What You Ideally Should and Should Not Do After Sex!

Updated on April 8th, 2020
do's and dont’s after sex-

Sex is one the perfect path to being healthy, happy, and living a long life. It helps in maintaining perfect relationships. Beyond sexual pleasure, it has huge benefits on both physical and psychological health.

So, when you have sex, you are not only filling your cravings but also fueling your health with holistic benefits.

However, it is also essential to practice safe sex. Besides, there are some dos and don’ts plus hygiene practices that you should follow to prevent any complications and enjoy a healthy sex life.

Let us first learn five surprising facts about sex, before delving deeper into this taboo topic.

5 Surprising Facts About Sex

  • Sex cuts down the stress and tensions of everyday life
  • Sex is linked to self-esteem and psychological health
  • Sexual intercourse relieves pains and aches, including menstrual cramps
  • Orgasms during sex improve the quality of the sperm and lower the risk of prostate cancer in males
  • Sex can boost heart health

Top 10 Do’s and Dont’s After Sex

Sex is a means through which couples can explore passion, deeply connect, and work on their relationship. But if you want to get all the benefits of intercourse, you need to follow safe sex practices and ensure proper hygiene. Here are the top things you should and should not do:

1. Always Wash Up

While you don’t have to jump out of bed and run to the shower, cleaning yourself after sex wards off infections like UTIs(1). Wash the area around the pubic portion with plain lukewarm water. You can even try mild soaps, but if the skin is sensitive or infected, soap can irritate. Males also need to wash the portion underneath the foreskin.

2. Don’t Douche

Many women think the inside of the vagina needs to be cleaned with fluids like water for better hygiene. But douching can cause harm. It affects the natural bacterial balance, triggering more infections. The best way to deal with the vagina post intercourse is to leave it alone. Vaginas can clean themselves naturally. Remember that mild smells down there are perfectly normal, too.

Stick to warm water rinses post-sex. 

dos and donts after sex

3. Do Empty Your Bladder

Bacteria get into the urethra during sex, sometimes. This tube carries urine out of the body and may increase the chances of infection. While peeing, the germs and toxins are flushed out. So, make sure you empty your bladder post-sex. Wipe the pubic area after you’re done to stop the spread of bacteria.

4. Do Drink Enough Water

Another critical point is staying well-hydrated. It ensures lubrication during sex is normal, and you can easily pee post-sex, which means infections can be warded off as bacteria are washed out of the body.

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5. Do Wear Light, Airy Clothes

Tight, constricted clothes like skin-tight jeans can cause hot, sweaty spots. It may create an environment for bacterial or yeast growth. So, wear innerwear and clothes that are light and airy during or post-sex. Don’t opt for tight underwear, girdles, or pantyhose. Cotton works best for both men and women. It is breathable and absorbs moisture.

6. Do Wash Your Hands

Hand Wash

Another right way to prevent bacterial infections is to wash your hands with soap and water. Make it a part of your sex clean-up regimen. While you’re at it, keep your sex toys clean, as bacteria, fungi, and viruses can hang around those items. Ensure to check the packaging for cleaning instructions.

7. Do Treat Yeast Infections

Guys and gals, a yeast infection(2), can impact you both. If you notice symptoms such as white vaginal or penile discharge, itching, or burning, be sure to treat it before cuddling up to your partner.

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8. Do Get Tested

If you are sexually active, especially in the event of being with a new partner, make sure you get tested for STDs. Most of the time, infections carry no symptoms. Testing is the only way to safeguard your sexual health. Check for symptoms like blisters, sores, spots, discharge, pain, or genital lumps.

9. Be Cautious During Post Pregnancy Sex

Sex is generally safe at the time of pregnancy. But one is likely to get infections like UTI at this time. So, ensure you take care of yourself after sex. Wash around the vagina, drink water, and encourage your partner to follow basic hygiene practices.

10. Don’t Use Wet Wipes

While wiping yourself clean is essential, avoid using chemically-processed wet wipes post the sexual act. This is because chemicals can harm your genital area. So, avoid chemical wipes.

Bottom Line:

The benefits of sex can range from low-stress levels to fewer chances of ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, cardiovascular disorders, and cerebrovascular issues. Sex creates a bond and feeling of intimacy with the partner. This kind of release can also serve to lower health issues like aches and pains, besides boosting immunity and promoting better sleep quality. Action between the sheets can help you to make your health outcomes better.

However, to have a healthy sexual life and avoid disturbances, make sure that you follow proper hygiene and the dos & don’ts mentioned above.


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Simple yet effective home remedies to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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