What is the Impact of No Sex on Your Body?

Updated on March 10th, 2020
lack of sex

Most individuals, at some specific point in their lives, come into a dry spell. Going without sex may impact your health in different ways. Some of these may be good or bad, depending on individual factors that make you unique. If you aren’t in a relationship or haven’t dated in a while, no sex can have a lot of effects on your body.

Let’s delve deeper into how the human body reacts to a bout of asexuality, abstinence, or outercourse. No sex does not mean you are going without emotional support, though. Remember that sex need not necessarily be the way to good emotional health, and the best part of the experience of giving up on sex for a while can be multifaceted.

Cons of No Sex

1. Lowered Immunity

  • Regular sex improves the immune system, fighting off illness.
  • It releases endorphins to lower stress.
  • Endorphins(1) are natural stress breaking hormones that induce better bodily health.
  • Sex often wards off illnesses like flu or cold. A study found higher antibodies in the saliva of college students who weren’t celibate.

2. Vaginal Health

  • Sex after a long break can cause vaginal discomfort.
  • Regular sex lubricates the vagina and keeps tissues healthy, improving blood flow.
  • Long periods of abstinence mean less arousal and longer time to lubricate during sex.

3. More Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Cramps
  • Sex is an excellent remedy for menstrual cramps.
  • An increase in endorphins caused due to sex and uterine contractions through orgasms alleviate cramps.

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4. Poor Heart Health

  • If sex is not engaged in regularly, there are higher chances of cardiovascular disease.
  • Sexual intercourse controls estrogen and progesterone, lowering heart disease risk.

5. Mental Health Issues

  • Sex is linked to less anxiety and depression(2).
  • Having sex releases hormones in the by to lower stress.
  • These hormones are oxytocin and endorphins.
  • If sex is not regularly engaged in, the body often releases fewer hormones, making it harder to cope with stress.

6. Libido

  • Going without sex makes one lose interest in sex altogether.
  • Lower libido levels result, as regular sex lowers stress and boosts the libido.
  • Libidinal urges can be a real problem when sex is an issue.

7. Relationship Health

  • Regular sexual intercourse is an important way to maintain the bond.
  • Regular sex opens avenues for better communication.
  • Couples who have sex feel more connected and emotionally attached.
  • Couples can deepen their bonds and relationships in meaningful ways to each other.

8. Depression and Warding off the Blues

  • Sex is more than just a physical action. It has a mental component.
  • Sex provides a skin-to-skin touch and helps to regulate moods.
  • It also impacts mental wellbeing through the release of oxytocin.
  • Depression can often be the byproduct of no sex.
  • However, those prone to depression can be more likely to experience the symptoms following lack of sex.

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Pros of No Sex

Many people choose not to engage in regular sex. Some don’t enjoy it or are simply not interested. Others can find it distracting from what they care about. Having sex can have a positive impact on health. But not having sex can have benefits, too.

1. No Unwanted Conceptions

  • No sex means no possibility of pregnancy.
  • Methods of birth control are not 100% certain.
  • To avoid pregnancy for sure, you have to abstain.

2. Lower Chances of UTI

Image: ShutterStock
  • Less likelihood of urinary tract infection.
  • No STIs
  • No STDs.

3. Learn More About Yourself

  • No sex offers plenty of opportunities to find out what you like by masturbating.
  • No sex is a chance to explore your inner self and sexual preferences.

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4. Much Needed Mindspace

  • Lack of sex can give you much-needed space.
  • If you’re dealing with a breakup or a bereavement, no sex can be a relief.
  • Psychological space may be needed at the time of heavy work schedules.

5. Medical Necessity

  • Medical procedures and illness can also be reasons for abstinence.
  • No sex speeds up your body’s ability to heal from medical processes and surgical procedures.

6. Abstinence and Outercourse

  • Abstinence and outercourse are simple, easy, and work to prevent pregnancy.
  • Abstinence is 100% effective when it comes to avoiding STDs and pregnancies.
  • Outercourse also lowers risks.
  • Abstinence can be a great idea until:
    • One feels ready for sexual relationships
    • One finds the right partner
    • Enjoys the partner’s company without dealing with sexual relationships
    • Focus on school, jobs, or hobbies.
    • Follow personal, religious, or moral beliefs and values.
    • Overcome the breakup.
    • Heal from a partner’s death.
    • Recover from sickness, infection, or medical procedure.
  • Outercourse can have benefits like:
    • Increase closeness and trust between partners
    • Prevent pregnancy if birth control not available
    • Help in understanding your and your partner’s body.
    • Learn how you and your partner prefer to be touched and what feels great.

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Going without sex for some time can be a frustrating experience if you want to be sexually active. A period of abstinence can be a chance for personal growth and self-care. When one misses out on the health benefits of sex, it can be easily retrieved when you gain sexual activity.

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If the lack of sex impacts relationships with the partner, earnest discussion can help you to discover where you need to connect better. Abstinence is rarely permanent. When you get back to dating and relationships, you get back to intercourse. For couples practicing abstinence, the way to use emotional links lies in building a sense of connection, and returning to sex after a break could make all the difference.

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