Effective Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Updated on December 26th, 2019
home remedies for weight loss

Binging on your favorite dessert, or skipping a day at the gym might seem quite enticing. But what is challenging is getting rid of the extra flab off your body. Weight loss requires quite a demanding regime, and there is no magical shortcut that you can resort to for weight loss.

Now we are sure you might be wondering if reducing your diet and exercising vigorously are the only ways to get rid of that extra weight. Interestingly, there are many natural home remedies to lose weight fast that you can choose from, which can help you reach your ultimate goal of being fit.

We throw some light on some of the most effective as well as tried and tested natural remedies to lose body weight, and the correct method to use these remedies. A committed regime of exercise, along with these remedies, can surely help you fasten the process of weight loss.

What Causes Weight Gain?

Your body weight is dependent on several factors, with the two biggest ones being your lifestyle and diet. The most common causes of gaining weight are indulging in fatty and processed foods, inadequate exercising, hormonal changes, pregnancy, etc. However, the home remedies given below can definitely help you shed weight and get back into shape.


Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Foods That You Must Try

1. Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss

apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great natural remedy for weight loss. It used as a natural medicine to cure several ailments.

Acetic acid, one of the main active components in the vinegar helps promote weight loss. It is a short-chain fatty acid that can be further broken down to hydrogen and acetate in the body.

The acetic acid in vinegar also helps decrease metabolism levels in addition to increasing the metabolism in the body. It burns fat and also decreases the number of genes that reduce belly fat.

You would be surprised to know that in a particular study(1), it was revealed that apple cider vinegar promotes fullness in the stomach, which further decreases the calorie intake, thus promoting weight loss.

In addition to the effects apple cider vinegar has on reducing appetite, it also slows down the rate at which the food leaves your stomach that further contributes to feeling full and keeps blood sugar levels in control.

You can consume 15-30 ml of Apple Cider Vinegar per day. For best results, simply mix a spoon or two of it in water and drink it. In case you find it difficult to consume it due to its taste, you may add some honey so as to make your drink more palatable.

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2. Lemon Water for Weight Loss

Lemon water for weight loss

Lemon water contains very low calories and is hence one of the best natural remedies to lose weight. Drinking lemon water is often considered as a pivotal part of a weight loss regime for the simple reason that it promotes fullness and satiety without consuming too many calories.

Due to the phenomenal effects that lemon water has in improving metabolism, most researches indicate that lemon water can be quite instrumental in enhancing weight loss. It may be interesting to note that consuming lemon water can show significant changes in your body irrespective of changes in your regular diet, or exercise.

Lemon water is delicious, easy to make and is laden with benefits. This low-calorie beverage is a great way to hydrate your body and ensure weight loss. Simply squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and consume it around 2-3 times a day. You can skip adding sugar to lower your calorie intake.

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3. Oatmeal For Weight Loss


Oatmeal is yet another great way to reduce weight. Oatmeal is a whole grain meal with several nutritional advantages. In fact, it is a preferred breakfast for most people as it is healthy and does not include much fat content.

It may be interesting to note that only half a cup of oats cooked in water contain around 2 grams of dietary fiber and around 3 grams of protein with no sugar at all.

Oatmeal is a low calorie and low-fat diet and can help you stay full for a longer duration in comparison to other foods. In addition, oatmeal is a low-cost weight loss option and saves you from splurging money on a variety of expensive weight loss plans.

Consuming oatmeal coupled with your regular exercise can help you lose weight. It is understandable that eating the same meal day after day can get quite monotonous. Therefore, you can gradually add different types of fruits to your oatmeal more palatable.

Since oatmeal contains negligible calories, you may have to consume other food items to increase your calorie count. In this regard, you can consult your doctor who can prescribe you the best diet plan.

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4. Honey For Weight Loss

benefits of honey

Honey is an essential part of most weight loss programs and is a great natural remedy to lose weight.

For most of you thinking, if honey contains sugar or not, honey is actually a substitute for sugar. In fact, it contains vitamins and minerals that most people use to add sweetness to their food. This is why honey is mostly called as a source of “empty calories.”

Honey can be extremely beneficial to mobilize the fat stored in your body. When the same fat is burnt while doing physical activities, you notice a gradual reduction in your body weight.

Studies(2) also show that honey is a great source of HDL or good cholesterol, so consuming it can help you have a healthier life.

