13 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles

Updated on January 27th, 2020
how to get rid of forehead wrinkles

The creases and folds on your forehead show the wisdom you have gained throughout the years, or is it just the hands of time marking themselves? Whatever be the case, the forehead wrinkles present a problematic picture for many which needs to be solved. And solved it will be, as our nature has endowed us with a plethora of solutions naturally. Forehead wrinkles are signs of one’s age and sometimes the marker of skin damage too.

These fine lines can be a hassle and lower one’s confidence significantly. Some wear them with pride, showing off their age with ado, but most people want them to be gone. This article will help you with the solution for how to get rid of forehead wrinkles at home, naturally.

Causes of forehead wrinkles

Reasons behind wrinkles on forehead are numerous, here are some of the major one’s: –

2.Sun exposure
3.Repetitive facial movements

How to get rid of forehead wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles are a hassle for many, despite of the clause of “wear your age” and show it off. With technological advancement in the foray and tons of options presented, it is easy to find solutions for how to remove deep forehead wrinkles. People seek expensive and cosmetic treatments, but not everyone has access to these moreover, a lot of people prefer natural therapies to these cosmetic ones.

Here you will get to know how to get rid of forehead wrinkles with natural remedies(1). The lines on the forehead are a little stubborn but they can be get rid of with natural therapies. These home remedies are practical and easy to do which makes them more doable and accessible thus people have started to prefer these rather than the cosmetic treatments.

Some of these remedies are as follows:

With Foods

Image: Shutterstock

Incorporate these foods in your daily diet to get rid of wrinkles


Tomatoes are jam-packed with vitamin C and lycopene which in turn will help get rid of wrinkles when consumed regularly.


Blueberries and raspberries are rich in probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidants which tend to reduce wrinkles.


Avocados help flush out to toxins from the body and as a result reduce wrinkles.

Foods to curb

Cut on refined sugar and pasteurized dairy so as to stay away from wrinkles.

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With Herbal Treatment

 Aloe Vera gel with egg white

You Will Need:
• Aloe Vera gel, two tablespoons
• One egg white

What You Have To Do

  • Mix the Aloe Vera gel and egg white to make a face pack
  • Apply this mix on your forehead and rest of face too
  • Leave it on for fifteen minutes. Rinse with warm water thoroughly

How Frequently should you do it

Apply this pack twice a week, as per your requirement and desire.

Why This Works

Rich sources of vitamin E, both Aloe Vera and egg white are known as the youth vitamins along with Aloe Vera nourishing the skin and keeping it supple. It also contains malic acid that is known to reduce fine lines.

Cilantro leaves

Cilantro leaves
Image: Shutterstock

Cilantro leaves are highly effective when it comes to treating skin problems which make you seem too aged. This herb is highly rich in vitamin A which does a great deal to vanish wrinkles and fine lines. Mix coriander leaves and rice and make a paste. Apply this paste for about 15 minutes to reap in the desired benefits.

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With Essential oils

Lemon essential oil

Besides being good for the immune system, lemon oil works as a pretty good anti-aging treatment owing to its ability to reduce wrinkles and oxidation damage.
When using this oil, keep away from the sun and make a habit to apply it before bed.

Lavender essential oil

Image: ShutterStock

This oil is used for multitudinous purposes as it is highly versatile. Regular usage may help you to curb fine lines and wrinkles. Go on for a patch test before using this oil as it may cause allergic reactions.

With Home remedies

Homemade wrinkle cream

Anti-Wrinkle creams are beneficial and helpful in reducing the effects of stress, sun, bad diet, etc. Anti-aging creams are also prominent in the market which helps with the same areas. But what is better than a cosmetic anti-wrinkle cream? Yes, you guessed it right. A homemade anti-wrinkle cream is easy to make, and the only things which you need are a few essential ingredients like

● Almond oil: ¼ cup
● Shea butter: 1 tablespoon
● Vitamin E oil: ½ teaspoon
● Coconut oil:  2 tablespoons
● Beeswax: 2 tablespoons
● Essential oil: 2 drops (optional)

Make a homemade wrinkle cream at home in less than a half an hour, and the procedure is without a hassle. A few tools like the stove, medium pot, glass jar, small mixing spatula, and small glass storage jar with the lid and measuring spoons will be needed to complete this production.  Home-Made wrinkle cream is organic and active which will help you eradicate the effect of life and time from your face especially forehead.

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With Manuka Honey

You Will Need:
• Two tablespoons of honey
• A Washcloth
• Hot water (with caution)

What You Have To Do

  1. Soak the washcloth in hot water and place it on the forehead for a minute to open up the pores.
  2.  Apply a thin layer of Manuka honey after removing the washcloth.
  3. Leave it on for half an hour, and rinse with warm water. Follow this by rinsing with cold water to close the pores of your skin.

