Top 2 DIY Remedies of Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Updated on December 27th, 2019
Honey and Cinnamon

Keto, work out, detox, yoga, and repeat! Do these terms haunt you in your dreams too? Is your wardrobe slowly losing free space due to an enormous accumulation of such clothes that don’t fit you anymore? Then this article is going to be super helpful to you as what you are going to read is a one-stop page explaining you the best and the most natural weight loss remedy i.e., honey and cinnamon for weight loss that will successfully help you to get rid of obesity soon.

Obesity has arisen and spread like an epidemic in society with the changing lifestyle of people. People suffering from obesity have almost doubled since 1980. Under work pressure, people often skip meals and take to alcohol and smoking. Visiting fast food restaurants more than often and dining out or indulging in oily stuff for the love of it leads to the accumulation of fat cells. It leads to heart diseases, hypertension, and organ damage as well as brain malfunction. There are straightforward home remedies to control obesity such as the use of honey and cinnamon for weight loss.

Proficiency of Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Obesity itself does not cause any harm. However, it leads to many secondary health issues and over time it becomes difficult to determine the underlying cause of obesity for health issues. Generally, the deposition of fat cells in the adipose tissue absorbs water and becomes hardened which is difficult to dissolve.

The increase in fat cells leads to an accumulation of LDL in the body and deposition of cholesterol in the capillary walls and blood vessels. It can lead to a condition of atherosclerosis or narrowing of the blood vessels which disrupts blood circulation and blood flow. It can cause blockages in the arteries and heart attacks or interrupt blood flow to organs and cause organ damage. Fat deposition leads to increase in blood sugar levels and gets often related to diabetes and hypertension with incidences of heart disease and glaucoma.

Many health supplements are available in the market nowadays which force the body’s metabolism to increase the rate of anabolic and catabolic reactions and burn the fat cells like a furnace bringing extensive weight loss rapidly. There are many natural health supplements which can provide the benefits of active weight loss of which not much information is available. The mixture of honey and cinnamon for weight loss is incidentally very useful, and it can be used readily for its immense health benefits providing relief from the diseases associated with obesity as well.

Facts that make Cinnamon and Honey so Desirable for Weight Loss


  • Cinnamon acts as a detoxification agent and cleans the body of parasites and bacteria
  • It helps in the development of harboring good bacteria in the digestive tract which aids in the absorption of nutrients from the food at a faster rate and proper breakdown of fat cells
  • Cinnamon is beneficial in increasing the metabolic rate of the body which helps to burn the fat at a rapid pace and improve glucose metabolism
  • Cinnamon also prevents the sugar from accumulating and prevents diabetes. Moreover, it increases the sensitivity of the body to insulin and helps in maintaining the sugar levels.

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  • Honey can be used as a substituent of sugar in almost all cases and is beneficial rather than the consumption of sugar
  • It enhances the metabolic rate and prevents stress eating. Many people find solace from stress and anxiety in food which leads to obesity.
  • Honey can prevent this and suppress the appetite so that you do not feed on fast food in between meals. It acts on the hormone adiponectin and decreases food cravings in between meals.
  • Honey has loads of vitamins and minerals that provide a substantial boost of energy to the body and keeps the body active throughout the day. It increases focus and mental clarity and helps in enhancing performance at work.
  • Honey consumption decreases the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol and is beneficial for patients with mild diabetes.
  • Honey gets slowly absorbed into the body more readily, unlike sugar which gets incorporated in once and causes a rush in the body. The level of sugar consumed at once speaks to a high and then falls suddenly which aggravates hunger. Honey, however, gets incorporated slowly and releases energy regularly into the body.
  • Honey is rich in enzymes and antioxidants which helps in better absorption of food and passage of nutrients via the bloodstream to the muscles for building the bones and muscle strength. It is rich in antioxidants which helps fight oxidative stress.

Interesting DIY’s that will persuade you to use Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss

The mixture of honey and cinnamon can provide endless benefits, and it is a simple remedy used for weight loss. Below are two of the best recipes that you can use at the ease of your home for its benefits.

1. Cinnamon bark tea with honey

Cinnamon bark tea

How to use?

