4 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Laugh Lines

Updated on February 3rd, 2020
how to get rid of laugh lines

Nobody wants to wake up one day and discover laugh lines on their faces when they look at themselves in the mirror first thing in the morning. As annoying as they can be, it is hard for people not to notice the age reflecting on your face due to these laughter lines. However, with a few natural remedies, this issue is sorted. Read on to find out how to get rid of laugh lines.

What is Laugh Lines?

Laugh lines refer to the creases of wrinkles in the skin of the face of a person which are visible around the corners of the mouth and eyes. These lines come to appear when a person laughs or smiles.


  • Repetitive facial movements including laughing, smiling frowning, and other facial expressions.
  • Other environmental factors like aging, smoking, sun exposure, and genetics.

How To Get Rid of Laugh Lines?

CURE 1. Foods


baking soda and lemon
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Do you know how to get rid of laugh lines with lemon juice? Well, don’t worry as it is a very potent and essential remedy.

How to use?

  • Mix equal amounts of honey and lemon juice
  • Apply the blend on your face and neck
  • Let it stay for about ten minutes
  • Wash off with lukewarm water after it dries up


Lemon juice is an excellent source of vitamin C and is helpful in collagen rebuilding for the skin which enhances the fading away of smile lines and other wrinkles on your face and neck.

Foods to eat

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Rooibos tea
  • Green tea
  • Citrus fruits

Foods to avoid

  • Inflammatory foods
  • Processed and sweetened products
  • Dairy products
  • Red meat

2. Herbal Treatment

Green Tea

green tea is an excellent remedy for smile lines

Green tea is rich in antioxidants(1) and reveals younger-looking skin.

How to use?

  • Brew some green tea by adding the tea bag to a cup of hot water
  • Let it brew for a few minutes
  • Add honey if you wish to enhance the taste
  • Drink while it is warm


Green tea helps in regenerating your dead skin cells and revealing fresh cells on your skin. They add glow and radiance to your face and reduce sagging of the skin.


If you are allergic to green tea, do not consume it.

Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera gel for frown lines

If you are looking to find out how to get rid of laugh lines, Aloe Vera gel is terrific.

How to use?

  • Apple Aloe Vera gel on your face and massage gently
  • You can also add egg elite to it to enhance its effect
  • Let it rest for about half an hour
  • Wash off with regular water


It is a rich source of vitamins(2) and minerals and is a skin booster. It heals the dead and dull skin of your face and has potent antioxidant compounds.


Use freshly scooped Aloe Vera gel and not chemically processed Aloe Vera gel.

3. Essential Oils

Tea tree oil

Wondering to get rid of laugh lines and others with tea tree essential oil? Tea tree essential oil refreshes your skin and hydrates it intensively.

How to use?

  • Pierce the oil capsule and take out the oil inside in a bowl.
  • Apply the oil to the affected areas and massage gently.
  • Leave it on for a few hours or overnight.


Tea tree essential oil has photoprotective and anti-inflammatory properties which renew the skin and diminish any smile wrinkles on your face. It is an excellent moisturizer.


Dilute the oil if you have sensitive skin.

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4. Home Remedies

Baking Soda

baking soda for laugh lines

Baking soda is an incredible exfoliator and removes the accumulation of dead skin cells on the face.

How to use?

  • Add water to baking soda and mix to form a paste
  • Scrub your face with the paste in gentle and circular motions
  • Continue to scrub for a few minutes
  • Rinse off with regular water
  • Pat dry with a clean and dry towel
  • You can go for baking soda steam to open up the clogged pores of your face


Baking soda enhances the blood circulation and cell turnover of the skin which helps in the reduction of smile wrinkles.


Make sure you moisturize your skin thoroughly after scrubbing your face with baking soda. Do not continue to use if it stings or causes a burning sensation. Do not use if you have cuts or wounds on your face.

Other Home Remedies

Hope the above remedies solve your query. But if still, you are looking for how to get rid of laugh lines with other home remedies, then read on.

  • A cucumber face mask helps
  • Consume as many as avocados as you can
  • Apply argan oil on your face
  • Massage your face with Vaseline every night
  • Turmeric application is helpful

Bottom Line

These home remedies are easy to apply in your daily routine and are very useful and pocket-friendly as well. To make your skin healthy, you need to devote time to it. Hope your search on how to get rid of laugh lines ends here. With a few lifestyle changes and skincare routine, healthy skin is promising. Happy skin is coming your way.


1. Can Laugh Lines Be Reversed?

Laugh lines, like every other skin condition, could be reversed up to a certain extent by using the above remedies and exercises that are listed. However, do take note that it takes a while for them to disappear.

2. What Causes Laugh Lines?

Laugh lines are mostly caused due to repetitive facial movements that could include frowning, laughing and smiling. Other risk factors include exposure to the sun, aging, and genetics.

3. Does Everyone Have Smile Lines?

Yes, these are wrinkles that develop over time with aging, hence most people do develop laugh lines.

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