7 Best Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Updated on November 15th, 2019
home remedies for menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramp is the pain in the lower abdomen that occurs during the menstrual cycle. The uterine muscles contract spasmodically and trigger mild to severe cramps. It can feel awful, but the home remedies for menstrual cramps are incredibly useful and delicious too. If you have menstrual cramps, then take some rest and sip on herbal teas to drive out the pain.

Almost 31.83 million women of the US reported the PMS and menstrual cramps in 2019. The cramps are severe for at least one in four women across the world. The pain generally becomes less severe with advancing age. If you have underlying health issues, then you should consult a gynecologist. However, menstrual cramps remedies are effective, and worth trying. They are reported to heal the pain in no time.

How To Apply The Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps At Home?

1. Ginger For Menstrual Cramps


If the menstrual cramp is only getting worse, then ditch the pain-killers and try ginger instead. Ginger(1) is a wonderful herb as it can decrease the level of prostaglandins that trigger pain in the body.

Drinking ginger tea helps in fighting against fatigue and other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. It assists in alleviating the pain and maintains regularity of the menstrual cycle as well.

  1. Grate an inch-sized piece of ginger and boil that in plain water. Strain it out into a cup and let it simmer down slightly.
  2. Add a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice to it for taste.

Drink the delicious ginger tea with slow sips to ease the menstrual cramp.

Ginger is one of the most effective home remedies for menstrual cramps. Drink ginger tea thrice a day for the cure of the pain. You can also sprinkle your food with grated ginger to increase the intake.

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2. Basil For Menstrual Cramps

Basil is incredibly effective in the alleviation of menstrual cramps. It contains caffeic acid, which is known for potent analgesic properties.

  1. Add a tablespoon of crushed basil leaves to a cup of hot water.
  2. Cover the cup with an airtight lid and let the contents cool down.

Drink the basil concoction to ease the pain.

  1. Grind a handful of fresh basil to extract the juice.
  2. Add a few teaspoons of the juice to a solution of water and honey.

Drink the basil solution for the treatment of menstrual pain.

Drink the basil concoction every couple of hours throughout the day for the cure of menstrual pain. Consume the basil solution with slow sips thrice a day for the treatment of cramps.

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3. Fennel Seeds For Menstrual Cramps

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds contain phytoestrogens, anti-spasmodic, and anti-inflammatory compounds that work to cure the menstrual pain(2).

The consumption of fennel seeds helps in relaxing the uterine muscles, which in turn provide relief from the cramping and pain.

  1. Add two teaspoons of fennel to a cup of hot water. Let it simmer for a few minutes over a low flame.
  2. Remove the cup from the flame and strain out the tea.
  3. Add a teaspoon of honey to the tea and stir gently.

Drink the fennel tea with slow sips to make the pain subside.

Drink the fennel seed tea twice daily for about three or four days before the expected onset of the menstrual flow for the prevention of menstrual cramps.

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4. Cinnamon For Menstrual Cramps

The anti-spasmodic compounds of cinnamon spice help in the prevention and cure of menstrual cramps.

The anti-clotting properties of cinnamon help to maintain regularity in the blood flow during the cycle and prevent the clotting of blood. Blood clotting is one of the primary causes of menstrual cramps.

Cinnamon possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties that do away with inflammation and pain in the uterus. The consumption of cinnamon supplies the body with calcium, manganese, iron, and dietary fiber, as well.

  1. Prepare a cup of cinnamon tea by adding a pinch of cinnamon powder to a cup of lukewarm water.
  2. Stir gently until the spice dissolves completely.
  3. Add honey to sweeten it.

Drink it with slow sips.

  1. Blend honey with warm water. Stir in half a teaspoon of cinnamon spice. Drink this decoction to get relief from menstrual cramps.

Drink the cinnamon tea twice daily before the onset of blood flow for the treatment of menstrual pain.

Consume the cinnamon decoction thrice every day during the menstrual flow to ease the cramps.

5. Blackstrap Molasses For Menstrual Cramps

Blackstrap Molasses for anemia

Blackstrap molasses is one of the most delicious and effective home remedies for menstrual cramps. It is rich in minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and manganese. It also supplies the body with a healthy dose of vitamin B6, which is essential during the menstrual phase.

The vitamins and minerals help to decrease blood clotting and soothe the uterine muscles. Take blackstrap molasses during the menstrual blood flow to cure the awful cramps.

  1. Add a tablespoon of it to a cup of lukewarm milk with gentle stirring.

Drink the mixture whenever you feel menstrual cramps to ease the discomfort.

Drink blackstrap molasses with milk before going to bed at night to prevent menstrual cramps from hampering your sleep.

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6. Chamomile Tea For Menstrual Cramps

Drink chamomile tea for menstrual cramps. It has potent antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that work to relax the contractions of the uterine muscles.

You can either use chamomile tea bags or crushed and dried chamomile flowers for preparing chamomile tea.

  1. Boil a tablespoon of chamomile flowers in a cup of water.
  2. Strain it out and add a dash of honey and lemon juice to it.
  3. Drink it for the alleviation of menstrual pain.

Start drinking chamomile tea every day at least a week before the onset of the cycle for the treatment of menstrual cramps.

7. Pickle Juice For Menstrual Cramps

Pickle Juice

Pickle juice contains a high level of salt, which helps in controlling heavy flow during the period. You can take cucumber pickle juice for effective alleviation of the pain.

Cucumber pickle juice contains natural acids and salts that do away with the pain in the lower abdomen.

  1. Prepare fermented pickles of cucumber with natural vinegar and salt.
  2. Squeeze out the juice and take a few teaspoons of it to get quick relief from menstrual cramps.

Take a shot of fresh and homemade pickle juice daily to get rid of the menstrual cramp.

Menstrual cramp is a common phenomenon. However, you can try a few home remedies for menstrual cramps as they are incredibly useful and delicious too. Drive out the pain with tea and fruit juice instead of popping in pain-killers. The menstrual cramps remedies are ancient and remarkably efficient. Bid farewell to the cramp with the home remedies and relax in peace.


1. Can Anemia Worsen Period Cramps?

The blood of anemic patients does not carry a sufficient amount of oxygen to the uterus, as such anemia can aggravate the pain of menstrual cramp. If you suffer from heavy blood flow during menstruation during your teenage, then consult a specialist; otherwise, you might contract anemia in the later years.

2. What Are the Recommended Sleeping Positions for Menstrual Cramps?

Here are a few sleeping positions that you can try to combat the discomfort of menstrual cramps:

  • Sleep on your side with a pillow.
  • Sleep on your back and place a hot water bottle or electric hot pad on your lower abdomen.
  • Sleep on your stomach. This way, the stomach gets compressed against the bed, and the pain slowly disappears.
  • Sleep in the fetal position with your legs pressed against your abdomen.
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