Miraculous Poses of Yoga for Beauty

Updated on April 6th, 2020

Yoga is a holistic form of exercise that enables the human body to work in unity with all its elements- physical, mental and spiritual. The benefits of yoga have unarguably been proven over decades, however, recently it’s benefits for skin are making the rounds.

While yoga may not resolve skin problems entirely, it does help in detoxifying and nourishing skin cells. Yoga also helps prevent acne breakouts by maintaining a proper hormonal balance in the body.

Yoga helps in calming the mind, focuses attention on breathing and enables better body posture(1). Practice yoga for glowing skin and say hello to a stress-free, rosy skin for a healthier tomorrow.

Poses of Yoga for Beauty

Benefits of Yoga for Beauty

1. Better blood circulation

Asanas such as shoulder stand pose, infant pose, and triangle pose improve blood circulation towards the face. This helps the blood lend a rosy touch to your face as nutrient-rich blood reaches skin pores. Inverted postures can greatly help in stimulating your nervous system, give more oxygen, and improve blood flow to your brain and improve metabolic rate, and keep you energetic throughout the day.

2. Heals and rejuvenates the skin

Good Skin

As it is said, the skin is the largest organ in the human body. Asanas like the downward pose and seated twist will get your heart pumping and blood flowing. As a result, your body gets fresh oxygen and nutrients. But did you know that gut-skin health are connected? Well, they are. According to a study (2), a healthy gut will result in glowing skin.

The sweat you release during asanas will help clear the dead skin cells and surface toxins which of course result in healthy, glowing skin. While many suffer from chapped skin or acne breakouts, it is breathing exercises in yoga that has proven to be the most useful yoga mudra for a beautiful face.

3. Reduce hair fall and increase hair growth

Yoga has wonderful benefits for hair. Poses such as camel pose or headstand ensure proper blood flow to the head and hair follicles. Strong and stimulated hair follicles ensure good hair growth.

4. Beneficial for eyes

Right now, even 5-year old are losing their good vision by getting a pair of glasses. As a result, not able to see things from a distance. However, asanas of yoga for beautiful eyes ensure stretching of eye muscles for improved vision and better blood flow to the eyes. Relaxed eyes show no sign of puffiness or dark circles, giving you a glowing and radiating facial glow.

5. Supports mental health

Mental Health

Other than the benefits of yoga for beautiful face and hair, it also enhances mental health. Yoga can effectively help you manage stress and lets you focus on important things in a better way.  Stress could result in neck pain, headache, sleeping problems, etc. Daily 30 minutes of yoga can help you with all these stress issues.

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6. Physical health benefits

The relaxation and stretching techniques in yoga can reduce chronic pain like headaches, back pains, and many more. Yoga is also highly effective in reducing blood pressure(3).

Here are the other physical benefits of yoga improved flexibility, enhanced muscle strength, weight loss, cardio health, better metabolism, and many more.

Yoga Poses for Radiant Skin, Healthier Eyes, and Stronger Hair

Asanas for Eyes

1. Palming

Rub your palms together and make them warm. Place the warm palms on your eyes. You will feel instantly relaxed. The moderate heat around your eyes will help improve blood circulation and lend you a stress-free calmness.

2. Eye Focus and Rotation

Focus on the tip of a pencil and move it vertically along the line of sight. The tracking movement on the tip of the pencil will help improve vision. Alternatively, you can rotate your eyes to the left corner once and then to the right corner. Repeat this 10 times each side or as per your comfort to enhance ease of eye muscle stretching. These asanas help in stretching as well as relaxing your eyes.

3. Cobra pose

yoga for beauty

This back-bending reclining pose is usually performed through a series of sun-salutations asanas. For this pose, you need to follow the below steps:-

  1. Lie down on your stomach
  2. Gently touch your forehead on the floor, this is the face-down position
  3. The top part of your feet must touch the floor or yoga mat literally like that of a cobra
  4. Position your hands under the shoulders with your elbows apart
  5. Now putting pressure on your hands, pick up the upper part of your body
  6. Attempt to lift your body till the pubic bone
  7. Maintain a strong stretching position
  8. Hold the position for 5-10 seconds or as comfortable
  9. Release pressure from hands and pelvis and gradually stoop down
  10. Bring your body and forehead to resting position, again, face-down
  11. Do this exercise in sets of 5, three times for better flexibility and blood flow

Must Dos

For a therapeutic yoga experience ensure a noise-free and stress-free environment. Eat healthily and meditate for best results for glowing skin, healthy eyes and lustrous hair.

Bottom Line

Yoga can do wonders for your skin health and overall well-being offering a plethora of benefits


1.  Can pregnant or menstruating women do yoga?

Pregnant women can do yoga if it is already in your routine. Menstruating women must check with their doctors as certain asanas may not be recommended.

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