How Often?

Repeat this once in a day

Why This helps

Manuka honey is rich in antioxidants, which make it extremely beneficial for getting rid of the forehead wrinkles. It works as a wonderful remedy for skin health.

Other ways to overcome forehead wrinkles

Almond Oil

almond oil
Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

Sweet almond oil in a small quantity

What To Do

1.Almond oil’s few drops on your forehead are applied
2.Massage for a few minutes gently and leave it on for 15 minutes

How Often You Should Do This

This should be done before bed to let the oil work on your skin.

Why This Works

Almond oil makes the skin smooth, and its emollient property keeps the skin moisturized. Keeping your skin-deep forehead wrinkles free is easy as this procedure will help your skin healthy and supple.


A few do’s and don’ts are essential to be known and be aware of

  • Before using any of the remedies make sure the area to be cleaned should not be injured or hurt in any way to avoid irritation.
  • The use of petroleum jelly should be with caution as it can cause more acne to an already acne-ridden skin.
  • The use of essential oil should be after mixing it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil as it is too strong to be used without one.

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Coconut Oil

What you need:
Few drops of organic coconut oil


Take a few drops of organic coconut oil and massage it over your forehead till it is spread appropriately or until the skin absorbs it.


This process should be repeated every night before bed.

Why use coconut oil?

Coconut oil tends to moisturize the skin as well as to keep it healthy. Moreover, it contains antioxidants that are known for their ‘free radical’ removing work. Coconut Oil helps in removing the lines and these radicals.

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Citrus Fruits

Image: Shutterstock

What you need:

  • Two tsp Lemon juice (fresh)
  • Cotton

What You Have to Do

  • Use the cotton ball to dip in lemon juice. Apply this on your forehead. Dilute the lemon juice with water if you have sensitive skin
  • Let the juice dry and wait. Rinse with water that is warm

You can grind the skin of orange and lemon, which are citrus fruits and mix them with rose water, apply as a pack on your face and feel the beautiful effect of it. Include citrus fruits in your diet for further benefits.

How Often You Should Do This

Apply lemon juice every day, once.

Why This Works

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamins C and E which are essential for the health of the skin. They help in ensuring smooth and supple skin. Citrus fruits are rich in flavonoids which are known to promote the health of collagen and elastin in the skin. This can be done to prevent premature forehead wrinkles and forehead wrinkles in teenagers too.


Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

  • One tsp of olive oil
  • What You Have To Do
  • Rub the olive oil on your fingertips and massage it around the wrinkles. Massage it in a downward to an upward motion for relaxation. Repeat this for ten minutes. For better results, coconut oil is also usable.

How Often You Should Do This

Do this once or twice every day.

Why This Works

Olive oil has excellent moisturizing properties which hydrate your skin. The gentle massage action will improve the circulation of blood to the facial tissues and soothe skin.

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Few must do rules:

Be Responsible About Sun Protection

Sun can be a boon and a bane. In this case, when it comes to wrinkles on the forehead, the sun is a bane. The UV rays can be harsh on your face and deepen the folds of the skin forming the lines and creases. One advice would be to avoid staying out in the sun for long periods of time and the other one would be to use SPF moisturizer for your face to prevent the sun from affecting your skin. Basic SPF in use should be SPF 15, but if some event calls for a more extended stay out, then a stronger SPF is recommended.

Reduce Stress

Stress is quite stressful, in a nutshell. And taking stress is even more problematic for your skin as the constant frowning or creases on your forehead and face can become permanent and come to haunt you as stress lines and wrinkles. The question of how to reduce forehead wrinkles naturally can be quickly dealt with by lowering your unnecessary stressing habit and repetitive facial movements.

Diet and Hydration

The advice of “eating your water” is paramount, and this is done by consuming a diet of fruits rich in their water content along with an antioxidant-rich anti-aging diet to fight against the free radicals. Youthful looking skin will be preserved and prolonged by these preventive measures which can help prevent premature forehead wrinkles or prevent the onset of forehead wrinkles at 20.

With this array of natural remedies and home treatments, you can fight the onset of forehead wrinkles with much ease, effectiveness, and the promise of results.  These remedies can also act as preventive measures to avert the onset of forehead wrinkles at 25 or 20 help with a youthful glow from the start, and as they say, prevention is better than cure! One of the advantages of these home remedies is that they also help men’s forehead wrinkles alike. Hence with these remedies, you can solve the question of how to get naturally rid of forehead wrinkles.

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