Well, there are countless ways to consume honey. It can either be consumed as it is or be mixed with a variety of drinks or added to your daily meal.

Most people use honey as a natural remedy to lose weight with lemon water. Honey contains around 26 amino acids, numerous minerals, and vitamins that aid the metabolism of the body and help shed extra weight.

Additionally, you can also use a combination of honey and cinnamon, or add honey to your regular tea instead of sugar with an aim to reduce weight. However, before purchasing honey, do make sure that it is of good quality and does not contain too many preservatives.

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5. Coffee For Weight Loss

Image: ShutterStock

A cup of steaming coffee is something we all love to have, be it any time of the day. You would be surprised to know that having a coffee can really help you reduce your weight.

Coffee helps you suppress your appetite and increases the release of several fatty acids present in the bloodstream. It also helps you increase your adrenaline levels as well as increase the blood circulation in your body, thus increasing the rate of heartbeat, which helps burn more calories.

The kind of coffee that you drink is directly linked to your weight loss regime. For instance, a cup of black coffee does not contain too many calories and can thus aid in weight loss. However, if you consume a cup of coffee made with whole cream milk and topped with ice cream, it is sure to make you gain even more weight.

In case you do not prefer caffeine, you can also choose to drink decaffeinated coffee which is easily available in the market.

It may be noted that in case you are suffering from cholesterol, or blood pressure problems, make sure to consult your doctor before including coffee in your weight loss program.

Oils for Weight Loss

In addition to several foods, a few of which have been mentioned above, there are a number of oils as well that can help you cut the excess flab. These oils are a great natural remedy that can help you stay healthy and active.

1. Coconut Oil For Weight Loss

coconut oil benefits

Coconut oil is one of the most common oils that is used to lose body weight.

It contains some excellent fatty acids that have a noticeable effect on your metabolism. A particular study(3) undertaken to find out the effect of coconut oil on the body revealed that coconut oil is of thermogenic nature which means that it helps you increase, or hasten the fat burning home remedies in the body, thus contributing to the weight loss. Coconut oil also helps you reduce your appetite, thus reducing your daily calorie intake.

The best way to consume coconut oil is to add it in your meals while cooking. This way, you can get rid of harmful refined oils and switch to healthier options, thus achieving a fit body.

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2. Olive Oil For Weight Loss

olive oil Benefits

Olive oil, particularly extra virgin olive oil is a great remedy for weight loss.  Extra virgin olive oil is unprocessed as well as unrefined, having an increased concentration of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

This olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) that help you keep your heart in a healthy condition and also control sugar levels, thus assisting weight loss.

Olive oil can best be used while cooking dishes in it. Another remarkable way to use olive oil to lose weight is to drizzle it on your salads coupled with a few other healthy dressings.

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3. Castor Oil For Weight Loss

other benefits of Castor oil
Image: ShutterStock

Castor oil has been used to cure a variety of ailments since times immemorial. It is a great natural remedy to lose weight. It promotes bowel movement and helps in getting rid of any extra water in the body, thus helping you shed a few extra pounds. Additionally, it also helps in detoxifying your body and ensures a healthy metabolism as well as an improved digestive system, thus contributing to weight loss.

Castor oil can be consumed directly. A couple of tablespoons every day can help you lose weight. You can add castor oil to your tea, such as ginger tea, or fresh juices like cranberry juice.

Weight loss can be easily achieved by following the simple remedies that have been enumerated above. You must remember that no metabolisms are the same, while some may lose body weight quickly, others may require a little extra time. You should always consult a doctor or a dietician before starting your weight loss regime for aa well-guided weight loss process.

The natural remedies for weight loss as given above can go a long way in ensuring that you achieve a healthy body. All you need is to be regular and persistent in your endeavor to shed weight.


1. What Kind of Fats Should Be Avoided to Reduce Weight?

Fats that come from processed foods or saturated fats should be avoided at all costs. In order to lose weight effectively, replace unhealthy fats with healthy ones such as those found in olive oil, and avocados, etc.

2. Should You Drink Water Before Meals to Lose Weight?

Well, drinking water right before your meals helps you fill your stomach and, thus makes you eat less. This not only reduces your calorie intake but also helps you stay hydrated.

3. How to Lose Weight Naturally at Home?

Exercise helps you burn excess fat and helps you get back in shape. A blend of natural remedies, coupled with at least half an hour of exercise each day can help you reduce weight and improve metabolism.

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