for an excellent vegan alternative to cow milk.

2. Is soy milk vegan?

Response: Soy milk is plant-based proteinaceous milk and is hence completely vegan. It is obtained from soaking soybeans and then grinding the soaked soybeans. The ground soybeans are boiled and filtered out. Soy milk is a high protein plant-based beverage that is a stable emulsion of proteins, water, and oils.

3. Is soy milk gluten free?

Response: Fresh soy milk is gluten-free by nature.

4. Is soy milk bad for you?

Response: Soy milk is highly beneficial for health but it is not devoid of side effects. Besides, its over-consumption affects health adversely.

5. Is soy milk good for you?

Response: Soy milk is highly beneficial for health. It has a rich nutritional composition that helps to fit, healthy and energized.

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