Right Exercises to Reduce Neck Fat

Updated on April 6th, 2020
neck fat exercises

The US Department of Health and Sciences reported that a staggering 34% of adults had gained tremendous weight since 2007-08. This has led to a growth of health problems like neck fat, which mostly occur due to a lack of physical activities.

The predominant cause(1) is the collection of excessive fats around the neck area. This problem is more commonly referred to as double chin or, in extreme cases, turkey neck. It could give an ugly look. It is a problem. It can be easily fixed with simple exercises. Let’s talk about some neck fat exercises that can be done from home or at work.

Neck Fat Exercises

Fitness is a rage these days. Today, we have become more conscious of our body structure and work towards looking better. Here are a few neck fat exercises(2).

1. Self-Neck Traction

This method is one of the most uncomplicated exercises to get rid of neck fat and can be done at home anytime to help get your neck back in shape very quickly.


  • Place a yoga mat or a bedsheet on the ground (optional).
  • Lie down in a relaxed position and bend your knees to make an acute angle.
  • Put your hand on your chest and use the other side to hold your neck from behind.
  • Now, lift up your neck and stretch it as much as possible while maintaining pressure on your chest.
  • Stay in this position till your neck feels stretched.
  • Count till ten and release slowly. Repeat this exercise for 10 to 20 times. Take 5-second gaps between every five stretches.

 2. Neck Stretch

Neck stretch is yet another set of exercises for neck fat reduction. This also works in healing back humps.


  • Maintain an upright standing position with hands at your side and feet slightly apart.
  • Look downwards but do not stop or move your shoulders.
  • Hold this position while counting till ten.
  • Now, move your neck back up till you feel it stretch properly.
  • Return to your normal initial position after the count of ten.

For maximum benefits, perform this exercise for fat under neck about ten times in one sitting and multiple times a day.

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3. Rotation

A very popular, easy, and perhaps the most effective for back neck fat, humps, and face fat is Rotation. It stretches your neck in a 360 degrees motion, which will leave you feeling relaxed and help you regain the lost neck shape.


  • You can be seated or standing. Just ensure that you’ve kept some distance between your feet for good body posture.
  • Start rotating your head (clockwise or anti-clockwise) while stretching and pushing it away from you as you turn.
  • Follow the above steps about 20 times and return to the normal position.
  • Now repeat the steps in the opposite direction (if clockwise before then anti-clockwise now) for another 20 times.
  • Ensure that you move only your head to get the best stretching effect. Remember to keep your shoulders still.

It will take you a couple of practice rounds to quickly grasp this exercise, and with regular practice, you will get rid of the neck fat.

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4. Tongue Stretch

Tongue Stretch

Tongue Stretch is the easiest and fastest exercise that is recommended if you’re short on time or want to try some quick training techniques to lose neck or face fat.


  • Assume a standing or sitting position.
  • Keep your head leveled and push your tongue out till it feels stretched.
  • Now, move your tongue upwards towards your nose.
  • Hold this position for about 10 seconds and release.

You can repeat this exercise for good muscle exercise and neck fat reduction.

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5. Lip Pull

lip pull


The exercise is beneficial for tackling fat under the neck and is easy to perform.


  • Resume standing posture.
  • Push your jaw out. Ensure your shoulders are still.
  • Once you’ve stretched your jaws out to the max, pull up your lower lip.
  • Maintain this position for ten counts and revert to your original posture.
  • Repeat the steps ten times. For best results, try to do this exercise repeatedly or as an when you get the time.

The fat neck is a growing concern that can be easily reduced by practicing these practical exercises. Take your time with the activities and proceed at your own comfortable pace. You can also massage your neck and shoulders to release any built-up muscle tension, which will leave you feeling relaxed. Be safe, be regular, and lose that neck fat quickly.

All you need to do is just be regular with these exercises, and you’ll lose the fat neck in no time!


1. What Foods Should I Avoid for Neck Fat? How Can I Quickly Get Rid of Neck Fat?

The best cure is prevention. To avoid neck fat or make exercises more active, the ideal way to go is to watch what you eat. Here are some foods that you should avoid:

  • Butter and cheese
  • Baked goods such as cakes and cookies, pies
  • Ice creams
  • Donuts and crackers

2. I’ve Got Back Neck Fat and Hump. Do I Need to Use Any Equipment or Take Any Precautions for These Exercises to Work?

You do not need any type of equipment for these exercises since they are specifically designed to allow safe practice at home or work. As for precautions, we advise that you keep a lookout for any discomfort and take breaks between the steps to give your body the time to adjust.

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