Hate Double Chin? Do These Exercises to Get Rid of it

Exercises for Double Chin

As people age, the facial skin looks different. All thanks to the double chin fat. Over some time, it results in collagen loss. This loss impacts skin elasticity. It causes the skin to sag around the chin and neck. The process itself starts at the age of 20. Additionally, factors like sun exposure can harm you. Poor diet worsens a double chin. Two main muscles make up the neck- one is the platysma(1), and the other is the sternocleidomastoid.

Toning these muscles improves skin elasticity. Get a sharper jawline using exercises for double chin, like the chin tuck. Targeted and easy facial exercises for double chin can get instant results. Most opt for botox or facial surgery. But jaw exercises for double chin work even better. Let’s find out how these exercises can tone your chin and neck muscles.

Top 6 Exercises for Double Chin

1. Kiss the Ceiling

Kiss the Ceiling

This exercise engages chin muscles. It burns fat. Further, puckering up can have its benefits. A firmer jawline is one of them. Here’s how to do it.


  1. Stand straight with arms at the sides.
  2. Tilt your head back. You should be looking at the ceiling.
  3. Try to kiss the ceiling.
  4. Pucker your lips. Extend them away from the face.
  5. Tighten your neck and chin.
  6. Hold the position for 5-8 seconds. You should feel the tension in the neck.
  7. Now relax the lips and chin.
  8. Return to the starting position.
  9. This exercise is one repetition — complete 15 repetitions in 2 sets.

2. The O

The O

This routine is among the best exercises for double chin. This simple exercise firms the jawline. Such jaw exercises for double chin firm up the neck and strengthens the cheeks.


  1. Sit on a flat surface. Your back should be straight. Your shoulders should be down.
  2. Tilt the head back. You should be staring at the ceiling.
  3. Close your lips together. The lips should be relaxed.
  4. Then, keeping lips closed, open the mouth.
  5. Your mouth should form the shape of an O.
  6. Hold this position for twenty seconds.
  7. Feel a contraction on sides of the neck, below the jawline.
  8. This position makes the jawline firmer.
  9. Then, relax your mouth. Lower the chin.
  10. Return to the starting point.
  11. This exercise is one repetition. Complete two sets of 10 repetitions each.

3. Chin Rotations

For a firmer, more defined chin, try this exercise. It is simple and can be done while standing or sitting.


  1. While seated or standing, elongate the spine for a tall back which is straightened.
  2. Leading with the chin, rotate the head.
  3. The head should move in a full circle. It should cover the left shoulder and chest. Then the head should reach the right shoulder. Finally, the head should move backward.
  4. If full circles are tough, try half circles.
  5. Keep your shoulders lowered and back across the movement. This is one repetition.
  6. Complete ten repetitions in 2 sets. The one set should be clockwise and the other counter-clockwise.

4. Jaw Jut

Jaw Jut

This workout is one of the best jaw exercises for double chin. It tones the jaw muscles. There are two variations of it: straight jaw jut and bottom jaw jut.


Straight Jaw Jut
  1. Tilt your head backward.
  2. Look at the ceiling.
  3. Push the lower jaw forward.
  4. There should be a stretch under the chin.
  5. Hold the jaw juts for ten counts.
  6. Relax the jaw. Return to the starting position.
  7. Repeat this exercise ten repetitions in 2 sets.
  Bottom Jaw Jut
  1. Tilt the head back.
  2. Look towards the ceiling.
  3. Slide the lower jaw forward.
  4. Turn your head to the right.
  5. Hold this for 5-10 seconds.
  6. Relax your posture.
  7. Return to the starting point.
  8. Repeat this with the head turned leftwards.
  9. This exercise should be carried out in 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

5. Tongue Stretch for Touching the Nose

Tongue Stretch to Nose

Weak hyoid muscles(2) cause a double chin. These muscles must be toned. For this, the tongue stretch is effective.


  1. Look straight ahead.
  2. Stick your tongue out.
  3. Now try to reach the tip of the nose with your tongue.
  4. Your tongue should stick out as far as possible.
  5. Keep your lips relaxed.
  6. Repeat this five times.
  7. Look straight ahead, and maintain the position for 10 seconds each time.
  8. Repeat 10 times in sets of 2 for best outcomes.

6. Tongue Press

The tongue press is among the top exercises for double chin fat.

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  1. Sit with your back straight.
  2. Your shoulders should be down.
  3. Tilt the head back.
  4. Look at the ceiling.
  5. Then move your tongue upwards towards the roof of the mouth.
  6. Maintaining this position, lower your chin. The chin should touch the chest.
  7. Your upper back should not be rounded.
  8. The chin and front neck muscles should contract.
  9. Straighten the neck. Relax the tongue and come back to the starting point.
  10. This is one repetition.
  11. Finish two sets of 20 repetitions each.

So, a double chin is not a problem that multiplies with age. It can be staved off. Just try these facial exercises for double chin and strengthen your neck, chin, and jaw muscles. Research has also proved that neck and jaw exercises can help you to stay lean and fit. Age gracefully, using these simple exercises.

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1. Which Exercises Work best For Double Chin?

Try exercises like tongue stretches, side neck strengths, and tilt and pout. For those seeking advanced exercises that can keep double chins away, try neck rotations. Useful exercises like Kiss the Ceiling and the O are very useful, too.

2. What Should be the Frequency of Exercises for Double Chin?

Most experts recommend doing exercises daily and completing anywhere from 10-15 repetitions in 2 sets. For more complex exercises, the number of reps may be lower. The important thing is to get the posture correct. If you don’t follow the instructions, the exercise will lose its efficacy.

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