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How To Reduce Face Fat Naturally

How To Reduce Face Fat Naturally

How How To Reduce Face Fat Naturally

The face is by far the first body part that gives the first impression of your being. Apparently, chubby cheeks make you look older than you are and that’s why it is advisable to reduce the face fat. If you have face fat, you are likely to get significant challenges due to low self-esteem, making it hard to get a job or even a partner.

Nonetheless, there is some incredible news that can help reduce your face fat in a record time. These are so far the best remedies that can save you the public embarrassments. Here is a list of natural remedies that are likely to give you a good-looking face to match your perfect body.

1. Reduce your calorie intake

As you already know, reducing calorie intake is one remarkable intervention for weight loss which can occur in a record time. Cutting your calorie intake by a given standard percentage in a day can help you achieve an average weight loss. And when one loses weight, the entire body gets rid of the fat including the face.

2. Drink plenty of water daily

Water retention is a common condition that occurs in the body including the face. The situation occurs due to excessive intake of salt which can cause face fat accumulation. As such, it is advisable to drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. Otherwise, you are likely to suffer from water retention and might end up adding weight to your face. In like manner, minimize your intake of alcohol.

3. Take fat loss supplements

Unfortunately, no amount of weight loss pills and powders are going to give you the face you admire. But you can drive away face fat with proper eating and exercise, and certain supplements. You can consider taking 3 to 6 mg of caffeine per day because caffeine raises the number of calories you burn. Additionally, caffeine intake also increases strength, muscle endurance, and anaerobic performance.

4. Engage in a mix of cardio and strength training exercises to get rid of excess fat

You can build the lean muscle mass by making different facial expressions such as the facial yoga(1). The form of exercise intended to tighten the various muscles in the face include

  • The smiling fish face

You can perform the practice by sucking in your cheeks and holding the expression for one minute until you feel the burn in your cheeks and jaws. One notable advantage of the smiling fish face is that you can do it anywhere at home while listening to your favorite song or when doing any domestic chores. But while performing the smiling fish face, be vigilant to maintain your routine and avoid falling back into unhealthy eating habits.

  • Chin lift

Through the chin lift exercise, you can stretch the facial muscles which include jaw, throat, and neck. To perform this task, begin by tilting your head towards the ceiling and make your lips try to kiss the roof using the tips. Stay in that position for 20-30 seconds before relaxing and repeating multiple times.

  • Jaw release

The jaw release is one of the most effective facial yoga exercise(2) that might give you an attractive face and release the false years depicted by the face fat. Jaw release helps to stretch the muscles around your lips, jaws, and cheeks. Begin the practice by the rhythmic movement of your jaw like someone chewing gum with your lips closed. Breathe in deeply and then breathe out before opening your mouth wide and pressing your tongue against your bottom teeth. Hold the posture for five seconds before taking another cycle.

  • Blowing air exercise

The blowing air exercise is effective in getting rid of chubby cheeks. This effective face exercise impacts on the cheeks, jaws, and neck muscles giving you a natural face with a lean appearance. Begin with a position facing the ceiling and pull your lips. Blow out air from your mouth for seconds before you relax.

  • Close the eyes tightly

Although this technique is quite simple, it is also useful in reducing the face fat. You just begin the practice by closing the eyes firmly with a tightened cheeks muscles. Stay in the position for 10-20 seconds until you feel the contraction of your muscles on the face. Relax your face muscles and repeat the technique five times a day for a better result.

  • Stretch your face muscles

You can engage in this technique of stretching your face muscles with the help of your hands. Begin by lowering your chin next to the chest then pull the skin below the cheekbones. Remain in static position for a while before repeating the procedure at least thrice a day.

Bonus Tips

  1. Massage vitamin E oil on your face and neck area

Vitamin E enhances the elasticity of your skin by balancing its humidity which helps reduce face fat. You can alternatively include vitamin E rich food in your diets such as nuts and seeds, beans, green leafy vegetables, soybeans, peanuts, and other dairy products.

  1. Hot towel treatment

Hot towel treatment is a steaming intervention that causes your facial skin to sweat. Of course, steam is vital in reducing the face fat by tightening the skin. You can begin by boiling some water and after it cools down a little, soak a towel, squeeze it and press it on the fatty areas of your face. Repeat the procedure at least five times to tone down your chubby cheeks.

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  1. Coconut oil application

Coconut oil(3) has Vitamin E which makes it an excellent natural moisturizer. It helps to keep the skin hydrated which is a crucial factor to maintain skin flexibility and elasticity. For quick results, consider applying the coconut oil daily to your facial skin.

  1. Milk Massage

Milk is an incredible drink which comes packed with essential nutrients that tone-up the face fats. You can achieve outstanding results by taking some raw milk and massaging it on the face and neck. Rinse your face off with lukewarm water after a few minutes.

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