Use These 10 Periods Hacks to Sail Through That Time of the Month!

Updated on April 17th, 2020
period hacks

Periods are a natural bodily process. But they are also extremely painful and cumbersome to manage. Then, there’s also the lethargy and restlessness to make life harder.  Do you need some helpful hacks to make life easier during the menses and ease the suffering and pain?

Time-saving and super helpful, these practical hacks for girls menstruating will make life easier. Do try out all these simple but useful hacks such as eating right and resting adequately to stay ahead of the curve.

10 Helpful Period Hacks

1. Eat Nutrient-Rich Foods

Nutrient-Rich Foods

Studies show that all the period’s issues can be eliminated by having 1200 milligrams of calcium every day. Say help to calcium-rich foods and bid goodbye to period troubles. Also, start eating 50 gm of protein each day. It can make you more alert and energetic than sugar.

Follow a healthy, balanced diet during your menses. Avoid junk or processed foods and opt for fruits and foods high in fiber and micronutrients like calcium and boron. For example, broccoli is fiber-rich, and it can fend off menstrual symptoms. There are also nutrients like magnesium, vitamins(1), and potassium.

High in water, broccoli also fends off bloating. Try other leafy greens, besides almonds, dairy products, soy, sesame seeds, which are rich in calcium. This micronutrient helps in reducing cramps. Salmon, avocado, walnuts, flaxseeds, and pumpkin are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Such fatty acids are known for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to reduce menstrual cramps.

2. Try Herbal Oils

Essential oils like lavender and rosemary can be a solution if you’re facing sleepless nights due to periods triggering pain. Pour just a couple of essential oil drops on the pillow before sleeping to enjoy a good night’s rest.

3. Enjoy Wine

Women Drinking Wine

If you like drinking wine, here’s the good news. Drinking a glass of red wine can ease menstrual cramps. Red wine contains resveratrol to reduce uterine contractions. Have a glass of red wine, and your menstrual cramps(2) will vanish.

Prostaglandins are the reason why we experience painful cramps. It is a hormone-like compound causing cramps at the time of the month. Resveratrol reduces uterine contractions caused by elevated prostaglandin levels. Red wine is rich in resveratrol and can fend off cramps.

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4. Try an App

Forgetting period dates can be a real problem. To remember your dates, try online apps. You can download the app so that you don’t need to struggle to remember the date every again as apps keep track of dates.

Besides this, you even get reminders so you can be prepared. Try such apps, and keep yourself from the stress of recalling dates. It will also enable you to reduce salt intake 2-3 days before menstruation date, which prevents bloating.

5. Eat Dark Chocolates

Women eating Dark Chocolates

Always store dark chocolates in the bag. Dark chocolates are enriched with magnesium, and when you bleed excessively, you lose minerals. Dark chocolates give a magnesium boost to the body. These chocolates taste awesome, feel good, and fight cramps. Dark chocolate should ideally have 65% cacao and contain magnesium.

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6. Drink Water, Stay Hydrated

Drink adequate water during your periods, to prevent the body from dehydration. Water intake regulates the proper functioning of body cells. Lack of adequate water in the body disposes women to experience mental and physical stress during menses. So, how much water is enough? The Institute of Medicine advises 9 cups of fluid or slightly more than 2 liters total per day for females.

Reduction in progesterone and estrogen reduce water body retention. Drinking adequate water flushes out the system and keeps you well-hydrated. Drink enough water as it can help when you are losing adequate fluid from the body. It wards off dehydration and causes individuals to feel sluggish or bloated.

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7. Warm Up to a Heating Pad

Heat pads feel nice and cozy, stimulating blood flow and lessening cramp pain. Most heating pads require outlets to be plugged in, but even a hot water bottle could work. Try options that are DIY and make your heating pad by filling a knee sock with rice and tying off the ends.

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8. Cut Down on the Coffee

It is counterintuitive to scale back the caffeine when one is at his/her sleepiest. Caffeine leads to more water retention, worsening cramps, and triggering a nasty bloated feeling and cramps that worsen. Cut out the coffee during your periods and experience the relief.

9. Opt for Light Exercise

Women Exercise

Choose a light jog or a good walk. Of course, you may wonder about exercising while menstruating but bear in mind that there’s a reason for this recommendation. When you exercise, the body secretes feel-good endorphins. This hormone counteracts prostaglandins, which initiate cramps. Exercising reduces pain because endorphins exert morphine-like effects.

Besides this, it keeps your body active and permits proper blood flow in the body. It is essential to get involved in activities like walking, jogging, swimming, and other activities to keep your body strong. Sportswomen, for this reason, experience less pain and menstrual cramps. Exercising relieves the pain.

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10. Sip Herbal Tea

Ginger tea is one herbal wonder that can help when consuming herbal tea. It reduces nausea and inflammation or pain that worsens cramps. To make ginger tea, purchase some ginger root, peel the skin, and cut it into pieces. Boil the pieces in water to make hot tea. Mint or lemon tea is an excellent option for ginger water.

Avoid caffeine, black, or green tea. Drinking a cup of cinnamon tea, for example, can also fend off bad cramps during periods. Ginger tea has an anti-inflammatory substance which lowers pain. Besides, cinnamon tea also has antispasmodic properties, reducing the risk of menstrual pain. Herbal tea works in different ways to benefit you during periods.

So, whether it’s herbal tea or essential oils, light exercise, or nutritious meals, it is necessary to take care during your periods. Bad period cramps occur as a consequence of the oxygen inability to reach uterus tissue due to muscular contraction of uterus walls. Menstruation need not be a punishment for you. Take care to avoid issues like bloating and rest well, eat healthily, and drink plenty of fluids to remain fighting fit. It’s as simple as that. Period.

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