5 Quick Home Remedies for How to Get Rid of Bloating

Updated on October 22nd, 2019

Does your stomach often feel too full and tight? Do you usually get a feeling that the belly is slowly protruding and is going to burst? It means your stomach remains bloated most of the times. During digestion, gas is produced in your body which is a normal part of the process, however, if the gas does not get a way out and remains trapped inside, you feel abdominal pain and bloating.

It may cause much uneasiness and discomfort. While bloating can happen to both men and women, women face it more wherein it may hint towards a chronic underlying condition. Those who have had enough of bloating and wish to get relief from it can try some simple home remedies for how to get rid of bloating that alleviate you from all the discomforts associated with troubled digestion.

Home Remedies for Bloating

    1. Foods
    2. Herbal
    3. Essential Oils
    4. Home Remedies
    5. Natural Treatments

What is bloating?

Bloating makes your stomach feel full. It may cause much pain and discomfort. Further, it may also cause your belly to bulge out.

Bloating Symptoms

The symptoms associated with bloated stomach are:

  • Abdominal pain and discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Blood in the stool
  • Vaginal bleeding in between periods or during postmenopausal stage
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Fever

What causes bloating?

A number of factors may contribute towards bloating. Following are the prime causes that can give you a bloated belly:

  • Overeating
  • Food Intolerances
  • Constipation
  • Swallowing air mostly when chewing gum
  • Eating too fast
  • Fluid retention
  • Acid reflux
  • Gut disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, etc.
  • Gastroparesis
  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth
  • Menstruation

How to get rid of gas and bloating naturally?

Bloating can be uncomfortable. You may feel a nagging pain in the stomach, or there might be a feeling of fullness that may hamper your food intake and adversely affect your health. Further, the protruding belly may make you conscious of your appearance. Hence, you must treat it. Here are some simple cures for how to get rid of bloating that you can try at home and alleviate the symptoms of bloated stomach fast. Go through the bloated stomach remedies shared below and get quick relief.

1. Foods that help in reducing bloating

How to get rid of bloating with lemon juice?

A glass of warm lemon water can do wonders for those suffering from bloating. The key to steer clear from bloating is to remain hydrated and what better way it can be than having a glass of lemon water. Know how to get rid of bloating by using lemon.

How to use?

  • Take a lemon and squeeze out the juice
  • Add the freshly extracted juice to a glass of warm water
  • You can add in honey if you want to and drink immediately

Benefits of Lemon juice

Lemon juice is known to stimulate the digestive enzymes and aid in proper digestion of the food. If you have had too salty food, then drinking lemon juice can be quite beneficial for you as it not only helps in easing your bloated stomach but also treats bloated face, ankles, and hands too. Consuming lemon water aids in flushing out extra sodium from your body that causes the swelling on face, hands, and ankles.

How to reduce bloating with Ginger?

Another potent substance present in your pantry that can help treat the bloating issue is ginger. The amazing spice has remarkable properties which can cure various ailments including inflammation and indigestion. Feeling bloated? So what are you waiting for? Rush to your kitchen and immediately grab a piece of ginger.

How to use?

  • Take a small piece of ginger and chew it Alternatively,
  • Grate ginger and add it to a cup of boiling water
  • Let it brew for about ten minutes and then strain the tea
  • Add in lemon or honey to enhance the taste
  • Drink this powerful concoction

Benefits of ginger

Ginger is one of the best remedies for how to get rid of bloating. Active compounds like sho gaols and gingerols present in it are known to reduce the inflammation in your gut which might be responsible for stomach pain and Bloating. Further, it also stimulates the digestion process relieving you of the bloating symptoms.


Some people are allergic to ginger. If you have a history of allergy, then do consult your doctor before including ginger in your diet. Also, you must consume it in moderate amount only. Excessive consumption of ginger might cause other digestive troubles.

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Anti-bloating foods

One of the prime reasons for bloating is careless eating. If you wish to prevent the bloated stomach pain and other symptoms, then it is necessary to incorporate conscious eating. It not only keeps you healthy but prevents terrible conditions like bloating. Those who suffer from bloating quite often must include the following anti-bloating foods in their diet that can help resolve their troubles.

natural food
  • Celery
  • fennel
  • Yogurt
  • Pineapple
  • Papaya
  • Banana
  • Cantaloupe
  • Asparagus
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado

Foods that cause bloating

Following are the foods that may worsen abdominal bloating.

