How to Reduce Weight with Oatmeal?

Updated on December 31st, 2019
Oatmeal for Weight Loss

Oats are packed with nutritional benefits. Oats are one of the most popular breakfast foods found around the globe. They are low in calories, fat, carbs, and many more. When you have oatmeal for weight loss, they keep you full and active the rest of the day.

Right from breakfast and energy bars to healthy desserts, you can include oats in literally every food you consume. You can customize oats in your food in any way you want. Of course, how you consume your oats can have a significant effect on your weight loss. Let’s see how.

Is Oatmeal for Weight Loss Good?


Oats are an excellent source of fiber. And fiber is one of the critical nutrients that will help you in weight loss. Adding more and more proteins(1) and fiber to your routine is an easy way to reduce those extra pounds as it keeps you full for a longer time.

What Is the Best Oatmeal Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

For oatmeal benefits weight loss, you have to consume regular oats or rolled oats. Avoid instant and flavored oats. These kinds of oats will contain added sugars and preservatives, which will not help in weight loss in any way.

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1. Breakfast

Overnight Oats and One Cup of Green Tea

To make overnight oats, take five tablespoons of regular oats in a container and soak in ten tablespoons of plain yogurt.  You can use either greek yogurt or non-fat yogurt. Now, add one teaspoon of flax seeds (Rich in omega-3 fatty acids) and a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder along with four to five chopped almonds.

Add one tablespoon of honey and mix well. Now, let it sit overnight. In the morning, you can add one apple to this oats and have it.

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2. Lunch

Oats Omelet

Take three whole eggs and add a pinch of salt and pepper and beat it well. Now, take five to 7 mushrooms and chop coarsely. Take a pan and add one tablespoon olive oil to it. Add the mushrooms(2) and stir for five minutes. Now, add three tablespoons of oats and mix well. Saute for five more minutes. Now, add the egg mixture to the mushrooms in the pan. Remove your oats omelet and enjoy it.

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3. Dinner

Oatmeal and Green Tea

Oatmeal and Green Tea

To make oatmeal, take a pan and add four to five tablespoons of plain oats. Add half a cup of skimmed milk and half a cup of regular water. Let it cook for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, chop five to seven almonds and add it to the pan. Once you get the desired mixture, add a teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of flax seeds, a pinch of cinnamon, and one apple.

Take it off the stove and enjoy your oatmeal for dinner.

Follow this diet for ten days to witness a significant amount of weight loss. Of course, there different oatmeal recipes for weight loss. You can try those too. But make sure not to add refined sugars or products that contain added sugars.

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How to Add Oats in Other Foods or Meals?

You can add oats to anything. Whether it is a cupcake or regular bread, you can customize your food and oats according to your taste. While you are on an oat diet plan, try to avoid sugary foods as it will not help you reduce your weight.

As you have already learned, the oatmeal diet has tonnes of health benefits. However, as a ritual, before you start any new diet, consult your doctor to ensure you don’t have any hidden medical conditions. The health benefits of oats are endless; from lowering the risk of cardio diseases and cancer to helping in indigestion, oats can be a great value that you can add to your diet.


1. Can Women with PCOS Eat Oatmeal?

Yes, they can. Oats have a low glycemic index and are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They will help you in maintaining your weight, glucose, and insulin levels.

2. Can We Eat Almond-Flavored Oats?

Whether it is almond or any other nut, make sure they don’t contain any added sugars. If they do contain sugars, then they are not as beneficial as plain rolled oats.

3. What Are the Oatmeal Calories That One Can Intakes?

100 grams of oatmeal contains around 70 calories.

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