10 Surprising Benefits of Greek Yogurt You May Not Know

Updated on December 3rd, 2019
Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the healthiest dairy products; one can ever have to stay focused on his diet and maintain health. Young kids love to have yogurt and why not? Yogurt has a yummy taste, as well as it serves a variety of benefits. A type of yogurt that can result to be beneficial for you is the Greek yogurt or the strained yogurt.

It is also known as yogurt cheese or sack yogurt in many regions across the world. The benefits of Greek yogurt are countless and have a lot of advantages for the human body.

The category of Greek yogurt experienced a sudden and fantastic growth in the United States, counting from the past few years. The dollar sales of Greek yogurt reached up to the amount of about 3.7 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2015 and had a score of 391 million U.S. dollars in the year 2010. The leading producer companies in the market of yogurt include General Mills, Chobani, and Danone.

You can find Greek yogurt in North America, and it is famous by the name of Greek-Style Yogurt in Britain. Some of the cuisines share a lot of dishes which include a sweet and savory taste.

Greek Yogurt replenishes the requirement of such meals and provides an incredible flavor to the recipe. You can enjoy it by consuming it in raw form. Moreover, you can also prepare this kind of yogurt at your place, just by arranging an appropriate temperature.

What is Greek Yogurt?

greek yogurt

Greek Yogurt is not like any other plain yogurt available; it consists of plenty of nutrients and can treat many of the problems, whether mental or physical. It has more density and consistency than regular yogurt. The thickness of the yogurt is pretty good. You cannot pour the Greek yogurt, just like you do with the plain or regular one.

It appears to be nearly solid and has a similar texture of white cheese. It is the main difference between the regular yogurt(1) and Greek yogurt, the first one strained, while the latter one is.

The process of preparation of Greek yogurt matches like that of the conventional method. Though, it has a unique approach to make it gain its consistency. Follow the exact purpose of extraction of yogurt from milk, and then choose a mesh cloth to obtain the dense part of the yogurt. Do not eliminate all the moisture and leave a little amount of liquid content.

Whey the contents from the cloth, and slowly try to drain the liquid from the mesh accordingly, to attain the suitable thickness of the yogurt. A little amount of original sourness sustains in it, and the whole process manages to add appropriate density to Greek yogurt.

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Nutritional value of Greek Yogurt

The nutritional value of the Greek yogurt is quite high and serves great benefits to the body. It comprises of many essential nutrients that play a role in enhancing all the metabolisms of the body. The nutritional chart given below represents the 2,000-calorie diet as per the daily percentage requirement of the body. The nutrition chart of Greek yogurt is

Total Calories 59
Fats 0.4 g
Cholesterol 5 mg
Sodium 36 mg
Potassium 141 mg
Total Carbohydrates 3.6 g
Dietary fiber 0 g
Sugar 3.2 g
Protein 10 g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 11%
Iron 0%
Vitamin D 0%
Vitamin B-6 5%
Cobalamin 13%
Magnesium 2%

The value of these nutrients changes as per the requirement of calories of different individuals. The taken amount is according to 100 gm.

‘10’ Amazing Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt

The benefits of Greek yogurt are

1. It Promotes your Bone Health

Image ShutterStock

Since Greek yogurt is full of calcium and proteins, it can increase your bone density and maintain bone health. Due to its rich nutrients(2), it can save you from the risk of osteoporosis.

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2. It Reduces Hunger Pangs

It will enhance the protein content in your diet, which acts as an essential supplement for the growth of tissues and muscles. This will increase your appetite and reduce the constant hunger pangs, promoting effective weight loss.

3. It Improves Metabolism

Researchers say that Greek yogurt increases the metabolic rate of the body’s functions, because of the presence of good fats, high proteins, and limited carbs.

4. It Improves Digestive Health

improves your digestion

The probiotics present in the Greek yogurt facilitates the digestion of food, with proper absorption of nutrients.

5. It Helps in Improving the Mental Health

Research shows that Greek yogurt also maintains mental health by reducing the levels of stress, anxiety, and depression by regulating serotonin(3) and dopamine.

6. It Increases the Muscle Mass

The protein-rich diet tends to increase the mass of muscles and tissues effectively by ensuring the proper circulation of blood.

7. It helps in Lowering the Blood Pressure

blood pressure
Image: Shutterstock

It is beneficial for people who suffer from high blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems.

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8. It Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

It affects the breakdown of sugar in our body and reduces the risk of diabetes and their symptoms.

9. You Can Lose Weight Quickly

The anti-oxidants, and limited amounts of carbohydrates and healthy fats eases the processes of weight losing activities efficiently.

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10. It Promotes a Healthy Thyroid Functioning

remedies for thyroid

It helps in controlling the thyroid hormone in the body and regulates its operation without causing any problematic effects.

Greek Yogurt Recipes

Here are few delicious recipes related to Greek yogurt, that will cater to most of the nutritious requirements of your body.

Pancakes with Greek Yogurt

  1. Take a container filled with Greek yogurt and add two egg whites in it.
  2. Mix half cup flour and one tablespoon baking soda in a separate bowl.
  3. Add the yogurt into the dry ingredients and stir well.
  4. Spread the scoops of the batter on your heated skillet.
  5. Serve the hot pancakes.

Greek Yogurt Morning Bowl

Ingredients (for four servings)

  • One teaspoon curry powder
  • Half cup of honey
  • Two cups of plain Greek yogurt
  • Half cup of all-natural granola
  • One cup of fresh berries
  • One cup of frozen, dried mango and pineapple
  • Small sprigs of fresh cilantro


  1. On a heated skillet add the spices and stir them for about two minutes.
  2. Turn off the heat, add honey to the skillet and stir everything properly.
  3. Take four bowls and divide the Greek yogurt equally in them.
  4. Sprinkle the honey on top of the bowls.
  5. Add granola, fruits, and cilantro as toppings over the bowls.
  6. Serve the fresh and healthy breakfast bowls.

Side effects and Precautions

The possible side effects of Greek yogurt are very less. As long as you take care of some smaller ones, there are minimum chances of getting affected by the side effects.

Side effects

  • There is a possibility that after the consumption of Greek yogurt, you could experience diarrhea, skin rash and problems related to stomach.
  • Some reported cases are of people who suffer from contaminated yogurt. The bacteria in the yogurt can cause many illnesses, so the choice of good quality yogurt is necessary.


The precautions that you need to undertake are–

  1. Reading all the ingredients present on the label of the brand you choose. The components should be related only to live active culture and milk.
  2. The presence of live active culture is essential because it improves digestive health, prevents infections and increases the immunity of the body. Always go for the brand which ensures the presence of live culture, rather than ‘made by live culture’.

You can find Greek yogurt easily at any of your nearest departmental or grocery store. It’s also available in many fruity flavors. Greek Yogurt has few side effects. To attain most of the benefits of Greek yogurt, one must ensure to pick the right yogurt while buying and also try out the simple recipes of Greek yogurt and consume a healthy and nutritious diet.

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