8 Yoga Poses to Cure Gastric Problems

Updated on December 13th, 2019
Yoga Poses for Gas

Guess what follows a fantastic college party? Well apart from random gossip about who danced with whom, what is bound to follow is gas pain, indigestion, bloating, and consequent stomach cramps. Well, you cannot show up on work with flatulence and a bloated belly, but what you can do is try yoga for gas pain and relieve yourself from all kinds of digestive troubles.

Yoga for gas pain is wonderfully effective. It eliminates the trapped gases from the stomach and helps to cure bloating and stomach cramps in no time. Try yoga for gas relief right from today.

An average adult(1) is estimated to produce gas of about 1 to 3 points each day, which gets released through the anus about 14 to 23 times a day.

One primary source of gas in the stomach is air swallowing which is ingested while eating or drinking. People also get gas in the stomach because of the bacteria present in the colon which produce gas by digesting incompletely digested carbohydrates like brussels sprouts and broccoli.

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Why Should One Choose Yoga for Gas?

Yoga Benefits

Yoga is incredibly beneficial for the natural treatment of gas pain, flatulence, bloating, and other gastrointestinal disorders. Medical research reveals that yoga is highly effective in the natural alleviation of stress and anxiety which are one of the significant contributors to digestive issues. Yoga helps in reducing stress which in turn works to preserve the healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal(2) tract.

Some of the various twists and folds that help with the treatment of flatulence and bloating include:

  • The forward fold works to compress the organs in the abdomen. This compression followed by release helps to supply fresh oxygen and blood to the digestive organs which is essential for proper digestion and consequent relief from gas.
  • The seated twist is useful for the natural cure of bloating, flatulence, and gas pain.
  • The regular twist works to assist with digestive discomfort, stomach pain, and excessive gas. This twisting pose works by wringing out the trapped gas from the organs and getting rid of it quickly.
  • Yoga for gas pain relief works by the stimulation of the digestive cavity in different ways. The poses help to stretch the abdomen, enhance the circulation of blood, and improve free and deep breathing.

8 Yoga Poses for Gas in the Stomach

You may not believe this, but there are several poses of yoga for instant bloating relief and cure of digestive troubles. Begin your day with a glass of water followed by a power session of yoga for 20-30 minutes for a healthy digestive cavity.

In the fast and furious life of the 21st century, preserving the health of the gastrointestinal system becomes a Herculean task. No matter how hard one tries to stay away from fast food and oily trash, one always ends up finishing the day with savory but unhealthy snacks. What follows next is indigestion, acidity, and severe flatulence along with gas pain in the chest.

Giving up totally on the foodie temptations might be difficult but practicing yoga for at least 15-20 minutes in a day will help to curb the troubles of indigestion like gas pain and bloating quite easily.

Check out the eight yoga postures for gas right here and start practicing them from today.

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1. Pawanmuktasana

Wind Releasing Pose or Pawanmuktasana

This yoga pose to relieve gas is simple yet effective. This is a basic yoga pose which works like wonders for the expulsion of trapped gases in the digestive tract. It helps to massage the intestines and other digestive organs to induce more potency in them.

  1. Let out a long breath and subsequently lift the legs to an angle of 90 degrees to the mat while breathing in.
  2. Bend the knees and press the thighs against the stomach.
  3. Support your legs with the arms and rest the chin on the bent knees.
  4. Hold the pose for about ten seconds and then release. Repeat this for about 5-6 times for the cure of gas pain.

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2. Trikonasana

This pose of yoga for gas pain is not for the natural treatment of gas pain alone. It helps to build physical strength and flexibility and lose body fat as well. The triangle pose or Trikonasana works to stimulate the digestive organs which aid in the improvement of digestion. This pose helps in toning the stomach muscles and gets rid of excess fat as well.

3. Ustrasana

Ustrasana is not so simple and requires quite a bit of flexibility and strength. You might not be able to attain the complete pose on the very first day of yoga. However, with rigorous practice, your body will smoothly bend and twist acquiring the perfect posture of Ustrasana. The Ustrasana or Camel Pose helps to stretch and strengthen the digestive organs. Besides, this yoga pose is also beneficial for the natural treatment of back pain and menstrual cramps.