  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Wheat
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage
  • Rye
  • Barley
  • Apples
  • Dairy products
  • Sugar alcohols

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2. Herbal treatments for Bloating

How to ease bloating with Chamomile tea?

Do you often experience bloating after eating? Or is it the bloating signifying the coming of periods? In either case, you can resolve your troubles with chamomile tea. Get rid of the bloating and gas easily with chamomile tea. It is an effective way of easing the bloating symptoms.

How to use?

  • Add two teaspoons of dried chamomile to a cup of boiling water
  • Let it brew for about five minutes
  • After that, strain the mixture
  • You can add in honey to enhance the taste
  • Sip the tea before you take your meal and at the bedtime to get relief from constant bloating

Benefits of Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea for bloating is a wondrous remedy. Sipping the tea improves your digestion and reduces the trapped gas in your stomach thus easing bloating. Drinking chamomile tea can also significantly reduce period bloating.


If you are on some medications, then consult your doctor before including the tea in your diet.

How to reduce bloating with Mint?

Mint tea can aid in clearing your stomach of the gas; thus it serves as a belly bloat cleanse. Know how to get rid of bloating with this miraculous herb.

How to use?

  • Take a few mint leaves and wash them thoroughly
  • Crush the leaves and add them to a cup of boiling water
  • Let it infuse for about five minutes
  • Strain the tea and add in lemon or honey if you wish to
  • You can drink this tea after you had your dinner or along with your meal
  • Alternatively, you can also chew a mint leaf after the meal

Benefits of mint

Mint has a soothing effect on your stomach and can reduce the bloating due to excessive gas production. You can reduce the terrible bloating symptoms easily with mint tea that eases the gas troubles fast.


If you are on some medications, then consult your doctor before including mint tea in your diet.

3. Essential oils for Bloating

How to get rid of bloating with Fennel essential oil?

The gurgling sound from your stomach can be embarrassing. Further, the intense pain that may accompany it can make it impossible for you to sit straight without fidgeting. But what can you do about it? Just regretting your food choices might not help. If you want to get quick relief from it, you can try the potent essential oils of which the most effective one for bloating and gas is fennel Essential Oil. It is an excellent remedy for treating bloating due to overeating, constipation or period.

How to use?

  • Add two to three drops of fennel essential oil in half a teaspoon of a carrier oil
  • Massage the blend on your abdomen region and the bottoms of the feet Alternatively,
  • Add six to eight drops of the oil in your diffuser and let the strong aroma work

Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil

Whether it be PMS bloating or bloating after you overindulged in the seemingly mouthwatering food, you can get rid of the trouble overnight with fennel essential oil. The pleasant lico rice-y fragrance of the oil has potent carminative properties that soothe your irritated stomach and ease gas and bloating. The application of the oil also reduces abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, indigestion, and other issues.


Topical application of fennel essential oil is the best way to ease bloating. But for that, you must dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil.

Other Essential Oils for bloating treatment

Following are some more essential oils that you can use for treating abdominal pain and bloating.

Ginger Essential Oil:

The warm and antispasmodic properties of ginger essential oil soothe the irritated stomach and intestinal lining. The oil promotes the movement of food through your digestive tract and cures indigestion. Further, it also energizes you and boosts your mood.

Cardamom Essential Oil:

The sharp, invigorating scent of cardamom essential oil can quickly heal the terrible bloating in your stomach. Rubbing the oil on your abdomen improves the digestion and relieves you of the gas, nausea, and cramping as well.

Peppermint Essential Oil:

when you feel all full and stuck, the ultimate thing that you can resort to is Peppermint Essential oil. It is one of the best natural remedies for bloating as it helps in eliminating the gas from your intestines. Further, the oil is also known to calm down the muscles of your stomach and reduces the pain due to cramping. Thus it is highly effective in case of bloating before period. 

