Why Should You Use Zinc for Flu and Cold?

Updated on March 17th, 2020
Zinc for Flu

Flu can often confuse your defenses and multiply in the body in case the body’s defenses are not that effective. The body can stave off cough, cold and Flu only when the immune system is healthy. Zinc for Flu is an effective remedy for Flu.

Taking zinc supplement in just 24 hours when the symptoms show up can shorten sniffle as per the Cochrane review of 2013. 75mg per day offers long-lasting result and gives relief from cold and Flu.

Zinc deficiency is already associated with instances of cold and flu, learning problems, poor school performance, fatigue, and depression. Zinc is an essential vitamin for it aids cellular growth, strengthens immunity system, improves sleep, and prevents mood swings.

The flu season of 2017 and 2018 is the deadliest with more number of emergency department and outpatient clinic visits for flu-related illness hospitalizations. Influenza viruses cause respiratory illness, and so people are often mildly sick on having a cold. Each year, more than 10 million diseases result from Flu in the USA, and on an average, 5-20% people get Flu in the USA.

Do you know?

  • Zinc is touted as the way to preventing Flu, but it only treats Flu and cannot prevent it. It prevents the influenza virus from multiplying.
  • Zinc for Flu is available in spray form, and therefore, you may spray it into your throat. It will still reach out to your nose.
  • The Institute of Medicine states that the safer limit for Zinc is 40milligram in adults. Taking a higher dosage can slacken your immunity system.

Ways to Fight Flu with Zinc Supplements

Benefits of Zinc

If your body is deficient in Zinc, you are likely to experience an increased susceptibility of several infectious agents. Without Zinc, white blood cells cannot function. It affects your various aspects of immunity system like neutrophils, cytokine production, killer cells, production of antibody, and many more. Here are ways to combat Flu with zinc supplements.

There have been a lot of discussions regarding Zinc(1) for Flu and how to use zinc supplements for Flu. When taken in syrup or lozenge form, zinc supplement is more effective. The syrup, for instance, stays in your throat and combats rhinovirus. Different dosages of zinc supplement can have a different impact.

Apart from this, Zinc in the lozenge form may show side effects. It can cause a bad taste in your mouth and lead to nausea. Zinc spray can cause a loss of the sense of smell.

To use Zinc for Flu, it is better to consult with the doctor for he can prescribe the appropriate dosage of zinc supplement. But, Mayo Clinic recommends the use of Zinc Lozenges every 2-3 hours.

To fight Flu with zinc supplement, intake only 8-12mg of Zinc for it is the recommended dosage. Check the label of multivitamin or zinc supplement to find the exact composition of Zinc.

Never exceed the upper intake level until it is recommended by your doctor. Zinc supplement combats respiratory tract infection and plays a vital role in improving communication between cells of the immunity system.

Cells in the body can fight off diseases and mostly cold and cough in a better manner. Consuming zinc supplement improves immune response. Given are the examples below:

  • Zinc gluconate
  • Zinc Sulphate
  • Zinc acetate
  • Zinc Citrate
  • Zinc Orotate

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Some Foods That Are Rich in Zinc Content

When the flu season is around, you got to make sure you eat properly. Eating certain kinds of foods can strengthen your immunity system and especially foods that are rich in Zinc.

Foods rich in Zinc protect against Flu. Studies reveal that the zinc-rich diet shortens the length of the duration of a cold. It’s mineral ability prevents virus and bacteria from multiplying in the body.

1. Oyster for Flu

Oyster is thought of as an aphrodisiac, and no other way of combating Flu(2) is better than consuming seafood. One single oyster has around 1mg of Zinc, which is equivalent to 10% of the zinc requirement daily.

2. Beef for Flu

Beef is again rich in Zinc, and a single ounce of beef has 7mg of Zinc. Women can get 100% of the daily zinc value by consuming beef.

3. Yogurt Smoothie


8-ounce low-fat yogurt has 2mg of zinc mineral, and this is 20% of the daily zinc requirement. Make yogurt smoothie and consume plain or top it with granola.

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4. Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is a wonderful way to spruce up the sandwich or pair up with your veggie sticks to boost its nutrient content. 1 ounce of Swiss cheese has more than 1mg of Zinc, which is again equivalent to 8% of the zinc requirement.

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Precautions to Be Undertaken

While using Zinc for Flu, you also need to take precautions like avoiding an overdose of Zinc. FDA has warned against the use of Zinc nasal spray for it can cause a loss of the sense of smell.

Zinc supplement can never be used on an empty stomach as they may cause nausea and gastric problem. Don’t consume a high dosage of Zinc for that may depress immunity system.

Intake of more than 90mg of Zinc for 7 days can affect high-density lipoprotein, cholesterol level, and HDL level.

It is necessary to consult a medical practitioner to find the exact quantity of Zinc you require. Find out its optimal dosage, interactions with other drugs, and probable side effects.

Zinc for Flu cannot replace standard treatments for the Flu. Zinc helps our body heal better and offers welcome assistance to wounds and cuts. It combats Flu when one takes zinc supplement at the earliest.

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1. How Far Is Zinc Helpful with the Flu?

Zinc helps to treat Flu but not prevent it. Using zinc supplement within a few hours of its early symptoms can prevent bacteria from multiplying. It shortens sniffle as per the Cochrane review of 2013.

2. What Are the Advantages of Consuming Zinc Lozenges?

There are several health benefits of using zinc lozenges for Flu:

  • Fights cold and boosts the immune system. It is the best over-the-counter remedy for cold
  • Zinc is a powerful antioxidant that helps to combat Cancer.
  • It curbs hormonal imbalance and benefits the reproductive system and hormonal health
  • As it balances hormone, Zinc can also fight diabetes

3. How Effective Is Zinc for Flu?

Zinc is an effective treatment for Flu. Consuming zinc lozenge can prevent influenza from multiplying. Zinc for Flu controls respiratory infection in children by up to 50%. It combats disease and speeds up wound healing.

4. How Much Zinc Should You Intake for a Cold?

Regularly you can take 10-15mg of Zinc to curb cold.

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