Easy Natural Remedies for Clogged Ear

Updated on March 20th, 2020
home remedies for clogged ear

Many times the ear becomes clogged due to many factors, internal and external. Some of the common causes of clogged are wax buildup, high altitude, sinus infection, cough-cold, benign growth inside the ear, etc. Clogged ears can affect your hearing and can be uncomfortable to deal with. Mentioned below are some remedies to treat clogged easily and efficiently.

Did you know?

Your ears continue to function while you sleep. They pick up sounds, but your brain blocks them out.

Home Remedies for Clogged Ear

1. Ear Irrigation

Ear Irrigation

Why does this work?

Ear irrigation is a simple process to remove excess wax(1) and foreign objects from the ear.

How to use it?

It can be done by a doctor and even at home. All you need is a dropper to put some lukewarm water, or mineral oil and some prescribed medication in the ear. Once the wax is softened just use a syringe filled with water to flush out the wax from the ear.

How much to use?

You will have to continue to drop the oil into the ear continuously for 2-3 days for the ear wax to soften. It will then take only 2-3 minutes to flush it out using a water syringe.

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2. Use Steam

Why does this work?

Steam can be really helpful to unclog blocked ears and nose. The steam clears the pathway clogged due to infection or allergies.

How to use?

Heat water in a pan until it boils. Take the pan off the heat, lower your head into the pan carefully and then place a towel over your head to not let the steam escape.

How much to use?

Do this twice a day to see immediate results.

3. Warm Compress

Warm Compress

Why does this work?

A warm compress can be used to clean the nasal passage which would be helpful for the clogged ear as well, since the nose and ear are connected.

How to use?

Pour boiling water on a towel. Squeeze the water out from the towel properly and then hold the towel under the nose or also directly on the ear if desired.

How much to use?

Hold the towel for about 10-15 minutes. In severe cases, repeat this process three times a day to see quick results.

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4. Saline Water

Why does this work?

Using saline water for gargles can unclog both the ear and the nose. It as an easy remedy that gives quick results.

How to use?

Boil a cup of water, add a pinch of salt, mix them and then gargle with it before spitting it out.

How much to use?

Do it 2-3 times a day to quickly relieve your clogged ears.

5. Garlic

garlic benefits

Why does this work?

Garlic(2) can easily unclog your ear due to its medicinal properties. It also works as a disinfectant for the ears to prevent infections.

How to use?

Peel 4-5 cloves of garlic and mash them. Then heat them with a few drops of olive oil. Once the mixture is ready and cool to use, drop some drops of it in the ear. You can also put the paste in a piece of cloth along with some salt and press against your ear for a few minutes.

How much to use?

Repeat either of the two techniques 2-3 times a day to see quick results.

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6. Parsley

Why does this work?

Parsley is another herb that can naturally clean your ear off wax or ear fluid. It also allows the mucus to flow easily from the passages.

How to use?

To gain the maximum benefits of parsley, try drinking parsley juice.

How much to use?

Do not drink more than 2 oz. of parsley juice at one time. Drink it 3-4 times a week to see results and maintain the intake.

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7. Dandelion Leaf

Dandelion Leaf benefits

Why does this work?

Dandelion works as a natural diuretic and helps clear the ear of anything.

How to use?

You can put some dandelion leaves in a boiling cup of water, strain it and drink it hot.

How much to use?

Drink it 2-3 times a day to naturally clear your ears.

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8. Tea Tree Oil

Why does this work?

Tea tree oil has rich anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce inflammation inside the ear if any. Its antimicrobial properties also help fight infection and unclog blocked ear.

How to use?

Add 4-5 drops of the oil in a bowl of hot water. Direct the steam emitting from the bowl towards the blocked ear. Cover yourself with a towel to not let the steam escape.

How much to use?

Do this for 10 minutes and repeat 2 times a day to see effective results.

9. Peppermint Oil

peppermint oil

Why does this work?

Peppermint oil is an excellent option if you are trying to fight ear infection or unclog the earwax from the ear.

How to use?

Use a dropper to put 2-3 drops of it in the affected ear. Tilt your head on the other side to allow the oil to work properly in your clogged ear.

How much to use?

You can do this daily for 2-3 days to relieve your condition.

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10. Eucalyptus Oil

Why does this work?

It has excellent anti-fungal properties that can easily unclog the earwax from the ear. It is also helpful to clear out foreign objects like insects, dust particles from the ear.

How to use?

Use a dropper to put 3-4 drops of oil in the affected ear. After dropping the oil, tilt your head in the opposite direction to allow the oil to loosen the ear wax.

How much to use?

Do this once daily regularly for 2-3 days to properly clean your ears.

The above-mentioned remedies will relieve your clogged ears but if the condition escalates then it is highly advisable to visit a doctor. If your clogged ears are combined with other symptoms like high fever, shooting pain in the ear, and loss of hearing you should book an appointment with an ENT specialist immediately.

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Prevention Tips

Here are some points you can keep in mind to avoid clogged ears and the pain caused by it.

  1. Use earplugs when flying to avoid ear clogging caused due to change in altitude.
  2. Try to pop the ear when clogged by repeated swallowing action, yawning or by chewing or sucking a sugary candy.
  3. Clean your ears weekly using an ear pin. However, refrain from using earbuds as they tend to push the ear wax further inside rather than taking it all out.
  4. If using headphones or earplugs, keep the volume on low and do not use them for more than 60 minutes in a day.
  5. Keeps your ear dry. Towel dry them regularly after bathing.

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1. Do clogged ears go away on their own?

Yes. The majority of the times clogged ears clear up on their own.

2. How to tell if your ears are clogged?

Some of the basic symptoms are dizziness, cough, earache, headache, ringing sound in the ear, etc.

3. Does ear wax dissolve on its own?

No. It has to be pulled out. It can be softened before pulling out.

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