  • Boil a ½ cup water with a cinnamon stick in it
  • Let the water take the aroma of the stick fully for around 10 minutes
  • Strain the tea to remove the cinnamon
  • Add a tablespoon of honey before serving


Honey and cinnamon mixture is very beneficial for the health with morning tea or before bedtime, and even a spoon of the mix daily can provide effective weight loss.


Always use at least ½ a teaspoon of honey for consuming only cinnamon can choke you and make sure not to boil the cinnamon with water or add sugar or salt to it.

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2. Honey and cinnamon with green tea

green tea

How to use?

To prepare this, you would need-

  • 1 cup water
  • One teaspoon of honey
  • One teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Two teaspoons of green tea


  • First the cinnamon powder and honey is mixed in a separate bowl
  • Green tea is added to water and boiled
  • Add the tea to the bowl containing the honey and cinnamon mixture
  • Mix it well by stirring and then use it


The mix of honey and cinnamon can be taken easily with warm tea and is absorbed readily into the bloodstream where it slowly releases glucose and keeps you active and energetic.


The tea having honey and cinnamon mixture cannot be boiled again once prepared since boiling can make cinnamon lose its benefits and instead become toxic for lungs. Keep the mixture warm and don’t forget to use honey with cinnamon.

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When to use honey and cinnamon mixture to reap maximum benefits?

The honey and cinnamon for weight loss are most effective when used in one of the following times. You can use it in any of the remedies mentioned above or simply make a mixture of pure honey and cinnamon and gulp it down your throat as required.

honey and cinnamon

1. Use honey and cinnamon in the morning

Starting the day on a good note is essential to make sure that the entire day goes well and productive. Mainly when you are fighting obesity and have people making you feel inferior due to the body structure and fat belly, you can start the day by working on getting rid of the fat. Take the mixture as soon as you are awake and at least a half hour before breakfast. You can add it to your lukewarm morning water and sip it slowly.

2. Take honey and cinnamon between meals

The time between meals is when most people give thought to their cravings and indulge in fast food which leads to the accumulation of those fat cells. A mixture of honey and cinnamon can help in curbing the appetite and suppress your cravings so you can wait till the next meals and not much on fast food. It also releases sugar slowly into the blood so that it helps to keep the body energetic and active with increased focus and clarity. Taking honey and cinnamon in tea works the best after meals.

3. Take honey and cinnamon before aerobics

A little bit of exercise is always beneficial for people who are obese. It helps to enhance the flow of blood and burn the extra calories. Not eating before and after a workout can help in burning excess fat, however, to be able to do the workout sessions you need to put in something to provide you the energy. A mix of honey and cinnamon can provide instant and slow bursts of energy which can help you to cope up with the workout sessions as well as burn more calories in a short time.

4. Use honey and cinnamon before going to bed

The time between dinner and sleep can be another significant thing to fight your cravings as many people sleep late at night and can start having cravings taking them to the fridge and munch on your favorite ice cream or snacks. A mixture of honey and cinnamon for weight loss will keep a check on the cravings from occurring and help in resetting the digestive system and calming it while the body is preparing to sleep. Honey is a sweetener and prevents the craving to eat after dinner and relaxes the stomach. In this way, the intake of extra calories can get avoided. But refrain yourself from taking its tea as it may delay sleep too. Instead, you can have a glass of milk by adding cinnamon and honey to it.

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Risk Factors Associated With Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss

  • Cinnamon is available in varieties, and it is suggested to use Ceylon cinnamon instead of cassia cinnamon for its high content of coumarin which can cause liver and kidney damage.
  • Coumarin also causes blood thinning, and its high doses could prove to be fatal as it does not let blood coagulate.
  • It increases the heart rate and can cause choking if not supplemented with honey.
  • Excess of honey can cause sugar problems and diabetes.
  • Using organic and natural honey is very beneficial as commercial honey that you get in the market are mostly artificially sweetened and contains many preservatives.

Obesity can damage the quality of life, giving rise to a horde of ailments related to the heart and brain. It is however pretty easy to fight obesity with home remedies and natural and herbal ingredients. The potential of honey and cinnamon for weight loss has been recently coming into the limelight, and doctors suggest its use for huge benefits associated with it. It is also beneficial for keeping sugar levels under control, prevent cholesterol and fat accumulation and help in rapid loss of fat by increasing the metabolic rate of the body and keeping you active throughout the day.

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