Cumin Essential Oil:

Another essential oil that works great for bloating is Cumin Essential Oil. It relieves you of the pain and abdominal cramps due to excessive gas in your intestine. Further, it also helps in detoxifying your body. Cumin Essential Oil is also known to ease the symptoms of IBS, i.e., Irritable Bowel Syndrome like constipation and diarrhea.

4. Home remedies for bloating

How to treat bloating with Apple Cider Vinegar?

The thick, dark liquid obtained from fermenting apples has miraculous properties. It is known to cure numerous health conditions. And if you are wondering how to get rid of bloating then apple cider vinegar is one of the best remedies that you can resort to. It quickly eases the symptoms of bloating and helps in the elimination of gas.

How to use?

  • Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water
  • Drink it before your meals or at least three times a day to ease the symptoms

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

apple veniger ooil

Apple cider vinegar is highly effective in treating bloated belly. It detoxifies your body and aids in digestion thus preventing bloating. Further, it also boosts your body’s metabolism. Being anti-inflammatory; apple cider vinegar soothes the inflammation in your gut which might be a probable reason for pain and bloating. Also, the acetic acid present in it lowers water retention which also contributes to bloating.


Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and can burn your throat. Hence you must consume it in diluted form only.

How to cure bloating with Castor oil?

Consuming castor oil is a proven remedy for how to get rid of bloating. It might not soothe your taste buds but is definitely great for your stomach.

How to use?

  • Consume a teaspoon of castor oil Alternatively,
  • Add a teaspoon of castor oil to a cup of freshly extracted fruit juice
  • Mix it and consume immediately before the oil settles down

Benefits of castor oil

Constipation is one of the major causes of bloating. You feel excessive pain and bloating when your intestine is full. To push the stool out you might need some laxative and what better than castor oil. It lubricates the tract and aids in the movement and elimination of stool from your body which might be the root cause of all your trouble.


Do not consume the oil more than the recommended amount. It may have an adverse effect on you.

5. Natural Treatments for Bloating

How to get rid of bloating with physical activity?

Remaining physically active is essential for your overall health. Instead of sitting or lazing around after having a meal, it is good to go out for a walk to enable digestion. To sum it up, if you wish to avoid bloating or reduce the symptoms of it then indulge in some physical activity.

What to do?

  • To prevent bloating go out for a walk or jog after having your meal
  • If you feel bloated, then try running or jumping rope
  • People suffering from constant bloating can try yoga postures that can help in easing the pain in abdomen and bloating

Benefits of Physical exercise

If your digestion is all tangled up, then indulging in some or the other physical activity is a great option. Moving around eases the elimination of gas that might otherwise get trapped. It also aids in proper digestion.


Do not do heavy exercises just after the meal. Yoga postures that lay too much strain on your abdomen should also be avoided.

How to prevent bloating?

Bloating might be common, but it should not be neglected. Frequent bloating accompanied by pooping blood clots can hint towards a severe condition. Besides, women may also experience bloating as a normal part of their menstrual cycle. They may experience bloating during ovulation or before period. Usually, bloating is not that worrisome, but some people might experience great discomfort due to it. But the good news is that bloating can be prevented. Here are some tips on how to prevent bloating.

  • Do not hurry while eating. Sit down during the meal and eat slowly while concentrating on your food
  • Do not take in much air while eating
  • Do not chew gum.
  • Take a walk after the meal
  • Avoid drinking carbonated beverages
  • Do not drink with a straw
  • Limit your intake of foods and drinks that contain sorbitol or fructose
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners
  • Eat foods rich in fiber like fresh fruits that can prevent constipation
  • Avid foods like beans, turnips etc., that are known to cause gas
  • If you have lactose intolerance, then avoid dairy products

Bloated stomach now and then is not a reason to worry. One might feel bloated due to overeating or consuming inflammatory foods and the condition eventually subsides. Women may also experience bloating because of their menstrual cycle. But if the bloating is common and you suffer from it now and then, then you must do something about it.

There is no need to tolerate the intense pain and discomfort associated with it. Employ the natural cures for how to get rid of bloating mentioned above. These provide you with quick and effective results. Besides, you must keep a watch on your eating habits to prevent the condition from getting severe.

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