4. Paschimottansana

Stretch your hamstrings with the famous Paschimottansana which is one of the most effective poses of yoga for bloating and gas pain . This asana is excellent for toning muscles and shaping the shoulders. The Paschimottansana pose works to massage your pelvic and abdominal organs. Stretch the legs out straight and flex the toes inwards.

  1. Raise the arms while inhaling and stretch the torso upwards.
  2. Bend the body down from the hip joint and try to move the chin as much as possible towards the toes.
  3. Do this movement by keeping the back straight and placing the hands firmly on the legs.

5. Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana is almost instantaneously effective when it comes to the alleviation of fatigue and back pain. Also known as the Cobra pose, it is excellent for the treatment of gas pain and flatulence. Besides, it is also good for toning the shoulders and neck and shaping the muscles of the stomach.

  1. Lie flat on the yoga mat and make sure that the toes, stomach, and forehead is in contact with it. Keep the palms downward.
  2. Inhale deeply while lifting the torso off the yoga mat with the support of the hands.
  3. Hold it at the elevated position for a few seconds and then come down on the mat again while slowly breathing out.

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6. Kapalbhati pranayama

This pose of yoga for gastric pain helps to provide almost immediate relief from flatulence. It enhances the flow of blood in the digestive organs and helps in establishing healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Practicing this asana daily accelerates the physiological processes of assimilation and absorption of nutrients which is not only good for the digestive system but is also excellent for weight loss.

  1. For this pose, you need to sit cross-legged with one leg resting on the other.
  2. Switch the position of the legs in every other minute.
  1. Keep the back straight and follow the unique breathing technique to complete this asana.
  2. For breathing during this asana, shut the right nostril and let the breath out through the left, and then repeat the same with the left nostril.

7. Extended Squat Pose

Extended Squat Pose

This pose of yoga for gas pain is incredibly beneficial for the natural development of physical strength and flexibility.

  1. Stand straight with the feet slightly wider than the hips. Bend the knees and lower the hips downward and towards the yoga mat.
  2. Move the hands away from the feet and hold this pose for about 6-7seconds. Breathe in and out steadily while holding the pose.
  3. You may also rock from side to side to apply pressure on the various parts of the belly to promote the expulsion of the gas.

8. Side Fierce Pose

This pose is not only great for the cure of gas pain but is also suitable for burning waist and belly fat.

  1. Stand straight with the feet firmly together. Inhale deeply while bending the knees and lower the hips while raising the arms above the head to attain the Fierce yoga pose.
  2. Exhale slowly while crossing the left elbow to the external part of the right knee.
  3. Press the palms together and push the lower elbow rapidly against the thigh for lifting and rotating the chest upward in an increasing twist.
  4. Hold this position for about 5-6 seconds while breathing steadily. Rise again to attain the Fierce pose.
  5. Come back to the standing pose and repeat to complete at least five rounds including the switching of sides.

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Who Should Avoid Practicing Yoga Postures for Gas?

Yoga might not be beneficial for everyone. Some of the poses can have an adverse effect on the body based on specific health conditions. For example, yoga is not recommended during the second-trimester phase of pregnancy. People with the following health conditions need to avoid the wind-relieving pose as yoga for gas pain. Also, avoid practicing yoga postures for gas if you suffer from the following:

  • Hypertension
  • Cardiac disorders
  • Hernia
  • Hyper-acidity
  • Slip disc
  • Menstruation and menstrual disorders
  • Testicular problems
  • Problems in the back and neck regions

Yoga involves a holistic approach towards the cure of gas pain and other digestive issues. Practice yoga daily and eat healthy to ensure the health of the gastrointestinal system. Stay away from fast foods and switch everything unhealthy on your platter with healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled eggs, stewed chicken, and more.

Do not miss out on practice as that will only act as a setback to the progress and improvement in your health. Start your morning with simple free-hand exercise to relieve gas and have healthy and stress-free life.

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