Benefits of Lemon Water for Weight Loss

Updated on December 5th, 2019
lemon Water for Weight Loss

Lemon water is essentially lemon juice mixed with water, which can be taken either in hot or cold form. A glass of lemon water every morning on an empty stomach has been known to improve digestion, increase energy, and also reduce weight. And, it can boost your vitamin C intake too.

How lemon water can help lose weight?

Lemon water(1) is a low-calorie beverage, second only to water, and contains no more than six calories. A can of soda, on the other hand, contains 100-200 calories. So, swapping your can of soda for a glass of lemon water will help you cut down on them. According to a study by PubMed, people who had a low-calorie diet but consumed a can of soda failed to lose as much weight as those who took a glass of lemon water daily in place of processed beverages.

Drinking lemon water to lose weight can keep you hydrated, thus helping you avoid water retention and bloating.

Did You Know!

Lemon juice in hot water can help treat sore throat due to its antibacterial properties

Lemon water benefits and recipes for weight loss

Lemon water benefits and recipes for weight loss

Here are some common ways in which lemon water can be used for weight loss(2) and some lemon water recipes for weight loss.

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1. Rich in vitamin C

All citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C, which helps fight the free radicals in your body. The antioxidant properties of lemon water help flush out the toxins from your body.

Take a glass of water and add the juice of half a lemon and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. You can use warm or cold water, based on your preference.

2. Aids digestion

Drinking lemon water daily can slow digestion, thus helping your body absorb nutrients. This is achieved by the acids in lemon water. It also helps regulate your insulin levels and increases the utilization of the nutrients that you consume.

Take 10 ounces of water and squeeze a lemon’s juice into it. Add a few sprigs of mint and some honey. Take this drink when you are thirsty to derive the most benefits.

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3. It’s hydrating

The recommended intake of water for men is 125 ounces and 91 ounces for women, including water from food or drinks. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, add a few drops of lemon to it.

4. Boosts immunity

Vitamin C and other nutrients in lemon water can help enhance your immune system. In fact, a single lemon contains more than 180% of the daily intake of vitamin C.

5. Helps cleanse liver

Water is the primary component of any detox diet. Adding lemon to water will reduce your appetite, ensuring that you consume lesser calories. The antioxidants in lemon also help you cleanse your liver.

6. Reduces insulin resistance

Lemon water s for weight loss

The polyphenol antioxidants in lemon water improve insulin resistance and also offset the negative effects of blood glucose. Lemon water also creates a feeling of fullness, so experts recommend drinking it right before any meal to avoid eating too much. This can help reduce the calorie intake.

Lemon oil is used in aromatherapy to facilitate relaxations

A study found that drinking 0.5 litres right before breakfast can reduce the number of calories consumed in any meal by over 13%. Lemon water works the same way since it has a very low calorie count and promotes the same feeling of fullness that water does. The primary benefit of lemon water for weight loss is that it satiates your hunger, and you don’t eat as much as you would otherwise, thus reducing your calorie intake.

Lemon trees produce fruit all year, producing around 600lbs of yearly


1. Does lemon water help you lose weight?

Essentially, yes. Lemon water doesn’t work like most weight loss methods though. It aids in weight loss by reducing hunger and encouraging fullness. Also, a glass of lemon water early in the morning can help flush out the toxins in your body, which helps reduce weight faster.

2.Does lemon water burn fat?

Striking a healthy balance is the secret to weight loss. The citrus in lemon will help you reduce bloating and increase your metabolism, which will help you lose weight faster.

3.How much lemon should you take daily for weight loss?

Including half a lemon in your daily diet is recommended.

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