Enhance Your Beauty With These Yoga Postures


Yoga for beauty is widely adopted nowadays for skin problems. Practicing yoga poses for beauty enhance the texture of your skin. Also, yoga can help increase your beauty. It also helps hair growth and gives strength. It improves your skin texture and helps to glow (1). Yoga for beauty reverses the sign of saggy skin and aging. Yoga helps reduce the wrinkles and acne from your face.

Breathing in yoga postures helps your skin to fight against the bacterial infections that cause acne and breakouts on your skin. Many facial exercises have been designed to tone facial muscles. These exercises include the jaw, mouth, forehead, and eyes. It is beneficial to enhance your facial features and makes you look younger and beautiful.

Yoga Poses for Beauty

Here are some postures of yoga which help your skin to glow. These are simple poses that can be done at home.

  • You can do yoga breathing exercises. For this exercise, you need to sit on the floor with crossed legs. Now, close your eyes and relax your mind. Make sure to keep your back straight and breathe normally. After 1 min, breathe deeply with your nostrils. Hold your breath inside and count till 10. Now, exhale your breath through mouth. Repeat this exercise for 5 minutes in one session.

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  • Corpse pose is suitable for your eyes and face. For this exercise, you need to lie down on a mat. Then close your eyes and try to remove all the negative thoughts in mind. After 15-20 seconds, stand straight on the mat and cover your face with your hands. Now, take ten quick breaths. After that, rub the skin of your eyes, forehead, and face. Now again, take ten breaths quickly. In the end, rub your face skin with your fingers again. Repeat this exercise 5 times in one session.
  • In yoga, lion posture is one of the most excellent poses for the beauty of your skin and eyes. For this pose, sit straight on a mat and cross your legs. Now, shut your eyes and take a deep breath. Hold your breath for 5 seconds. Now, exhale it from your mouth and keep your mouth open widely with the tongue out of your mouth. When you exhale, stretch both of your hands’ fingers in front of your face and look at the fingertips one by one with your widely opened eyes. Keep this position for 1 minute and then relax. Repeat this exercise daily five times a day.
  • The camel yoga pose is also for glowing skin. For doing this pose, you need to kneel on your mat. Then bend back slowly in such a way that your hands’ palms touch your feet. Hold this position for 2 minutes and relax. Repeat this exercise 3 times daily.

Some yoga poses can be done at your desk as well (2). These beautiful yoga poses can be easily practiced at home.

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  • In tantrum yoga, you need to scream louder as much as u can
  • Prime Minister of India says that yoga could be an answer to climate change

1. Yoga for Glowing Skin

If you want to do yoga for glowing skin, the bow pose is recommended. You need to lie down on your belly and hold your ankles from both sides. Lift your head and see upwards by pulling your ankles with your hands. Try to lift your thighs as much as you can. Take 3 to 5 breaths and repeat it at least two times in one session.

2. Yoga for beautiful face and hair

yoga for beauty

Shoulder stand pose is a good pose of yoga for beautiful face and hair.  In this pose, lie on your back and extend your legs towards the ceiling. Now, slowly try to lift your legs and pelvis towards the ceiling. For better support, keep both your hands on your back and gently press it to maintain the position as long as you can. You can do this 5 times daily.

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3. Yoga for beautiful eyes

If you want to practice yoga for beautiful eyes, then you can do palming. It can be done quickly at home by rubbing both the palms of hands for about 10-15 minutes until they feel warm and energized. Then put your palms on eyes with fingers on forehead. Repeat this exercise 5 times daily.

4. Yoga mudra for a beautiful face

When you place your hands in mudra position, the different areas of the brain stimulate and create an energy circuit in the body. If you practice yoga mudra for a beautiful face, you will see tremendous changes in your face. It enhances the blood circulation to face, which gives a natural glow.

Yoga gives us numerous advantages, but practicing yoga also carries some adverse effects, which include the neck, back, shoulder, wrist, and knee injuries. While doing yoga, make sure not to overexert or injure yourself. If you are a beginner, kindly practice yoga under the observation of an expert before you can do it by yourself.

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Yoga has been in practice for ages for beauty purposes. Practicing different yoga postures helps in maintaining your beauty. It is beneficial for the skin and gives you flawless skin. Yoga postures for beauty also prevent the skin from different skin problems like acne, aging, wrinkles, and sagging.


1. Do I Have to Be Flexible for Yoga?

No, if your body is not flexible, then yoga is an excellent way to attain flexibility.

2. Does Yoga Help in Weight Loss?

Yoga improves the metabolism of the body. It helps in maintaining muscle tone, which ultimately helps in weight loss.

3. How Many Times a Week Should I Do Yoga?

You can do yoga 3 to 5 times a week.

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