Use Vinegar to Fight Toenail Fungus: Get Smooth and Healthy Nails

Updated on March 28th, 2020
vinegar for toenail fungus

Well, we have a lot of work with our feet. They need to carry our body all day from within the uncomfortable shoes. This is the main reason; they end up with blisters, pain, and fungal infections. There is a straightforward solution, fortunately in our kitchen; white vinegar. It gives a lot of relief due to its antifungal properties. To treat at home use vinegar for toenail fungus.

Why Vinegar Is Useful to Treat Toenail Fungus

White Vinegar

Vinegar is a diluted form of Acetic Acid, which is both versatile and harmless. It is best to use for infections. We usually use it for cooking and cleaning purposes. It is also used for tired, aching, and stinky feet. Study(1) proves the antifungal properties of vinegar as more potent than any other food preservatives while being safe to eat. Due to this action, vinegar is being most credited. It is found as a slowing agent of growth in some types of foot fungus.

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Treating Toenail Fungus with Vinegar

Vinegar is used to cure fungal infections that affect toes. The skin can appear red, and the skin may peel off. It gives a lot of burning and itching sensation too. Application of vinegar or soaking foot in the vinegar helps a lot to better the condition. The antifungal properties of vinegar give a functional recovery when you soak your feet in it. You can soak your feet in vinegar until the infection subsides. You can also extend the soaking time, but make sure you follow this two to three days a week minimum.

How to Prepare a Vinegar Foot Soak

Generally, it is better to use one part of vinegar for two parts of water. Soak it for some time. Once done with the soak, the odor will disappear after the vinegar dries from your feet. Repeat it every day to notice a significant difference in the infection. You should always be careful to not soak the infected feet with the other. Soaking your feet with vinegar will not only help you get rid of your infection but also gives a very soothing relaxation.  However, if you have tolerance for diluted vinegar, you will not notice any difference even if you use substantial proportions of it.

Although home remedies give you great relief, it should be an alternative to traditional medications. The infection may not subside, depending on many reasons. Also, if you are diabetic or pregnant, kindly consult with your doctor before trying these remedies.

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Foot Odor

Foot Odor

Vinegar(2) can also help to disinfect your feet. This helps reduce the odor by getting rid of the bacteria or fungus, which cause the smell. Before soaking, you need to wash your feet with soap and water thoroughly. This helps to relax your feet. In addition to soaking, you need to incorporate some lifestyle changes to treat this infection, like wearing shoes made of leather or Canvas. You should allow your feet to breathe and should avoid plastic-made shoes. Always opt for breathable cotton or wool socks. Avoid shoes or footwear that cover your toes.

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Side Effects of Using Vinegar Foot Soak for Toenail Fungus

There are no much side effects of using vinegar if you are using it topically. Vinegar can also be taken orally to control severe infection. However, if you are allergic to vinegar, you must avoid using it.

Here are a few quick tips which can help to ease your pain

  1. Always wear cotton or wool socks only.
  2. Make sure that your feet are breathable
  3. Go barefoot whenever you are at home

Bottom Line

Vinegar for nail fungus is the best and readily available product. The significant advantages of vinegar are its antifungal and antibacterial properties, which make it the best and effective home treatment for toenail fungus ever. So you can use it as long as the infection does not go away. You can also soak your feet in vinegar solution whenever you wish to relax your feet. You can even take it orally. Getting healthy and nourished nails is now possible with vinegar. Try the soaks.


1. Does Vinegar Help Treat Toenail Fungus?

Though there is no evidence that white vinegar can cure toenail fungus, anecdote reviews say that it helps a lot to reduce the pain and associated discomfort.

2. Can a Diabetic Patient Use Vinegar?

Yes, diabetic patients can always use vinegar. However, before you start, you need to check if you are allergic to it. If you are using different kinds of medications, please contact a doctor before taking vinegar orally for the first time.

3. Can Pregnant Women Use Vinegar?

There is no restriction for using it topically. But if you want to use it orally, it is not advisable in pregnancy as it can cause digestive issues. You can consult your OB/GYN for a better understanding.

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