Best Foods for Inflammation Treatment at Home

Updated on October 23rd, 2019
foods for inflammation

Inflammation is caused when the body’s protective immune system ends up causing damage to its own tissues.  Interestingly, inflammation act as a protective shield and is a biological process from malignant diseases. Inflammation is not harmful and could fade away in a short period of time, but if it persists for a longer duration, it is not safe and requires an immediate treatment.

Before going for acute medication, you can include particular food in their daily diet, which effectively helps in treating inflammation.


According to the data available, there are two types of inflammation through which people suffer and are termed as acute and chronic.

  • Acute inflammation occurs due to some viruses and bacteria trying to enter the body and remaining there for a few days and disappears with time after the healing process.
  • Chronic inflammation is severe and doesn’t have a proper cure and lasts up to 4 to 3-4 months and is non-curable and results in various health hazards or even death.

Which Foods for Inflammation Help Cure Pain and Burning Sensation?

1. Green Tea for Inflammation

Green Tea

Drinking green tea has several health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties due to which it helps in decreasing the condition of inflammation if taken regularly.

It is effortless to prepare, and has tremendous health benefits like giving a glow to your skin, helps in cleansing your body system, and reduces inflammation. To prepare green tea, take one cup of water and bring to boil, then add green tea leaves in hot water- it’s ready to be served. For more tastier versions, you can add honey or another sweetener accordingly.

Taking two regular cups of green tea can help keep your body fit and healthy. You can consume more green tea if you desire, but you should seek advice from your doctor before doing so.

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2. Wild Salmon for Inflammation

Salmon contains both EPA and DHA. These two fatty acids are an active form that attacks excessively on inflammation through hormone adiponectin. It enhances metabolism and burns fat and therefore reduces inflammation.

You can prepare as ameal as fish curry, or can also consume it in canned form.

Taking fish once in a meal regularly when you are suffering from inflammation definitely helps in reducing the inflammation and reoccurrence of inflammation(1) and infections caused due to it.

3. Beet for Inflammation

Beet is a rich source of many phytochemicals such as Ascorbic acid, and Carotenoids. It is uniquely rich in betalain pigment, which is an antioxidant and works against inflammation. Moreover, betaine is a pigment that is a nutrient which not only fights inflammation but also boosts metabolism.

You can take it in the form of salad, raw or boiled. Also, you can use it in the preparation of sandwiches, cutlets, and soups, which are healthy and tasty.

One beet a day is helpful and beneficial for our body, especially in winter. It may not be suitable for everyone’s body in the summers.

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4. Tomato for Inflammation

Tomatoe benefits

Tomato contains lycopene, an antioxidant that protects the brain and fights depression, which becomes a cause of inflammation. Therefore tomatoes are full of benefits.

It is best when taken in a salad. If you don’t want to go with the raw one, you can have tomato soup. You can also consume it with olive oil, which is known for the absorption of lycopene and is full of nutrients essential for the body.

Including tomatoes in your daily diet helps your body in keeping fit and healthy and also reduces the effects of inflammation.

5. Pineapple for inflammation

Pineapple is loaded with bromelain, an enzyme full of health benefits, and is an anti-inflammatory agent that influences inflammation but helps in alleviating the symptoms that cause inflammation. It is present in all the parts of pineapple, but bromelain is present in stem in large quantities.

To get the full benefit of pineapple, you can make juice by mixing pulpy flesh and stem together. Also, a smoothie is a great option to take benefits from pineapple.

You can include it in a daily diet in your breakfast, which is the most effective meal of the day.

6. Eggs for Inflammation

Eggs are rich and highly filled with protein and vitamin D, which helps reduce the risk of inflammation and infection. To fulfill the requirement of Vitamin D(2), which helps in fighting against inflammation you need to consume whole eggs, which are full of vitamin D and essential for a healthy body.

You can consume whole eggs along with a glass of milk and can also take it in boiled form. Taking eggs in any way provides endless health benefits and keeps your body healthy and active.

Including eggs in daily diet reaps you tremendous health benefits and quantity as much your body is capable of digesting or as per the advice of your physician.

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7. Yogurt for Inflammation

Yogurt Benefits

Yogurt is full of health benefits, and it is suitable for gut health. As gut bugs help break food into anti-inflammatory fatty, which decreases inflammation. Adding fermented food in daily diet helps in the growth of beneficial microbes, and this, in turn, helps reducing inflammation.

Low sugar yogurt is recommended and can be taken with meals. One bowl of yogurt could be beneficial for the body.

Everyone is facing some or other kinds of health issues. One of which is inflammation, which is a prevalent health issue which most people suffer. It is not a severe disease, but if not attended on time, it can be dangerous for health. There are two types of inflammation, one is acute and the other is chronic. Before going for medication, we should try some home remedies that can be helpful at the initial stage.

For curing inflammation we can include above-discussed food in our daily diet. These foods are beneficial for our health and help in reducing inflammation and are also healthy in many other ways. Hence these foods provide us a healthy and fit body and also minimize the risk of reoccurring inflammation.

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1. What Are the Herbs That Can Treat Inflammation?

Besides healthy foods, we can also use some herbs for treating the inflammation which is as follows–

  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Cannabis
  • Hyssop

2. Is Inflammation Painful?

There are two types of inflammation- acute and chronic inflammation. If you are suffering from severe inflammation-pain and redness are the symptoms that are visible  and of course, paiful.

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